pth of his human resources, and Master Van’s eyes narrowed in delight at my surprise.

 Then, Van showed me a splendid sword.

 Despite being over-decorated, the sword somehow also felt as though it could be used as a decent weapon.

 I still don’t know exactly how good or bad the weapon is, but I know that it has incredible value as an art piece.

”What do you think of its value as a weapon?”

 I asked Air, who had been handed the sword.
He looked at the blade as if fascinated, and didn’t respond to outside inquiries until he was approached by a fellow adventurer named Orto.

This is a portion of Armoured Dragon skin.”

 Orto, who had a grin plastered on his face, held out the skin of the Armored Dragon, and cut it with the knife he was holding.

 But only a small, line-like scratch was etched into the skin.
As I was astonished at the toughness of the skin, Orto nodded quietly.

”Indeed, it’s the skin of an Armored Lizard… may I try to cut it?’

“Of course.”

 Air asks in excitement, and Van-sama agrees with a laid-back atmosphere.
A little uneasy, Air placed the magnificent sword on the surface of the Armored Dragon skin.

 Then, he lightly pushed the sword against it.

”Huh! What in the world?!”

 Immediately after, Air’s eyes widened in astonishment and he let go of the sword from the skin.
I looked in astonishment at the skin, which had been sliced cleanly in half.

”It felt like as if I was cutting through chicken skin!”

“Isn’t it great?”

 Orto chuckled and pointed to his own waist.

 There, a sword with a similar atmosphere was held upon a belt.

“This was custom made for five gold.
I had it made so that the length and thickness made it easy for me to swing.
It is made of the same material as the sword you are holding right now.”

“Five gold pieces? It’s too cheap! I’m buying one! Do you make spears?!”

 Orto laughed at the overly excited in Air.

“A weapon is an adventurer’s most important partner.
If you’re going to order one, you should consider the shape and weight of it as carefully as possible.
Let me remind you, they are lighter and stronger than you think.
If you’re going to make a part which you plan to parry with, make sure to make it slightly blunter.”

“I see….hmm, what should I do…”

 At Orto’s advice, Air pinches his own chin with one hand and turns over a bit.
Looking at Air, who was murmuring to himself, I said.

”…It seems to be an incredible weapon.
I will buy them at asking price.
However, I still can’t bring home a large quantity of them.
I’m sorry about this, but my situation…”

“Yes, I know.
Please reach an agreement with your company as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.”

 I bowed deeply.

 Then we toured the city, on the way, I asked lord Van if he would be interested in any of my wares.

 There were a lot of opportunities for profit, but I decided to simply give away my goods for free.
The opportunities I had encountered, as well as the meat and dagger I was being given for free, were more than enough.

”Good brother, would it be possible to… you know?”

 I nodded and approached Van about purchasing a dagger, as a personal request from my brother.
Van stated that it would cost three gold coins.

 Lango looked at his newly made dagger, with sparkling eyes like those of a child… he looks really happy.
But, you are eighteen years old, so please calm down.
It is unbecoming of someone your age.

 I made a wry smile and ate some meat from the Armored Dragon, recently prepared by the villagers, and was astonished again.
The taste was heavenly.

 I found myself completely captivated by this village, and I could only wonder what the future would hold.
Opportunities abounded.

 Perhaps the best thing to do would be to go back to the trading company and get permission to open a store in this village.

 But before such a goal could be realized, I not only needed to spread awareness of the amazing products of the village, I also needed to recuperate my losses.

I’m going to talk to the Chairman of Mary’s Trading Company and ask them to organize a medium-sized caravan, what do you think?”

“Good idea.
We could split up into two trading parties, each consisting of three wagons, and come to this village every two weeks.”

“Well in that case… let’s meet up every week in one of the intermediary town or villages”

 We talked a lot about our bright future, then both of us started laughing.

“’We’re going to be busy,”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

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