Then I heard a voice from behind me.

“I suppose the joy of the twilight years of my life will be to see Master Van grow up.”

 When I turned around, I saw Espada there with a warm smile on his face.
A set of what looked like construction tools was held in his hand.

”What does that mean? Wait, wait a minute.
I think it’s better to strengthen the defense of the village first.
Oh, if we don’t reinforce that gate, the fence will be damaged…”

“If there is an attack today, I will fill in the gate with earth and build a wall around it.
Now, even you don’t want to, you shouldn’t miss your lessons.
This way, young master.”

 He takes me by the hand and takes me with him.
This no-questions-asked attitude is the difference between him and Dee.
I slumped my shoulders in defeat, like a sad puppy left in the rain.

 Incidentally, while I was miserably studying, Orto and other adventurers were getting all excited about Till and Kamsin’s weapons.
What’s with this difference in mood?

 After dinner, I was released after two hours of studying.
I was lucky.
Normally I would have to complete a full half-days worth of studying, but there was no time.
The sun was going down and it was getting dark, and as oil was precious, they couldn’t afford to use it to slightly extend my studying hours.


 Humming to myself, I walk through the village with Till and Kamsin in tow.

 It’s quiet as almost all the villagers were asleep.

“Oh, Van.
Where are you going?”

 One of the adventurers on the night watch and calls out to me.

”Good evening.
I’m here to reinforce the walls and doors.”

“What? It’s dangerous this late at night.
I’ll follow you.”

 The man replied in a worried tone.
This small, overweight man is a scout and a trap-disarmer, despite his appearance.
He is a goody-two-shoes, loves meat-loving, and is surprisingly good-natured.

“Do you have enough torches? Wait, erm, that’s not the point.
I don’t think it’s easy to strengthen a door.”

 There is probably not a single spot of malice in this jolly man’s body.

”I’m a production magician, you know.”

 When I tell him that, Ksara blinks his eyes.

”Are you sure it’s okay to tell me that? That’s a secret, isn’t it?”

“Everyone knows already, so there’s nothing to keep quiet about.
Besides, you’ve already seen the wooden blocks and the weapons Till and the others use.”

 I answer with a laugh, and Ksara begins to start laughing as well.

“Oh, is that how it is? The two of your friends love the gifts you made for them.
It might be a good time to test them out, they haven’t even swung them yet because they were afraid of breaking something you made for them.
I personally think that it would be hard to break those study things even if they tried.”

 Till and Kamsin avert their gaze from Ksara, who was laughing lightly, and to the weapons in their hands.
I look at them and raise my eyebrows.

“I mean it is a weapon, so you should at least try it out.
It would be a disaster if you can’t use it when you need to.”

 As he said this, they looked at their own weapons with an end-of-the-world kind of look in their eyes.


“I couldn’t…..”

 As they hesitated, Ksara chuckled and brought out a leather shield.

”How about hitting this.
It’s the leather from an orc knight’s shoulder and back.
It’s an excellent piece that is both sturdy and flexible.”

 Looking at the blue leather shield that the adventurer proudly took out, Kamsin reluctantly held up his sword.

”Fine, okay.
I’ll do it!”

 He swung his sword lightly, taking great care to not damage the sword.

 Ksara laughed at the half-hearted strike, but, as if mocking him, the sword passed through the shield as if it were slicing through thin paper.


 A piece of the leather shield, about a third of its total mass, rolls to the ground as Ksara shakes his head.


 I tilted my head, and Kamsin, his eyes round as a plate, looked at his sword.

”What was that?”

 Till hesitantly looks down at the axe she is holding.

“Oh no, my leather shield! I just bought it!”

 Ksara’s screams echoed through the nighttime village sky.

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