Chapter 14: I Want to Remodel the Village

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 In the morning after the speech, we decided to spend the following nights outside the carriages using some camping gear.
We had no housing of our own in the village, and though Rhonda offered us his home, we felt it would be wrong to force the elderly man out of his own home.

 The villagers were building a campfire in the central square of the village, which was kept clear to make sure it was always ready for any such activities.

 While watching the roaring flames, I began to wonder what would have happened if I possessed an aptitude for the flame element.
Could I have fought off the raiders on the frontlines, rather than simply acting in a supporting role?

 Flame magic has the highest offensive power and is the flashiest magic on the battlefield.
Just having an allied flame element user can greatly increase a soldier’s morale.

 But, there’s no use getting hung up on this.
For now, I have to focus on planning the defense of the town.

“It’s not enough to simply be protected from enemy attacks, we also need to be able to attack from a secure position.”

“Normally, we would we would use bows and magic.”

“They won’t be as effective with such a low-lying wall.”

“So far, we’ve been thrusting spears through gaps in the wooden fence, but…”

“The enemy can use those same gaps to kill the defenders.”

 I’ve been sharing my opinions with Dee, Espada, and Rhonda, but we have made little progress.

“How about lobbing stones over the wall?”

 The three of them rolled their eyes when I suggested that we try to throw stones.

”How about a catapult then?”

“I’ve never seen one, how effective are they?”

“Master Van.
Catapults are used by attackers in sieges.
In other words, they are offensive, not defensive weapons.”

 The three of them each responded, but not positively.
Dee pulls Rhonda aside and explains the power of the catapult, but also highlights its flaws.

“It launches boulders, this inevitably leads to a long reload time and low accuracy.
Therefore, they are used to destroy buildings, like castle walls and watchtowers, which cannot avoid any approaching shots.”

 I raise an eyebrow at Dee as he tells the chief this.

“It’s not like that’s a given, you know? If you substitute the boulder for a box full of small stones you can increase each shot’s area of effect.
If you set it up at the back of the village and point it in the direction of the entrance, it should be able to accurately hit any enemies who approach the front of the village.
Alternatively, you could use oil containers with torches to make firebombs.”

 I said, and the three of them considered the options carefully.

“I think it is also a good idea to install a ballista.
If you install a shield and build it right behind the wall, it will become a fearsome weapon.”

“Who would make such complex weapons?”

 I point to myself in response to Espada’s question.


 When I answered that, they all fell silent and refrained from replying, as if they thought it was impossible.

 While the villagers focused on strengthening the walls and laying traps, Till, Kamsin, and I went off to the forest to gather lumber.

”You’ve already accomplished my request, will you be leaving soon?”

 I spoke to Orto, who was walking with me, and Otro laughed and waved his hand.

“ I think I’ll stick around for a little while.
I’d like to make a little money hunting the demonic beasts in the area.”

 Orto suddenly stopped, and intently surveyed the forest entrance.

“I think that a demonic beast has traveled in this direction.”

 Ort said, walking off the main path and onto some the rugged dirt nearby.

“Demonic beasts, Orto?”

“I won’t be back for a while.
Master Van should cut down the trees at the entrance, away from the dangerous depths of the forest.”

 Orto then entered the forest with his companions.
The other adventuring party had left, so there were only five adventurers in the village, including Orto and Pluriel.

 In the distance, I could hear the distinct din of combat.
At first, I thought I would have had to travel within the armored carriages to ensure my safety, but it seems that Orto was more competent than I had originally thought.

 He’s truly a talented adventurer, but he won’t be able to raise his rank while he is working in this backwater.
I can’t help but feel that he was wasting his talents by helping us instead of pursuing glory elsewhere.

 Ruminating on that while looking for suitable trees, Kamsin looks up at a large tree and places her palm on its trunk.

”Master Van! This tree is perfect!”

“It’s too big, we won’t be able to cut it down.”

“And this one?”

“Same problem.”

