Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

Chapter 35

Part 1

“Then, eat a little more since you are unable to eat for three days from this lunch onwards.”


When Mo Fei Chen heard this, he immediately became aware of the crisis and he started to fill up his stomach as soon as possible, only after his stomach had bulged into a small ball, did he realize that he had finished He Yunfeng’s portion, leaving only the rice and a little bit of vegetables. 


“He he… Yunfeng…”


“It’s alright.” He Yunfeng ate the rice that Mo Fei Chen had grated like a dog’s food, and then led Mo Fei Chen out of the hut, turning the wooden sign outside the house back to “Do not come to disturb”.


“Yunfeng, are we not going to stay in the hut?”


“No, in here there will be some disciples who come every day to bring food or to report something boring.
Let’s go to the cave in the valley.”


Mo Fei Chen nodded his head and rode down with He Yunfeng in the mist, landing at the edge of the pond.
The two of them entered the cave together and went to the place where He Yunfeng had placed the ice coffin.
The ice coffin had long since dissipated when He Yunfeng was revived.


As they spread the hay on the ground, two of them sat down cross-legged.
He Yunfeng’s true qi flowed into Mo Fei Chen’s sword seed, guiding his inner breath to gather again, slowly filling it with qi.
The sword seed expanded little by little.


While Wen Qing Yuan at this moment indeed had a real headache since when he had so many martial artists or figures come to his Kun Yun Shan Zhuang?


“Wu Liang Chanshi, I wonder, how is your injury now?”


“Amitabha, thanks to Wen Patron’s concern, this old monk has mostly recovered from my injuries.”


“Then that’s good, then that’s good.” As he sat in the Manor Leader’s seat, he looked at the sect leaders and wanted to go back to his study room, close the door and hide, but of course this kind of thought, he could think about it in his heart only. 


Chen Fei, the head of the Lianxia Sect, put his palms together and went straight to the point, “Wen Manor Leader, I am sure that you have heard of this, Bai Xue cult, Kemoluo, injured Wu Liang Chanshi during the talks at Jing Shui Sect, I am afraid that this is just the beginning.
As far as we know, Kemoluo had always been a martial artist who was comparable to our top ten swordsmen in the Central Plains.
However, In just three years, she seems to have progressed too quickly.”


“He he,” Wen Qing Yuan took a sip of his tea and continued to practice Tai Chi (fig.for ‘to avoid responsibility), “What does Chen Sect Master mean? Although this Kemoluo is a woman (the weaker sex), it doesn’t mean that she only thinks about wind and moon scene (fig.for romance or romantic affairs) all day along and doesn’t practice her kung fu diligently.”


All of them froze, Wen Qing Yuan’s way of thinking was different from theirs, which made them unsure of how to respond for a while.


The man dressed in white, sitting in the corner with a half mask on his face, let out a light laugh.


Wen Qing Yuan had already noticed him, it was Jun Wushuang.


He was no longer the polite, talented, elegant and handsome young man from the martial arts conference.
That eccentric smile on his mouth and the calmness of his eyes made it impossible for people to notice the ups and downs of his emotions.
This was probably the real Jun Wushuang. 


“I think what Sect Leader Chen is saying is that he is afraid that Kemoluo has been able to make rapid progress in three years because he has obtained the demonic arts of Eluoduo.” Jun Wushuang tilted his head, the corner of his mouth was a little playful.


“So what?” Wen Qing Yuan blinked.


Everyone was silent again.


Jun Wushuang just like before, the smile on his lips widened, “So we would like to meet Senior He Yunfeng, since he has experience in dealing with Eluoduo after all, if he is willing to step in, we, the younger generation, will (feel reassured) have a piece of mind.”


All of them were a little grateful to Jun Wushuang in their hearts.


Wen Qing Yuan revealed ‘find it difficult’ look and let out a long sigh, “It’s not that all of you don’t know that Mo Fei Chen is the last disciple of my Shi Zhu, He Yunfeng.
He has been seriously injured for more than three years and Shi Zu also has been treating his injuries in these years; even I haven’t seen Shi Zu in the past three years.
I’m afraid that… “


When he mentioned Mo Fei Chen, Wu Liang Chanshi put his palms together before one and said “Amitabha Buddha” again.


With that, Jun Wushuang’s fingers also subconsciously trembled. 


Lu Qingmo remained silent and calm, drinking his tea quietly.
He was the only one among these people who knew that Mo Fei Chen’s life was already safe by now.


Jun Wushuang looked from the side of his eyes at Lu Qingmo’s expression and saw that he looked perfectly calm and collected.
He faintly understood that Mo Fei Chen was probably already fine a long time ago and was now having a good time at the back of the mountain therefore he formed a fist in his hand as he was so angry that he stiffly had to suppress his anger.


“Then I would like to ask Wen Manor Leader to notify us.” Jin Ziyu opened his mouth as he said this. 


Wen Qing Yuan turned his face away and called a young disciple, “Luo Bing, did Shi Zu put up a sign when you deliver the food today?”


“Yes, he did.
‘Don’t come and disturb us!’.”


“You guys probably didn’t know, so if Shi Zu is hanging this sign, that means he is using his inner strength to help Fei Chen reshape his sword seed.
If we rashly go and disturb him and there is an accident, then…”


“Then let us wait here, The senior, no matter what, still needs to go out, ba.” As the one who came in place of Liu Feiying, Qing Yu said this. 


It was unexpected that every sect leader nodded their heads in agreement.


Wen Qing Yuan just all smiled, yet in his heart he thought to himself, ‘So many of you are eating and drinking here, Our manor Kun Yun Shan Zhuang is not as rich as Mu Yun Shan Zhuang!’


“Then, Luo Bing, you should tell the others to prepare rooms for the sect leaders and to take extremely good care of them.” Wen Qing Yuan got up, “I’ll go and see if Shi Zu has left the seclusion or not.”


When these sect leaders arrived at the guest room, they could not help but to sweat.


According to the way Mo Fei Chen interpreted it, they had originally thought and wanted to stay in a four-star hotel, but they hadn’t expected to see a guest house (hostel) when they pushed the door. 



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