targets, and the rest of the wall should be specialized in slaying magic beasts.

 For humans, the rate of fire, and versatility of weapons will be key.
Against hexenbiests, power should be the focus.

“Perhaps a square barrier would not be the best idea.”

 As he told him this, Espada raised an eyebrow.

“Do you mean to create a circular citadel? Until about a hundred years ago, there were many such citadels, but with the rise of more powerful magicians, such designs have long been discarded in favor of the square fortresses you see today.”

 While I acknowledged his point, I disagreed with what he said.

“Square fortified cities will show great strength if the walls are assaulted in a frontal attack, but they are vulnerable to attacks from its corners.
It is true, however, that they provide better defense than circular walls.”

“…So you are suggesting that we reduce the number of corners?”

 I shook my head.

“No, we add more.”

 I gave a strange answer, which caused Espada to freeze in contemplation.
Then, I went ahead and told him my thoughts.

 I wrote directly on the map and drew a six-pointed star.

”Please imagine a star-shaped fortress…”

“This … but won’t these two corners pointing toward the road be extremely vulnerable?”

 To the baffled Espada, I added more detail to make it easier to understand.

 The fortress was shaped like a hexagon, with triangles attached to all of its sides. 

“These corners may be vulnerable, but if they are destroyed, invaders still won’t be given easy access to the city within.
This is because the fortress consists of one independent main fortress and six axillary fortresses.
The area on top of the axillary fortress walls will be connected to the top of the main fortress, but they will remain separable by use of drawbridges.
So, the attackers will have to endure extreme amounts of attrition and bash down each axillary fortress before engaging the main body.
And, if they ignore the axillary fortresses, they will be attacked intensively from three directions if they try to approach the walls.”

 I gave a thorough explanation, which brought Espada into a fit of silent contemplation.

 This type of fortress was conceived in a world where gunpowder weapons were highly prevalent, but I believe that it would also work outstandingly in a world of swords and magic as well.
As long as there is no magic that acts as a long-range mortar, we will be fine. 

 Well, I certainly can’t ask for Espada’s advice on that, considering he doesn’t even know what a mortar is.

 While I was thinking about that, Espada suddenly opened his mouth.

”I see.”


 As I tilted my head, Espada pointed to the map.

”If an enemy intended on making a frontal assault, they would be forced to use a small number of people to attack.
Since they cannot form a large line, as being caught in the fire of three different fortress segments would be disastrous, they would be forced to slowly grind at the more vulnerable corner sections… This is a very well thought out fortress.
Even powerful magicians would be left vulnerable due to the lack of infantry cannon fodder to use as shields.”

 After saying this, Espada continued to look at the map, mumbling.

“Master Van, would you like another cup of tea?”

Thank you.”

 Till gave me a cup of tea when she thought the conversation was over.
It was easy to drink and delicious.
The fruity tea was very relaxing.

 As I was beginning to feel comfortable, I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps sound throughout the building.

 I first thought it was Kamsin.

 I then marveled at how terrible the soundproofing was.
Who built this place? (T.L.
Note: You.)

 As I was complaining in my head, the door to the lord’s office was vigorously opened from outside.

”Master Van!”

 Contrary to my expectations, it was Irv.

“What seems to be the issue?”

 When I asked, Irv’s eyes widened and he pointed outside.

“What’s wrong, you ask?! We have a messenger from Count Ferdinand!”


”It wasn’t just Count Ferdinand’s emblem that I saw.
There was also the unicorn and shield crest banner of Viscount Cayenne, the emerging nobleman of the Count family’s faction, as well.
They possess three carriages and around one hundred troops.”

 At Lowe’s report, I couldn’t help but look at Till and Espada’s faces.

“I haven’t been indiscreet, have I?”

 When I ask him that, Espada replies with an ambiguous look.

“You’ve certainly done enough to warrant foreign interest, but the information shouldn’t have been circulated around the country yet.
They have come too quickly considering that the information is so new.”

“Could it be?”

 I nodded at Espada’s words, then raised a question a moment later.

Note: Going to be honest, it was hell trying to decipher the part about the fortress.
Gave up for a while, actually.
Well, it is finally here.)

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