hey got closer, I was able to make out two carriages and the silhouettes of five or six people around them.

 Of course, even though they got a little closer, I couldn’t recognize their faces.

“For now, let’s raise the bridge and arm the ballistas.”

“Master Van! They are not bandits!”

 The villagers exclaimed in surprise, but don’t believe in trusting a group of strangers just because of a few familiar faces.

“It’s possible that the people in and around the carriage aren’t guards or merchants, they could be bandits.
They could even be holding the merchants hostage.”

 When I said this, the villagers looked unhappy and shushed me.
Well, I suppose that I couldn’t expect them to adopt the same skeptical mindset as I have.

 I’m willing to be skeptical of everything in order to always be prepared against threats against the village.

“Till, you go and get Dee and Orto”

 When I said that, Till said, “Yes!” then ran off.

“The opportunity has finally come.”

 As I said this, I looked at my own dagger.
The behemoth relief, the marquis’ family crest, brilliantly reflected light.

 There are plenty of things that need to be done.

 We must sell the ingredients and meat of the Armored Lizard and earn money.
I must also buy spices and ingredients that are not available in the village.

 I also have to get information about other towns and villages, as well as the neighboring fiefdoms.

 And I also have to advertise that our village has great local products.

 Whether I make the most of this opportunity or not is truly up to me.

 I smiled, finally recognizing the faces of the merchants as they approached.

 The surprised-looking merchants, Bell and Lango, looked up at the village’s defensive wall and exclaimed in surprise.

 I decided to call out to them as they were having some kind of conversation with men who looked like adventurers, likely their escorts.

”You must be merchants, I presume.
I am the lord of this village, Van Nei Fertio.
If you are a merchant, please state your company and personal name.
If you are a guard, please state your affiliation and name.”

 When I said this, the merchants and adventurers looked at each other and begin to discuss something.
After a while, the young merchant in front of me spoke up.

”My name is Bell from the Mary Trading Company.
The other merchant is my brother Lango.
The guards are from the B-ranked party led by the adventurer Air-san, the ‘Silver Spear’.”

 Bell introduced them, Lango bowed his head, and the skinheaded man called Air raised his silver spear.

 I looked at Orto, who was standing next to me.

“Do you know him?”

 Orto nodded.

We used to meet at the Adventurer’s Guild and drink together.”

 Hearing this, I look at Bell and the others again.

“You are permitted to enter the village.
Welcome, we have been waiting for people like you.”

 As I said this, the villagers hurriedly lowered the bridge and opened the gate.

 We quickly walked back down onto the ground and headed for the gate.

 Feeling a bit of trepidation, we arrive in time to see Bell leading a carriage and entering.

 Rhonda stepped out first and bid them hello.

“We’ve been waiting for you.
I speak for the entire village when I say that we are glad that you’re here.”

 At the same time as Rhonda said this, the villagers gathered around the carriage in a hubbub.

 From the villagers’ point of view, it’s been a long time since they received anything from the outside.
They couldn’t help but get excited.

 The scene brought a smile to my face.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come here sooner.
There were a few delays on the way…”

 As I walked toward Bell, he panicked and tensed up.

”Hello, thanks for taking the time to travel all the way out here.”

 When I said that with a laugh, Bell creased his crows and took a deep bow, looking at me.

“My name is Bell.
It’s nice to meet you.
By the way, with all due respect, are you Master Van, the fourth son of the Fertio family?”

 He asks me that, and I nod my head.

“Yes, but what about it?’

 The Marquis may be famous, but I didn’t intend on relying on its grand statys.

 While I was contemplating, Bell opened his mouth with a face as if he had seen something interesting.

”No, it’s just something that was talked about in the Marquis’ castle town… where had the most genius son of the Marquis’ family gone?”

 I blinked, then smirked at his words.

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