f Japanese descent.
They are not that big, actually being rather slender, but none of them have a Japanese facial structure.
Note: Koshiro might be the name of the castle, I am not 100% sure.
What I do know is that he is confused at the distinct lack of Japanese people)

 A castle full of halflings? In the first place, are there castles made of such stones in Japan? It is clearly different from a church, and the soldier who walks in the corridor has armor and a sword.

 It’s a huge violation of the swords and firearms law.

“…..Ah, um, Van-sama?”

 While I was thinking about it, Till called my name and looked at me.

 Hmm? Yes, it appears I do have a name.

“My name is Van Ney Fertio, right?”

“Well, Master Van.
Can you tell me even your family name already? Master Van is so smart…”

 Till happily started to praise me, but I’m not so sure about her praise.

”My father is Jalpa, Marquis Fertio and my brothers are Murcia, Yardo, and Sesto.
Is that it?”

 After he tilted his head and asked, Till looked surprised and answered.

“Yes that is right.
The head of the family is Marquis Jalpa Bull Ati Ferto.
Your brothers are Murcia Elago Felto, Yardo Guy Fertio, and Sesto Ele Fertio.
How do you know even the names of Master Yardo and Master Sesto who you don’t see often?”

 I crossed my arms and snarled, leaving Till stuttering.

“Do you think it’s Coco?”(T.L.
Note: I don’t know, I really don’t know.
Who the heck is Coco, and why do you appear here and never again?)

 When asked that, Till blinked at him.

 She took me to the dining room to say it was a meal, and I saw my father and his two brothers, Yardo and Sesto, in the ridiculously large dining room.
I sit.
The table is so large, one has to speak loudly in order to have a conversation.

 One maid would be near each person’s seat to help with the meal.
There was a separate serving staff, and the butler, Espada, stood quietly at my father’s side.

 There are three maids around me.
Yarde, who is ten years old, and Sesto, who is eight years old, can now eat quietly with the help of a single maid.
I squirm a bit, but I eat quietly due to my father’s silent pressure.

 I’m two years old.
The maids chop up the tender meat and potato soup ingredients into even smaller pieces.
They even let the soup cool with their breath so it doesn’t burn my tongue.

 Hmm, good for me.

 Joking aside, it seems that I’ve been reborn in this world with my memories of my time in Japan intact.

 I still don’t understand it, and it still doesn’t feel real, but this carrot-like vegetable has a strong flavor.
Note: So easy to distract, maybe he inherited the mind of a two year old as well?)

“Well, Master Van.
I’ll make sure you eat your vegetables, too.”

I eat calmly and almost never spill.

 Till and the two young maids feed me with great, great food.
Is this a cabaret? Am I a VIP customer in a cabaret?

 I’d give you up to 30,000 yen.

 Yardo and Sesto looked upon such a situation with envy.

What will you learn today?”

 Suddenly, my father asked Yardo.
Is it a nobleman’s tradition, or is it so among the children, that children basically do nothing in the morning.
They get an age-appropriate education at noon during which they learn swordsmanship and such.

 There are only two meals, one before noon, and once at night when the sun goes down.
The eldest son, Murcia, is already 14 years old and is treated like an adult and is busy with enforcement training in the field, etc.

 At any rate, everyone under the age of ten seems to be the same, but I asked my father what he does at lunch and what his day is like at dinner.
That is the daily routine.
Note: …Is it just me that finds it weird that he is non-nonchalantly making conversation with his father when he is just two years old? Just me?)

 Yardo, who was suddenly addressed, hurriedly opens his mouth.

”Ha, yes.
Today we will learn about the fire magic and of formations used in warfare”

What will Sesto do?”

 My father nodded and turned the conversation over to Sesto.
Sesto was recently appraised as having an aptitude for fire magic, and he’s somewhat happy to be studying magic.

 Then my father finally asks me the same question, even though he doesn’t usually ask.

What are you going to do today?”

 I open my mouth to the question, not really thinking about it.

“There are so many things I don’t understand, so I’m going to try to learn about the country upon which I have been birthed”

 The moment he answered that, the two brothers, including his father, each maid, and even the butler, Espada, froze in stunned silence.

 In the silent dining room, the one word that Till muttered sounded strangely well.

”Ya, I knew it……..Van-sama is a genius…….”

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