wouldn’t be a butler, but there must be some unknown circumstances.

 Snapping me out of my contemplations, I saw arrows fired by my companions, Pluriel’s water spear, and even chunks of stone heading toward the enemy in a deadly barrage.

 Although it was simply the initiator for a two-step surprise attack, the ferocious barrage almost looked as though it could rout the enemy on its own.

”Let’s go! Begin the Assault!”

 I yelled and kicked the ground, my friends following close behind.
On the opposite flank, I could see the knights running with me.

”Huh? Hey, they are charging at us!”

 One of them noticed, but it was too late.
The shield they hold is cheap garbage.
I swing my sword down upon the shield.
The shield is crushed, and as it breaks, the sword continues its trajectory, slashing diagonally from the man’s shoulder all the way to his side.

 Fresh blood dancing in the air, my companions also surround and cut down the raiders one after another.
We must swiftly end them, otherwise, they will begin to mount a resistance and cause preventable casualties upon our men.

 The enemies on the left and right were holding their bows and arrows at the beginning of the engagement, so they will be slow to rearm themselves for melee combat.
In this window of opportunity, we must swing our swords without rest.

 Due to the support of long-range attacks, we eliminate our enemies at an unexpectedly fast rate.

 Glancing over, I saw that the knights on the other side were doing just as well.
Especially Dee, who was able to wield an incredibly massive sword as if it were one of normal size.
The destructive power of the sword, which was able to cut through armor as if it were paper, was incredibly influential on the battlefield.

 In fact, Dee’s unusual fighting style caused some raiders to become rooted in place due to fear, with some of them even beginning to flee.

”Chi! What is such a monster doing in a place like this…!”

 And as Dee’s eyes glanced over the battlefield, one of the large men who had been standing on guard at the front of the village turned heel and started to run.

 He was headed in the direction where the long-distance strike group was placed.

”Hey! Stop! Somebody stop that bastard!”

 I scream as I slash a bearded man’s head off in front of me, but no one was in a position to assist as they were all occupied by the enemies in front of them.

 This was not good.

 The long-distance group might not be able to see the enemy approach until it is too late because of the earthen barrier they are crouching behind.

 If he gets too close, the strike team’s bows and magic will not be able to be effectively used, leaving them vulnerable.

”Damn it! Look out! The enemy is approaching!

 I shouted as I parried an approaching sword.

 However, mercilessly, no arrows nor sorcery were directed at the approaching man at all.
They had not noticed.

 While Pluriel was chanting behind the defensive wall, she suddenly saw a previously unseen large figure at the edge of her vision.

 An enemy.

 She recognized the danger that moment, but her magic had already finished chanting and activated.
The next shot could only be fired in ten seconds.

 There was no time.

 The large man turned his bloodshot eyes towards her and charges with an axe in hand.

 He’s going to kill me!

 Just as she thought that, two small figures appeared in front of her.

“Master Van!”

 I couldn’t help but call the nobleman by his title.
It was out of place, but for some reason, was the first thing that came to mind.
Note: Rip Kamsin, completely ignored.)

“Over here, you heavyweight wrestler!”

 Van shouted unintelligible words and ran while staying low to the ground.
The slave boy followed suit, approaching with her sword at the ready.


 This is not an opponent that two children can manage.

 However, contrary to her worries, they coordinate unexpectedly well and seem able to match the muscular raider.

 Van rolls on the ground to avoid an axe swing, following it up with several slashes upon the defenseless back of the raider’s knees with his sword.
He continues the roll until he passes under the opponent’s crotch, after which he stands up.
The way he fought was unlike that of a nobleman, but his movements were brilliant and refined nevertheless.


 The slave-child gives chase to the large man who, in pain and panic, lost his balance.
He leaps, using the raiders fallen axe as a foothold, and expertly slashes the man’s neck.

 I was still in a state of despair even after the man fell, but Van had already moved on to resolving other battlefield issues.

”There’s a possibility that the enemy will concentrate here! Don’t get caught off guard!”

 Despite our seniority, we immediately followed the instructions of a child who could be no older than ten years old.

 Who on earth is this kid?

 With such a question in mind, I refocus my attention on the battle at hand.

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