Chapter 1: Appointment

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The bright lights of the royal palace banquet hall were turned on after a long time.
Nobles would gather in the banquet hall early to talk.

“I heard that His Majesty is in a good mood these days, but I didn’t know he would be hosting a banquet himself.”

“Why would he not like it? I got rid of the thorn from his eyes.”

“Can you really say that it was cleared?”

Someone pinched the truth in a cynical way.
The nobles exchanged meaningful glances.
Some sighed or drank champagne with a rather dark look.

The ‘thorn in the eyes’ he was referring to was the emperor’s twin brother, Duke Rubius.

It was not surprising that Deltinus took the opportunity whenever he had a chance to kill his brother.
The tenacity of Deltinus was so great that the anecdote that he assigned Duke Rubius to the barbarian garrison without allowing a single soldier to accompany him was very famous.

Yet, Yulif came back alive every time.
It was an advantage that he had built up great achievements in the process as well.

Duke Rubius was soon treated like an invincible guardian among the people of the Empire.
Rather, when it became a laughable thing that Deltinus strangled himself, he ran like crazy. 

“Heh heh, more than that, it is said that ‘that’ comes out at today’s banquet.
Did you all hear it?”

“Oh, finally!”

“I heard that there is a Hwira village in the Duke’s estate.
Heh heh, if the Duke dies…”

“Everyone, be quiet.
His Majesty is approaching.”

The hall became quiet at the voice of the chamberlain announcing the emperor’s appearance.
After a while, Deltinus, dressed in a fancy banquet attire, entered the hall.
The intense red cloak attracted attention.
Deltinus dragged the red cloak and in a leisurely pace, passed among the people.
He looked like a blood-soaked red snake.

As if he was in a good mood, the corners of his mouth soared to the fullest.
Still, the nobles bowed their heads and avoided meeting his gaze in case there was a spark.
So no one saw the whip wrapped around the waist.

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“I’m pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

“Thank you for inviting me to your precious palace, Your Majesty.”

“Your Majesty and the future of the Empire will be filled with endless glory.”

“You don’t have to be too rigid.
You can enjoy it comfortably.”

Deltinus, who smiled slowly, stood in the center of the venue.
There was still something left to say.
The many eyes looking at him were mixed with anticipation and anxiety.

“Something seemed missing, but now I see there’s no music.
It’s a problem if there’s no music at the party.
Bring her.”

Finally, ‘It’ is coming out.
The protagonist of the rumor that spread widely in the Imperial Palace.

Deltinus flicked his fingers lightly.
The guard, dressed in his armor, pulled out a cart with a large object covered in black cloth.

The arch-shaped thing stood tall in front of Deltinus.
The nobles glanced at Deltinus’ eyes and at the cloth-covered object.

“Let me introduce what the Emperor caught in his hunt.”

Deltinus grabbed the cloth and pulled it down.
The fabric came off and fell to the floor.
The eyes of those who saw what finally appeared open-wide with astonishment and surprise.

A woman was trapped in a huge cage.
Her curly, lemon-colored hair was dyed white towards the end, as if snow had fallen, suggesting that she was not an ordinary person at first glance.
In addition, two pairs of large wings sprouting from her back and pointed ears with feathers at the tip added to the mystery.

As Deltinus touched it, the cage door opened silently.
When she saw the Deltinus crawling into her cage, she hurriedly backed away from him.
However, no matter how big it was, she was still inside a cage with bars on all sides.
Soon, her face turned white as her back slammed against the grate.

Deltinus sat down with her hair terrifyingly wrapped in his fingers, and kissed her.
Then he grabbed her slender arm violently and forced her to stand up.

“Ohh, ah….!”

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“I haven’t done anything yet.
Why are you so frightened?”

Deltinus’ arms wrapped around her thin waist.
A sticky voice licked her ears.

“Every time you act like this, I get so excited I can’t stand it.”

The voice of desire was terrifying.
She struggled to get away from Deltinus, but the shackles tied to her ankles were very heavy.

Deltinus, who looked at the clinking shackles with nonchalant eyes, turned her around toward the people.

“My beautifu

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