Chapter 24: First Victory

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“We won!”

 I hurried to the top of the bulwark as soon as I heard this.

“Isn’t it amazing, Master Van?”

“It really is.”

 Nodding at the words of Till and Kamsin, who hadn’t lost their excitement, I ran up the stairs.

”Oh, Master Van! Look at the results of the battle!”

 As I climbed to the top of the defensive wall, Dee greeted me with open arms.

“Thank you for your excellent leadership,”

 As I hurriedly walked past Dee’s side to the edge, I saw a terrific sight.

 A pile of dragon carcasses was strewn in front of the moat.
No, the bodies were so huge that rather than dragons, they would be more aptly be described as dinosaurs.

“To think that you were able to get such a perfect victory against forty of these things.

 I couldn’t help but let out unfiltered praise.
This caused Dee to pat me on the back in a good mood.

“Whoa, haha! I don’t know what a Dinosare is, but the victory is all thanks to Master Van’s ballistas! An iron arrow that can penetrate the armor of multiple armored dragons, and a wooden arrow pierced that can pierce far enough to kill them.
Both of those arrows have power that is almost supernatural.
If it weren’t for them, this village might have fallen into ruin.”

“Careful with those pats!”

 Because of Dee’s ‘pat’, I was pushed to the edge of the wall.
Looking down, I became shocked at what I saw.

 Inside the moat, a group of pale-faced bandits were looking up at us.

”Well come to think of it, I forgot the bandits.
Quite a few died, I can only spot around thirty survivors.”

 As I told him that, Dee blinks and opens his mouth.

“Oh, some of those guys survived! All right, set the ballista up against the moat! If any of them dare to move, shoot them up!”

 Dee purposely made his instructions in a loud, booming voice, causing the bandits to gasp and tremble pitifully.

 Staring at them with a grim face, Dee dropped a few bundles of rope from the wall.

“Tie yourself up with Them! Anyone who wants to share the armored dragon’s fate may stand!”

 As Dee barked in a threatening manner, the bandits almost fell over themselves while trying to tie their ropes.

 After he extracted the raiders and sat them down in front of the lord’s mansion, Orto and the adventurers returned.

”What is up with that mountain of armored lizard corpses outside? …There were thieves as well?!”

 The bandits trembled as Orto shouted over to me as he disembarked his carriage.

 I crossed my arms and snarled.

“I thought we were being raided by these chumps, and we prepared for such, but it turned out that these guys were being chased by armored dragons.
We were able to kill the dragons, fortunately.
As for the surviving raiders, we have decided to keep them as prisoners for now.”

“How the hell were you able to kill all those armored dragons so cleanly? It’s a powerful hexenbiest that even we can’t defeat!”

 I wondered how to answer the bewildered Orto, but I decided to just be blunt.

“With a Ballista?”

“With a Ballista? But those are armored lizards!”

 Kamsin opens his mouth proudly to the astonished Orto.

”We only used sixty arrows.”

“You only used sixty arrows!?”

 It seems that Orto was so surprised that he could only recite what Kamsin had said, almost like a broken record.

 Ignoring Orto’s breakdown, Pluriel put forward a question.

”How could you kill that many without Espada’s magic? I don’t believe that there are arrows which could pierce a dragon’s hide like that…”

“You have the swords I made, so you must know how well they cut, right?”

 When I asked that back, Orto and the others looked at each other and their eyes widened.

“Impossible, that ballista arrow… “

 Orto muttered in shock, and I nodded my head.

“They have the same sharpness as the swords you are carrying right now.”

 All the adventurers were in a state of shock at my answer.

 With an unbelieving face, Dee walked over to me.

“Did Master Van give Orto and the others such incredible swords?”

 ”Why didn’t you give us any such swords?”

 I looked behind me and saw that Irv and Lowe were also coming up to me, looking like they were about to cry.

”I didn’t just give them away, Orto and the others bought them.
The dagger costs three gold coins and the long sword costs five gold coins.

 Signaling with my eyes to Orto and his comrades, they each took out their swords and lifted them up to show Dee and his subordinates.

”Although we’ve only used them on small hexenbiests, they can cut even bone without any resistance.”

