Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

Chapter 34.2 


Two more years later, Mo Fei Chen’s sword seed had stabilized, therefore he was free to roam (leisurely and carefree) around Kun Yun Mount like a wild monkey.
He was no longer as restrained as he had been when He Yunfeng first just saved or kept his life, sometimes he was able to turn Mo Fei Chen over and over several times at night.


As time went on, Mo Fei Chen couldn’t belp but be indignant.
It was true that his inner strength was not as strong as He Yunfeng’s, so it was only natural that he was being suppressed by him.
(take from him whatever he please—make unlimited demands) But he was still young, He Yunfeng would grow old eventually.
When that time comes, don’t blame him for ruthlessly ravaging the flower!


He Yunfeng was lying as he leaned to one side, watching Mo Fei Chen’s expression continuously change, while one of Mo Fei Chen’s legs was still pressed against He Yunfeng’s waist and with a slight movement, the object still buried inside him seemed to have grew bigger again.


“No… don’t…Yunfeng, let’s make a deal, let’s stop here tonight, okay?”


The smile on He Yunfeng’s face was quiet and no one could think of what he was doing to his young disciple, “Then is tomorrow fine?”


Mo Fei Chen’s face fell again…


They had a peaceful life at Kun Yun Mount, but Jiang Hu was not that relaxed at all.


Firstly, it seemed that the people of Jiang Hu still bear a grudge against Jing Shui Sect for plotting against their ‘fellow practitioners’ [people with the same ideals on the same path; people with a common goal] in the martial arts conference, although the term “fellow practitioners”

was still open to question.
They then organized something like a revenge conference, which wss actually just to seek an explanation, and even invited both Wu Liang Chanshi and Liu Feiying.
Liu Feiying said straight away that Jun Wushuang was no longer her disciple and that if Jing Shui Sect did not cause trouble in Jiang Hu in the future, she would not make things difficult for Jun Wushuang.
As for Wu Liang Chanshi, he was an honest monk who had to play against Jun Wu Shuang, could he win? Jun Wushuang only said, “Wen Xin is my biological father, as his son, how can I let him be imprisoned in the Ding Chan Temple for the rest of his life?” Jun Wushuang was sincere in showing his respect and obedience to his parents (filial piety), so even if Wu Liang had been entrusted by Wen Xin to imprison him, now that his real son has appeared on the scene, he was still weakened.


Leaving all that aside, these guys were in the middle of a heated dispute with the Jing Shui Sect.
As a result, ‘Bai Xue’ Cult from Xiyu came to attack directly.
The whole Jiang Hu didn’t even have to look for them all over, this time, by a happy coincidence, they could wipe them all. 


In just three years’ time, it seemed that Kemoluo’s kung fu had improved again, Wu Liang Chanshi fought against her and after a hundred or so moves against her, Wu Liang Chanshi suffered a defeat and was wounded.
In the end, it was only with the joint efforts of Jun Wushuang and Liu Feiying that she retreated for the time being.


The story of Bai Xue Cult from Xiyu 1[Western Regions (Han Dynasty term for regions beyond Yumen Pass Yùmén Guān [玉门关])] had a more than a hundred years of history, one of the sect masters, Eluoduo, was so handsome and elegant that he even charmed that generation of female warrior, Luo Lianyun, when he first came to the center plain.
2[Central Plain, the middle and lower regions of the Yellow river, including Henan, western Shandong, southern Shanxi and Hebei.]For the rest of the story, as everyone knows, Eluoduo eventually entered the demonic path and was killed by Luo Lian Yun and He Yunfeng.


Now, people in the martial arts circles began to speculate whether this Kemoluo was going to follow in the footsteps of Eluoduo? But who in the martial arts world could be the one to take the place of Luo Lianyun and He Yun Feng?


In Jiang Hu there was a discussion about it, therefore what they should be afraid of? Wasn’t He Yunfeng still alive?


Thus all the sect leaders, including Wu LIang who was still recovering from his wounds, as well as Qing Yi Hou of Nan Ling and Jin Zi Yu, the master of Bi Yan Island who has been in seclusion for many years, have all come.
Liu Feiying sent Qing Yu as her representative, while Wen Qianliu from Mu Yun Mountain Manor didn’t come because his wife had just passed away.
He was replaced by Lu Qingmo who came to pay his respects in his place, even Jun Wushuang, the Sect leader of the Jing Shui Sect, who Mo Fei Chen was most reluctant to see, came too.
The only thing was that they were now fighting together against a foreign enemy, so they had to put their old grudges aside for the time being.


In the hut, Mo Fei Chen and He Yun Feng continue to live their minds in peace, regardless of the changes in the world outside.
( the sky and the earth were turning upside down) 


“Your condition is stable, so I think we can move on to the last step.”


“The last step? What is it? Is it so that I can soon take out my spiritual sword?”


He Yunfeng nodded his head, “But this step will not be so easy, once you fail, you will have to start all over again.
Moreover, there must be no interruptions for three days in a row.
As soon as your Qi can fill the sword seeds again, then it will be highly successful.”


“Is it like making a breakthrough?”




“That’s too great! We can play the same games we used to play in the back of the mountain, so we don’t have to be suffocated in the house all the time.” Mo Fei Chen laughed, ‘He he.’ foolishly, his goal in life was very simple, he never thought of making a name for himself depending on his own sword.


He Yunfeng touched his head and whispered in his ear, “We can still stay here for a month, not going out and just do what we want to do.”


Mo Fei Chen looked at him, of course he understood what the so-called ‘things he wanted to do’ were, but why hadn’t he thought about the fact that this man would also say those kinds of words in such a serious way when he was still in the ice coffin?


“Have you made up your mind?” He Yunfeng asked.


“Yes!” Mo Fei Chen ran outside the door and took lunch that had been brought in today into the room, “Yunfeng, you take a look … there is grilled chicken, braised (in soy sauce) tofu… and also your favourite vegetables…”


1[Western Regions (Han Dynasty term for regions beyond Yumen Pass Yùmén Guān [玉门关])]2[Central Plain, the middle and lower regions of the Yellow river, including Henan, western Shandong, southern Shanxi and Hebei.]

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