[Another Viewpoint] War 3 Results

Holding her ears to the dragon’s screech, Panamera assessed the situation.

“You were only able to inflict a few cuts on the dragon’s back, but you did enough damage to its eyes, mouth, and abdomen.
However, you couldn’t kill it instantly.
It was a good thing that the breath was pointed in the right direction, but it would have been horrible if it had been aimed at us.”

Panamera commented calmly, and Borra turned around with a blue face, nodding repeatedly.

“Well, it’s still moving, is everything okay?”

Panamera snickered and pointed to the battlefield as he confirmed this.

“It’s important to finish off the dragon, but as long as we watch out for the breath, I doubt we’ll do much damage.
Then we have to hunt down the enemy now.
If we let them get away with this, our country will lose overall.”

Just as Borra said something in response to Panamera’s words, a black shadow leapt out of Scudetto.

Five large shadows.
The shadows spread their wings and came straight at us.

“Wyvern! Five of them at the same time…?”

“I see they have become desperate… Borra, can you take aim?”

“Yes, I’m going for it! I’m coming, guys! Aim a little ahead! If you can get a good shot with the ballista, go for it!”

In their haste, Borra and the others quickly adjusted their angles and prepared to fire.

The wyverns were approaching as fast as the wind, but Borra and the others were undaunted.

“Are we ready? Fire!”

At the command to fire, everyone activated their catapults and ballistas, respectively.
The sound of the earth shaking and the wind cutting through the air rang out simultaneously, and black boxes and ballista arrows were shot into the sky.

The black boxes break into pieces as soon as they are launched into the sky, and countless silver plate-like objects emerge from within.

They were iron shurikens.
They spread out in the blink of an eye and approached the wyverns.

Like a rain of iron, the large number of blades launched from the catapult came flying while cutting through the air.
The blades shot through the wyverns’ torsos, wings, and legs.

No wyverns were hit directly in the head, but even so, no one was able to remain unharmed, with several holes in various parts of their bodies.

As the off-balance wyverns fell at a frightening speed, Borra’s brow wrinkled deeply, and she shouted, “Hide behind the great shield”.

“Get behind the big shield! Quickly!”

Panamera stepped forward, laughing happily as everyone ducked for cover in response to her yell.

“Best result.
Well done, Captain Borra.
Leave the rest to me.”

With that, Panamera activated the magic she had finished chanting.

“You stay away, too! Burn up the enemies before you, Silver Vermilion.”

Immediately after these words were uttered, a triple magic circle appeared in front of Panamera, and a mass of flames was created in the center.

The flames created in each magic circle merged as if they were feeding on each other and formed a huge fireball.

The fireball spread out as if it were going to burst, and was aimed at the falling wyverns.
It was like an extreme fireball.
The sky turned orange at once, and the wyverns were all swallowed up.

The wyverns change their angle of fall due to the power of the flames, which burn the air in the blink of an eye, as well as the amount of heat they generate.

A few seconds later, as the wyverns fell to the ground while burning, a series of loud earthquakes occurred.

“Oh geez, just in time…”

“I, I survived, but…”

The wyvern plunged to the ground just a little to the front of Borra and the others, so the catastrophe was averted.

Borra’s cheeks clenched at the sight of the wyvern rolling in front of her, emitting a burning smell, and she looked at Panamera.

Panamera sneered and shouted.

“Rejoice! The enemy’s main dragons and wyverns have been destroyed! Victory is assured!”

Panamera’s knights were the first to react to these words, cheering.
Borra and the others followed suit, and their cheers gradually spread, enveloping the battlefield.

The air was undeniably breaking the hearts of the enemy soldiers.

Gradually, the battle line retreated.
Finally, abandoning the fortified city with its gates destroyed, the forces of the Kingdom of Jiernetta retreated.

A battle cry of victory rang out, and some made a move to pursue, but a voice was soon heard to stop them.

“What, why…?”

Borra tilted her head, and Panamera snorted.

“I guess they considered that exploding weapon more dangerous than the dragons and wyverns.
If I were to give instructions, I would give the same instructions.
After all, the back of Scudetto is a mountain road.
They could have thrown that weapon at us while we were chasing after them.
There would be no advantage in numbers.
It would be a waste of time, and the soldiers might die.”

“I see.”

Panamera laughed out loud at Borra, who nodded with a difficult look on his face, then approached him and patted him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry.
It’s an unquestionably winning battle.
And you are the ones who have achieved the most success.
You can report to your master with pride.”

Borra blinked and laughed, her face contorting into a scowl.


The group, who had been watching from a distance, looked at each other and laughed when they heard the cheers echoing off into the distance.

“I guess we could only watch the game until the end after all.”

Muttering this with a sigh, Van stretches his body with his hands above him.

“It looks like they won safely…I hope everyone wasn’t hurt…”

Camsin’s chest thumps against Till’s anxious face.

“It’s impossible to lose using Van-sama’s weapons.
It’s an overwhelming victory.
So, I am sure there will be no injuries.”

Khamsin, who had been excited ever since the war began, declared with a snort.
Chuckling at that, Van nodded.

At any rate, I think Borra and the others will be fine; Viscount Panamera’s character will protect them at all costs.”

“I’m sure Panamera-sama will.”

Camsin responded immediately to Van’s words.
Seeing this exchange, Arte opens his mouth with a laugh.

Then, I can put my doll back too, can’t I?”

“Yes, you may.
I’ll run away quickly so that I won’t be discovered.”

Then…what is it? Oh, is that Jiernetta’s soldiers in retreat? It looks like they were attacked…”

At Arte’s puzzled words, Van showed a moment of thought, but then quickly looked up.

“For now, can we just capture the person on the horse? If he knows how to get the black jade…”

“Okay, I understand.
I’ll try.”

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