hey morphed into various structures, but I watch them anyway because I can make the house faster if I watch.
I had a blueprint of the house in my head, but the house looked a lot bigger than what I had imagined it in my head.

 After the exterior walls and roof finished, I built inner dividing walls.

 All the woodblocks have been consumed, but for now, the house is ready to go.
There is a dining room, toilet, one large, and one medium-sized bedroom.
There are also two smaller private rooms.
Espada would have been angry if I had settled for less.

 I couldn’t make window glass yet, so I had to use a window board instead.
I don’t even know where the silica sand is, so I’ll have to ask the peddlers next time they come.

 I looked up at the house.

“Is it too big?”

 When I muttered that, Espada, who had been watching silently from the middle, opened her mouth.

”No, it’s actually a bit small.
Nevertheless, it is the largest mansion in the current village.
Although it was built in a style I have never seen before, it still looks magnificent.”

 Espada’s face was the same as usual, but there was a definite hint of joy in his voice.
Till and Kamsin also looked happy.

“Great! Van made a home in the blink of an eye!”

”Master Van’s magic is much better suited for a lord than the four elements magic is!”

 Kamsin said something like that, but afterward Till, Espada, and my expressions tightened.

 I chuckled and shook my head from side to side.

”It’s interesting magic, but I still think strong attacking magic that can protect the village would be the best.
You see, a lord like that would make the inhabitants feel safer, right?”

 When I say this, Till denies it with a sad face.

“That’s not true.
I’d rather live in Van-sama’s city than Jalpa-sama’s city.”

 And as I laugh and nod at Till’s encouragement, which was completely driven by emotions rather than rational thought, Espada now opened his mouth.

”Master Van.
During times of war, then perhaps Master Van would be right.
However, when there is no threat of war, the people of their domain are looking for a lord who makes their lives better.
In that sense, there is no one more suited for the role than you.”

“I’m going to follow Master Van!”

 Till and Kamsin follow him up.
No, no, I don’t it mind that much.

“Whoa! What the hell is this?”

 This time I heard Orto’s startled voice.
When I turned around, in addition to Otro and the other adventurers, Dee and the others had also come.

 Everyone was stunned as they looked up at the house that had been built in just an hour or so.

”This is my house.”

 When I tell them that, Dee and the others look at me expectantly.

“Well if we gather the wood, I wouldn’t mind making homes for you guys as well.”

 I couldn’t help but say something unnecessary.

 Immediately after, Dee turned around and shouted at two of his men.

“Gather the lumber and transport it by carriage! I want it in front of me by noon!”

“Yes sir!”

 The three knights began to move with a sense of urgency that I had never seen before.
No, where was the usual lazy air they had?

”You guys, let’s head for the forest.
We need to be quick.
We’ll take two wagons and ride back and forth, and don’t let the knights beat you to the good trees.”


 And for some reason, this time Orto gave the order with a devilish look on his face, his comrades all breaking out into runs.

 I can’t help but blink my eyes at the sight of Orto and his group overtaking Dee and his knights.

 No, do are guys even going to live in the village? If you won’t be a permanent resident here, I’m not building you a house, Orto.

 I mean, what do those guys think lords are?

 While I’m looking at the three carriages kicking up dust in the distance, Rhonda appears from behind with villagers in tow.

“…Well, we heard that you were building people houses.”


 Did I mishear that? I broke out in cold sweat at the thought, but the villagers’ eyes were serious.

”My house can no longer keep out the wind and rain…”

“My house is missing a floor…”

“The front door of mine is rotten and gone.”

 One after another, remodeling requests came in.
Tell that to the housebuilder or construction company that built it.

 That’s wanted to say, but their houses are in terrible disrepair.
Even a farm’s warehouse would be more comfortable.

 Hence, I had no choice but to say:

“…I will prioritize requests based on the condition of the house.
Please form a queue.”

 The village was filled with cheers of joy.

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