Chapter 21: Conflict Among my Subordinates

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I built a watchtower on all four corners of the village.

 However, due to a lack of materials, the watchtowers only contain a single ballista on top of a two-story building.
However, I am satisfied with the castle-like look the village has now.

 Well, it’s still quite small in scale.

 By the time I finished, it was completely dark outside.

 Till called Kamsin and said that he should start preparing a meal. 

“You’ve worked hard,”

 When I called out to him, Kamsin looked down in frustration.

”What’s wrong?”

 When I asked, Kamsin clenched his dirt-stained hands and let out a sigh.

”I’ve only piled up a few meters of stone.
Master Van changed the village so much, but I’ve only piled up a few stones…”

 I laughed at the deflated Kamsin, whose voice has sunken into a whimper.

”I’m a lord, you know.
It’s my duty to make the village better.
What’s your goal, Kamsin?’

 Kamsin’s face crumpled into a complex mess at my question.
I guess it wasn’t a question to ask a ten-year-old.

 As I was thinking that, Kamsin looked back at me with a determined look in his eyes.

”…My goal is to protect Van-sama.”

 I couldn’t help but cringe at those words.

 It’s not the kind of atmosphere where you can joke around… which meant that he was serious.

“You don’t have to push yourself.
But thank you.”

 I’m a little embarrassed, but I made sure to express my thanks.

 While replying, Kamsin suddenly started walking in front of me, as if trying to escort me to my destination safely.
I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he walked with his chest puffed out, warily eyeing his surroundings.

 If a third party looked at it, they might smile at what looked like a pair of ten and eight year olds playing pretend.

 Well, Kamsin is aiming at his goal with such strong passion that it would not lose out to an adult’s, but there was no way a random outsider would know.

 Looking at him as he strutted around, I decided that I wanted to make him a set of armor.

 I want to make him look like the noble knight he thinks he is, even if just for a moment.

 The next three days.
I worked hard extremely hard.

 I used production magic to fortify the entire village wall.
I had placed stones on the surface of the wall and joined together to make a substance as strong as concrete.

 The height was slightly shortened in the process, but it still was three meters at the highest part.

 At the top of the wall, there is a walkway about a meter and a half wide.
In addition, there were a total of a hundred shielded ballistae at equal intervals across the length of the wall.

 If this was a tower defense game, I would like to set up machine guns and surface-to-air rockets, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the means to set up such high-tech weaponry.

 I hear that there are people in the world who have studied gunpowder and built guns, even if they were guns in form alone.
I should ask those ‘guns’ the next time the peddlers come.

 Incidentally, the moat outside the defensive wall was also completed in this three day period.
The only way to cross it is by a bridge that can only be accessed at the front of the village, which is raised and lowered by a pulley.

 The village gate was also further reinforced with metal plating on its inner side.

I’m satisfied with the defensive works.
There aren’t many villages that are this well defended.”

 When I say that, Till and Kamsin reply with a happy, “Yes!”

 As they replied happily, Espada and Dee snorted, wrinkling their brows.

”Well, this is no longer a village,”

“It’s a small fortress.
Bandits would probably run at the sight of it.”

 The two of them also praised my work.
Although it’s likely just my imagination, I felt an air of dismay in the air.

 Dee opened his mouth in frustration.

”…If Jalpa-sama had only been aware of Van-sama’s power, and that the Marquis family could have developed greatly by his production magic…”

 Espada raised an eyebrow at the muttering.

“You must not speak of such things.
The master of the house only considers the ability to fight to be of any importance.
Whether or not that opinion is right or not is not something that we as servants should decide.”

“But, Espada! Can’t you see! Master Van is a force to be reckoned with! In fact, if only we had the time, we could grow even more powerful than anyone else…!” (T.N.
Note: Was editing chapters in my free time and noticed a really obvious error… it is now fixed.)

“Van-sama’s power is the power to protect.
As he can’t move this stronghold, Lord Van’s power is unsuitable for attacking other countries.
Instead, if we are attacked by a foreign country, Master Van will be able to protect our people with his presence.”

Lord Espada, warfare is not only about troops clashing with each other.
One can only conduct war when the offensive, defending, and resupplying forces work well together…”

 The two men’s argument quickly became heated.

 Till and Kamsin began to cringe at the intensity of their words.

 I watched them until it escalated to the point where I could not stand idly by as a passive observer.

“It’s no use regretting one’s circumstances or talent.
You just have to compete with what you have.”

 I admonished them with my own words of wisdom, taken from a famous character.

 Then they both froze with their eyes wide open.
They stared at me for a while, until Dee burst out laughing.

”Huha, hahahahaha! Yes, exactly as the young master said! Bemoaning our own disadvantages won’t change anything! Even if we’re driven to the edge of this territory, Master Van can take it back! And eventually, Master Van’s domain…!”

“Are you suggesting that we go up against the other sons of the Marquis?”

 Espada calmly interrupted Dee’s monologue, his eyes no longer livid with anger.
There’s wasn’t much change in his expression, but one could that he was pleased with what I said.

 My words will likely cause them to be more enthusiastic about making me study tomorrow, so made a mental note to act as though I was busy making weapons so that they couldn’t force me through another spartan education course.

 While I made up my mind to slack off, I notice that Till and Kamsin are looking at me with sparkling eyes.

 Ugh, I can’t look directly at them.
I can’t tell them I made a smug face while saying a cheesy quote.

 Troubled, I walked out of the village to look at the moat outside.
The moat has only just been dug and has not yet been filled with water.
There are empty moats that do not hold water and are only lined with steps, but a water moat filled with water is ideal.
Because they fit well with the whole castle theme.

 Well, there is a little water in the moat.
There wasn’t a useful amount, though, only enough to make the ground muddy.

 We needed to harden the bottom and sides of the moat.
We also need to secure a water route from which we can draw water to fill the moat.

 It would be good if there was a river or a lake nearby, but unfortunately, are none.
I sometimes go to a farther off river to fetch water, but we can’t expect to be able to use it to get a large enough quantity to fill the moat.
Our only other water source, are jars of water that are used to catch the rain.

“We have to secure a better water source.
After all, water is the lifeline of any settlement.”

 While muttering this, as I was returning to the village entrance, a villager came running in from outside.

 He has a desperate look on his face.

“The bandits are here! They’re rapidly approaching the village from the road! Hurry up and get the bridge up!”

 I quickly nodded and waved my hand as the villager shouted breathlessly.

“Raise the bridge! Close the gate! I want to know how many people are out there!”

 At my instructions, the villagers immediately began to act.
One raised the bridge, another closed and bolted the gate.

 The women and children were evacuated quickly and efficiently.

 ”Oh! In just a few days, they’ve recognized me as their lord! They all move according to my instructions!”

 Feeling a little emotional, I took stock of the situation.

 The bridge would be up any minute now, and the gate was already closed.

 It was time to arrange the defenders.

“Those going to the watchtower should make sure to go single-file! At least five men should man the barricades in each cardinal direction! Ten men should man the side which contains the gate!”

 After giving the next instruction, I tried to climb the barrier, too.
But Till pulled me down.

“Till? I have to go and lead them.”

 Then I turned around and saw Till’s face, full of tears, in front of me.

 ”She was angry.”

 I knew that right away.
After all, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Till get angry.

“I’m sorry.
Would you take your men and go check on the situation for me? Give me the information and I’ll give you directions from behind.”

 As he told him this, Dee slapped his chest and lifted the edge of his mouth in a wide smile.

“Leave it to me!”

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