[Another Viewpoint] War 2 Movement on the side of Jiernetta


PoV: Enemy Commander


With the appearance of the dragon, the enemy forces instantly changed their formation to cope with the situation.


However, it seems as if they are simply keeping their distance from the dragon in the dark.
Using powerful magicians as decoys, the soldiers are showing only a token posture of encirclement.


“Well, it can’t be helped against that.”


I say, and my smile deepens as I look at the landscape spread out below me.


The dragon had been slowed down using a large amount of black balls, and its limbs had been bound with large chains so that the puppet’s magic could finally take effect.


It had cost an extraordinary amount of money, human casualties, and a great deal of time.
It would have been a great loss if it had not worked.


However, as far as the current battlefield is concerned, it is having a tremendous effect.
The group of magicians controlling those horses were undoubtedly from the Venturi Knights.
They are generously unleashing the powerful magic that destroyed the castle gates in the blink of an eye on the dragons, but the dragons are taking almost no damage.


On the contrary, it was cornered and backed up by other magicians.


“If it what I heard was true, I’d like to bring in the wyverns here to settle the matter at once, but… we can’t let our guard down.”


If the enemy had remained the same as in the past, it would have ended in a crushing victory for our forces with our new strength.


However, the last battle turned out to be unexpected.
As a result, we completed the conquest of Scudetto as planned, but the forces we lost far exceeded our expectations.


Therefore, we sent out fast horses for reinforcements, which we were supposed to receive in due course, and asked them to replenish our forces.


Aside from the main force for the invasion of the Royal Capital led by my brother, if the other two armies had conquered their targets unscathed, my reputation would have been severely damaged.


“And it’s all because of that mysterious group… abominable!”


I yelled, turning around.


The second-in-command Freightliner behind me was looking at me with a hard expression.


He is my brother, but he is a feeble man.
He has already been in many wars, and yet he still only assists me and my other brothers.
He is not excellent with a sword or as a magician, so it is not surprising.


“…Freightliner, from now on, we will divide our troops and move.
You attack from the right side using infantry.
Use black balls to check them and lead them toward the dragon.
I will lead the cavalry from the left.”


When I instructed him to do so, Freightliner smiled vaguely and bowed his head several times.


“Well, Brother Vashize, that’s the way to do it.
So, dragons in the center, black ball explosions from the left and right, right? And finally, wyverns?”


He replied with a flattering face and voice.


I clicked my tongue, annoyed at his cowardly face, which showed neither pride nor resolve as royalty.


“You fool.
Have you already forgotten the last battle? At that time, wyverns were killed without distinction, whether they were waiting on the castle walls or flying in the sky.
Those on the ground were decapitated, and those flying in the sky were shot through the torso with a spear-like object and killed.”


“So you’re saying we won’t use them, then? Even though the supply has been replenished…”


“Dragons and wyverns are precious.
If we lose anymore, it will be a big blunder.
The only time to use them is when we take down the Royal Capital.
We will save our forces until that final battle, and then we will burn them to the ground with overwhelming force during the final invasion of the Royal Capital.”


When I told him a part of my plan, Freightliner blinked his eyes, then finally understood the meaning and applauded.


“I see.
That’s the way to go, Brother Vashize.
Then I guess that repelling is enough for this phase.”


“Speak nonsense.
Their formation is spread out like that for fear of the dragons.
We can easily win this battle by encircling them and eating up their thin spots.
At the very least, we will capture the Marquis Fertio’s head.
And after that, we’ll crush more than half of them in a follow-up attack.”


“I see.”


Freightliner responded in a blank voice, as if he didn’t understand what I meant.


He snorted at that and turned on his heel.


“Enough! You just do as I tell you! Now take your men and run!”


He yelled, and the Freightliner rushed off.




Meanwhile, Freightliner looked coldly at Vashize as he led his cavalry into motion, and then looked at the soldiers under his command.