 Kamsin then went on to point out many trees… all of which were thicker than 2 meters in diameter.

 With a wry smile, I began to pick up branches that were of a more reasonable size.

 Throughout my journey long journey to the village, I had been training my production magic.
I don’t know if my magic power is high or low but, if I concentrated, I can bend wood, stone, and iron into whatever shape I wanted.
Note: Doesn’t this mean he could turn an opponent’s armor into spikes and impale his enemies using their own armor?)

 However, if I can’t visualize every detail and pour my magic power in properly, any ambiguous portions will become abnormal in shape or become extremely brittle.

 By no means is my magic easy to use.

 However, I recently discovered something.
It’s possible to use my magic to create objects through extreme concentration and visualization of each component part.

 To put such a power to practice, I will turn the gathered lumber into blocks the size of horse-drawn carriages.
Note: The cubes are likely much smaller, for reasons you will see later.)

 When I concentrate my magic power, I feel a warm feeling rise from the area around my stomach.
When the magic power reaches my fingertips, I focus my attention on the branch in my hand and infuse my magic into it.

 Soon, I felt the branch morphing in my hand.

 I tried to make my mental image as clear and detailed as possible.
I was aware of every single fiber of the tree.
I can already twist the plant fibers together and make them stronger, like weaving a string, but… I think I can do better.
This time, I think I’ll try to weave the fibers together even more finely.

 Like that, I began to turn the stockpiled lumber into wood blocks, one after the other.

 Although the blocks are composed of wood, they look almost as though they were made from plastic.
Since they look easy to process, I think it would be a good idea to stockpile as many cubes as possible.

 I’m not sure how much magic power each cube consumes, but the resulting materials were beginning to convince me that production magic may have its uses.

”Van-sama, these blocks are amazing.
They are so sturdy that it is difficult to believe that they were made of wood.”

“I think this is hard enough to make armor, perhaps even a sword if properly sharpened.”

 Till and Kamsin began to happily lift and bang the woodblocks.
They were indeed great materials, though they were likely still extremely flammable.

 Besides, we have other plans for this wood.

“Whoa! What the hell are these?” (T.N. Note Joke: What are those! …I’ll show myself out.)

 After I finished loading the wood blocks into the carriage, I heard such a surprised voice coming from the forest.

 Orto had returned.

“I thought you guys went out to collect wood?”

 Pluriel looks at the plastic-like woodblocks and tilted her head.
The rest of her companions also said things like, “What are these, materials from a demonic beast?” 

I replied as I turned my head around.

“It is a woodblock made from tree fibers.
Do you guys know about nanofibers?”

“No, I haven’t but…”

 Orto replied in a genuinely confused manner, which was understandable.
He picked up a woodblock and played with it a little in his hand.

”Oh… it’s lighter than I thought.
Is it okay to try and cut this one?”

“Be my guest.”

 I was curious, so I allowed it.
Then with a grunt, Orto tossed it into the air and swung his sword.

 An indescribable sound then rang out, something like the sound of the wind cutting and something incredibly hard being scratched.
The momentum of the swing then launched the block into a nearby tree, one of the two-meter ones Kamsin had pointed out earlier.

 Upon impact, the tree cracked as if a huge object had crashed into it.
Conversely, the block simply bounced off and fell onto the ground, without a scratch.

“Incredible, to think it would resist being cut.”

 As the adventurers clapped and expressed their joy, Till and Kamsin followed suit.

“It looks great.
I am satisfied by the block’s hardness.”

 While I was laughing and saying that, Orto turned looked at me with a blue face.

“…I slashed the block as if I were trying to cleave a stone.”

 I tilted my head when Orto said that.

“Then? Which is harder, a rock or the block?”

 Till and Kamsin tilted their heads in confustion.

“The block is harder, but how can that be? I mean, how could wood survive a strike which would bisect a rock? I just…”

 I took a look at the shaken Orto and laughed.

“Well, we got a good material.
Isn’t that good?”

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