“Slender, light, and easy to swing, yet terrifyingly sharp.
Everything one could want of a sword is present.”

“Van listened to our requests on the spot, and the swords were ready in a few minutes.
They looked and felt great!”

 For some reason, the adventurers give their impressions in a flippant manner, like some kind of fishy testimonial commercial… except this time the product was real.

 Dee and the others gnashed their teeth in envy.

 They glared at Orto and the others and then quickly turned around to look at me.

”Van-sama, I’m buying one! How much is a Great Sword?”

“I’ll have a long sword and a dagger set!”

“I’ll have the same!”

 The three of them leaned on each other in dogged competition for the swords.
They were so passionate about the swords, I could even feel some killing intent among the competitors.

 In stark contrast to them, Orto and the others smiled complacently and looked at their swords in a gloating manner.

”I won’t take any money from retainers who so loyally followed me out into a border village.
I will provide equipment as long as you continue to protect the village so that I can focus on managing the materials stockpiles and finances of the village.”

 When I told them that, the three of them gave a guts-pose and laughed happily.
His face rapidly contorting, Orto looked at me with a dissatisfied face.

”Err … we’re contributing quite a bit too.
Could we also get a set of equipment?”

 Although he made such a plea, I dismissed it because his grisly middle-aged face made his appeal more scary than convincing.

“I’m afraid not.
I’ll do my best for my territory and my people.
However, for Orto and company, who are merely passing visitors, I cannot give equal treatment.
Therefore, you must pay.”

“Gueaah! How can an eight-year-old be this stubborn?!”

 Shaking his head and admonishing Orto, Espada opened his mouth.

”This is the result of my education.
In addition to basic knowledge, Master Van is studying Imperialism, Economics, and Political Science.”

“What a waste of time…”

 At Espada’s gloating, Orto looked up to the heavens and lamented.

 Laughing at the exchange, I look at Orto, Pluriel, Ksara and the others in turn and open my mouth.

”When an adventurer’s guild is established in this village, I’ll present you with a set of equipment if you’re agree to being bound to the village as an exclusive adventuring party.”

 When I told them that, they looked at each other and began a discussion among themselves.
Well, I can’t force them to answer favorably, and if I tried to, they would surely refuse.

 In the first place, it was a mistake to try to tie up adventurers whose identities were intrinsically linked with freedom.

 Helpless, I turned my gaze to the raiders.

”Well now, what shall we do with you lot?”

 At my muttering, the raiders turned pale and said plead for their lives.

”From now on, we’re going to turn a new lead, we’ll do our best for the sake of this village!”

“If you hand us over, they’ll hang us!”

“I want to work here!”

 It’s pathetic how they scream and plea, but I can’t know how many sins such brigands have committed.
I shouldn’t trust them so easily.

 Blocking their voices out, I asked Rhonda, the head of the village, what he thinks.

“What do you think of their words?”

 When I asked that, Rhonda stared at the bandits with a grim expression.

”Our village has a history of extensive damage caused by these men.
The men they have killed certainly are above ten, they have slaughtered our people in cold blood.”

“So they are guilty.”

 It was a quick decision.
In fact, I suppose it would be rash to show mercy to the enemies of the people you wish to rule.

 Not only would certain risks increase, but I would also lose the trust of the villagers.

”I’m sorry, but when the peddlers come, I’ll ask them to take you in.”

“No, please!”

“You can’t do this!”

 The bandits cried out, but I ignored them.

 Until I thought of something good that they could do in the meantime.

“Well, I’ll have them harvest Armored Dragon materials until the peddlers arrive! If I have them cut up the skin, bone, and meat, will it be okay?”

 Orto nodded as he heard that.

”The eyes, fangs, and claws should be preserved nicely as well.
We can’t sell the internal organs, but their demonic nucleus’ will sell at a good price for sure.”

“Okay then.
Listen up! I’ll lend you all a wooden sword.
You will be able to achieve results if you work hard enough.
Ah, don’t be complacent.
Those who show any signs of disobedience will be shoot on the spot.”

 As I told them this, the raider’s faces became tinted with despair

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