“…Come on, we’ll move too.
Use your black balls at your own discretion when it’s dangerous… let’s move out!”


The soldiers shouted excitedly and started to walk away.


Freightliner watches his allies marching in high spirits and sighs softly.


“They’re all too excited about their new toys.
They’re all idiots.”


Muttering this in disgust, Freightliner cowered his shoulders and climbed onto the back of his horse.


When Freightliner emerged from Scudetto and looked out onto the battlefield, he saw that the Scuderia army was desperately trying to keep the dragon sitting in the center of the battlefield in check and was unleashing its magic in spades.


“Surely, this would be a great opportunity if it were a battle up to now… but the main camp in the back, which is not moving at all even in this state, is eerie.
Both of the enemy’s new weapons were targeted and destructive.
Maybe it would be better to disperse them.”


Muttering in his mouth, Freightliner looks sideways at his officers.


“If we use the black ball, there is no point in a dense formation.
We will drive the enemy into a corner by dividing into smaller groups around the ten chiefs.
However, don’t drive them too hard.
The other side should drive them as hard as they can without thinking.
If we do so, the enemy will not counterattack us.
Let’s wait and see at first.”


The officers look at each other in disapproval.


“Now is the time to deal a heavy blow to the enemy…”


A middle-aged knight spoke up as if to represent them, and the Freightliner nodded with a wry smile.


“I can understand why you would make that judgment.
However, the enemy brought out a new weapon in the last battle.
And they have deployed so many four-element magicians, who would have been the cornerstone of their strategy in the past.
Considering those two points, I don’t think we will end up overwhelming them, do you?”


The middle-aged knight growled with a difficult face at Freightliner, who explained his thoughts simply.


“Hmm…that’s true, but I think the situation is different this time.
After all, in the face of that dragon, no matter how new the enemy’s weapons are…”


“That’s wishful thinking.
What if the new weapon has no effect on the dragon at all? If I were in your shoes, I would retreat to a place where I could fight on a terrain that would contain the dragons.
After all, we know that if we introduce all the sorcerers against the dragons, we will lose the war.
After that, it’s just a running game with a chase.
You wouldn’t fight that foolishly, would you?”


“Hmmm…that’s certainly a reasonable idea.”


The knight was troubled, but after thinking for a few seconds, he quickly came to a conclusion.
He turned back around and yelled.


“Freightliner-sama’s orders! Divide your squads into smaller groups around the ten chiefs and surround the enemy forces! However, do not rush out too far, but drive them back slowly and carefully!”




At that instruction, the skilled knights immediately move.
Exhaling with relief at the sight of them, Freightliner maneuvered his horse to move away from the battlefield.


“Now it’s just time to push and pull.
Now let’s see what happens…”


Freightliner muttered with his eyes narrowed.


Then, as if on cue, a change occurred on the battlefield.


Jiernetta’s army surrounded the Scuderia army as if it were sandwiched between them, and then narrowed it down.


The Scuderia army, being driven back by the dragon, quickly moved away from Scudetto.


Caught in the act, the dragon’s head also turns toward Scudetto’s opposite side, toward Scuderia’s main camp.


The next moment, a violent scream ripped through the battlefield.
The source was the dragon.


Blood spurts from both of its eyes, and the dragon, howling from the pain, is followed by more attacks.


The dragon fell on its side and thrashed on the ground, bleeding slightly from its neck, chest, and belly.


A red flame leaks from its mouth.
The dragon turns in the direction of Scudetto.


“Get down!”


Someone yelled, and Freightliner quickly dismounted and crouched on the ground.


Immediately after, red flames erupted like magma from the dragon’s mouth, blowing away 20% of Scudetto’s walls.
Freightliner clicked his tongue as he watched the unfortunate soldiers in the straight line burn and die.


“We’re losing! I’m running away!”


Easily, Freightliner made his decision and set about restraining the rampaging horses.

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