Chapter 12: [Another Perspective] From the Adventurer’s Point of View

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Note: I had a mental breakdown trying to figure out whether Orto or Van was speaking during certain parts of the chapter… turns out I just missed one word which made everything else incomprehensible.
Sorry for the lateness of the chapter)

Note: Still in Orto’s first person view.)

The battle has ended and I open my mouth as I look at my companions during the after-battle cleanup.

”The request is over.
All that’s left for us is to get our commission from that old butler and we’re done.”

 As I utter this, my friends turn to look at me.

“Yeah, so?”

 When Pluriel asked this back, I coughed and looked at the other group of adventurers who had been hired by Van.

“Well, I’m just curious.
It may not be worth any money at all, but could you consider staying?”

 The five members of the party shook their heads at my suggestion.

”Sorry, Orto.
We have business in the neighboring county.
We took this request partly because it was a convenient job on the way there.
Well, as soon as we finish our obligations over there, we’ll consider coming back.”

 ”I’m sorry,” they apologized, and I chuckled.

“No, it’s the same for me, thank you for helping me along the way.
I’ll see you again.
However, the sky’s already darkening.
Why don’t you guys spend the night in the village?”

“Well, if it’s only that much.
Tomorrow morning we’ll help cull the bandit escapees.
How about charging our client two silver a head?”

“Hey, no service fee? What’s the matter? Do you guys like Van that much?” 

“Shut up.
And next time you see us, you’d better have a good deal prepared.
You hear?”

 We had a laugh together, after which they left.
Looking at Pluriel and my other friends who were listening to the conversation nearby, I said asked a clarifying question.

“If you all don’t want to stay, I’ll back off.
But if you’re willing to stay, why don’t you stay with me?”

 Everyone looked at me as I asked that.

“What about the period? There’s some money in it, but if we stay too long we might miss out on some other profitable jobs.”

“How about giving it a month to see how it goes.”

“That’s all right.
But if it takes too long, we’ll probably leave the party.”

“Of course, I don’t plan on sticking around for an extremely prolonged period anyway.”

“Let’s go hunt some hexenbiests for supplies.
There are deep forests and a mountains nearby, likely habitats for the beasts.”

“You’re on.
It’s been a while since we’ve hunted a hexenbiest without a request.
We might be able to make some money off of it.”

 Pleased that everyone was on board, I laughed as I replied.
Afterward, Pluriel opened her mouth.

”…That kid Van doesn’t act like a nobleman, does he? Well, he doesn’t act like a normal child either.”

“That’s the reason I want to stay.
I’ve never even heard of a child with such valor and bravery.
He’s also unusually quick-witted.
Well, he’s an aristocrat, so he must have received a thorough education, but even with that in mind, it’s unusual.”

 Pluriel nodded deeply at my words.
Everyone glanced at Van in the distance again.

 At first glance, he was a child with a noble, aristocratic air.
But when he opens his mouth, that valourous image collapses.

 Although he is polite and poised, he still looks like a normal child.
There’s none of the typical aristocratic arrogance which usually sets such children apart.

”….This is the first time I’ve seen something like… like the resolve of a nobleman.
Noblesse Oblige and all that.”

 I didn’t know how to describe it, but I tried my best to put it into words.
And everyone nods their heads in agreement.

“I agree, he really is different.”

 After one of them affirmed it, they all began saying the same thing.

”If you ask one of Van’s retainers, they’ll tell you his magical attribute is not specialized for combat.”

“Even then, that kid was going to die for all of us, wasn’t he?”

“Isn’t he such an odd child?”

 While they were getting excited, Pluriel opened her mouth with a determined face.

”Well, he saved me when I was in danger.
I have to repay the debt I owe him.”

 A man who was watching the scene muttered in agreement.

“Right! His moves are unlike that of a child.
He knew his way around a sword better than an average knight would.”

“He’s not even ten years old yet, is he?”

“Does it matter?”

 The discussion became increasingly heated.

“He is certainly an oddity among the nobility,”

 As a team member made such a remark, I replied, crossing my arms.

“I agree.
But of all the noblemen I know, I’d prefer his company to anyone else.”

”No doubt about it.
If that kid becomes the lord of a large fiefdom, what kind of amazing place would it become?”

 I smile at the hopeful words.

“Okay, how’s this? Why don’t we help the boy for a while?”

 My friends respond immediately to the suggestion.

“I’m on board.”

“No objections here.”

“Of course.”

“I have a good feeling about this.”

 I looked proudly at my friends and smiled.

“Thank you.”

[Pluriel] (T.N.
Note: From here, it shifts from Orto’s perspective to Pluriel’s)

 Something had been bothering me, but I didn’t have the time to ask Van about during the after-battle cleanup.

 So, after saying a few words to my comrades who were restraining one of the remaining raiders, I headed over to Van.

 Van was just talking about something with his maid and his slave boy.

“Master Van.
Please, if anything like this happens again, don’t be the first to risk your life.
Promise that you will bet my life and then Kamsin’s before you do anything this dangerous?”

“Okay, okay.
I will”

“You’ll never hear the end of it if you’re lying Master Van… I’m serious.”

“All right, I get it Till.
Don’t cry.”

 Van looks at the maid who has started to cry and becomes visibly distressed while trying to comfort her.
The slave child looks at his hands with a look of extreme determination.

”I need to get stronger, much stronger.”

 The slave child muttered that in a disgruntled manner.

 That slave was just a child, but I got the impression that he was in a hurry to grow up, perhaps due to her master’s influence.
Those kids would give up their lives for Van without hesitation.

”May I have a moment?”

 As I called out to them, the three of them turned around once, though the maid looked away in a hurry.
She smiled as Van quickly helped to wipe away her tears.

“Well lookie here.
You’re so young and you’re already making girls cry.”

 As I crack a joke, Van shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile.

“I try to be honest with girls, though.
Especially with girls I care about.”

 He said something unchildlike again, which made the maid’s face turn bright red.
The maid covered her face with her hands, but her beet red ears betrayed her true emotional state.

 I stare straight into Van’s eyes and open my mouth.

”Van-sama isn’t actually an elf or something, are you? Sometimes you don’t act the way a child of your age would.”

 It was a question that would have considered rude by any other nobleman, but Van laughed without seeming to be particularly bothered.

“Till has been taking care of me since I was a baby.
I’m pretty she knows that I’m just a regular human being.”

 I nodded in agreement with Van’s words.

“Where did you learn the sword?”

 Again, I couldn’t help but ask him without a respectful tone.
But it didn’t seem to bother him this time either, though Van let out a sigh as his facial expression soured a bit.

“You saw that burly knight uncle, right? I received direct training from Dee himself.
I haven’t made much progress, but I am training to become stronger and eventually beat that demon.”

 Van laughed in annoyance as he complained.
Despite his complaints, I could tell he held no ill will against him.

“So, Van-sama’s thinking and knowledge came from Espada, the butler?”

Though Till did have a big effect on the way I think as well.” 

 After answering that much, Van looked at me while tilting his head.
Why so many random questions? That’s what his eyes seem to be asking me.

 I straightened my back and bowed respectfully.
Note: The MTL translated “back” as “residence”… I don’t even know how that could happen.)

“Because of Van-sama’s swift actions and the power of your sword, I was saved in my time of need.
Thank you, I will never forget this favor.”

 I look up at him, and Van smiles cheerfully.

“It’s okay.
Forget it, no need to get hung up on that.”

 I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Van, who said that in an easygoing tone.

 This nobleman’s charisma is the real deal, seeing that he has already won the hearts of all the adventurers.

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