Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

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Chapter 33 Part 1

Mo Fei Chen said nothing, he only placed his head on He Yunfeng’s shoulder.


“Fei Chen…since that’s the case, don’t ever go anywhere again in the future…” He Yunfeng’s voice was deep, hoarse and charming.
That was his plea to Mo Fei Chen but it sounded like something he was sure of.


“Fine.” As long as I don’t die this time.


Nearly at that instant,…his chest ached, his sword seed at the sea of Qi trembled as soon as he was nervous. 


He Yunfeng’s internal energy (Nei Li) turned into a small circle in his body, penetrating the sword seed and stabilizing it.
When Mo Fei Chen reacted, he was already fully seated on top of He Yunfeng… Mo Fei Chen still kept his head down, not daring to look at the other party.




“Does it hurt?” He Yunfeng held him in his arms.


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“A little.” Mo Fei Chen was picked up by him and put back on the bed.


He Yunfeng went out, boiled two buckets of hot water and poured them into the bathtub, then he took a small porcelain bottle out of the cupboard as the white powder fell into the hot water and dissolved away.


Mo Fei Chen was very tired, but he couldn’t help but keep looking at He Yunfeng.


Previously his hair had all fallen out and now it was tied casually behind his head with a hairband, the rest of his hair was hanging down in a scattered way.
The time when he tilted his body, it would slide over his shoulders and sway in the air, making Mo Fei Chen want to reach out and hold it. 


After that, He Yunfeng supported him and put him into the hot water, using and cupping his hands to take the hot water then gently dripping it over his neck and back.


“Shi Fu…you come in and join me.” Mo Fei Chen took hold of He Yunfeng’s wrist.


“Idiot,” He Yunfeng kissed him on the ear, “You are so attractive and a feast to the eye now, how can I resist? I’d rather save my internal strength to treat your wounds.”


Mo Fei Chen lowered his head, ‘That’s right, if He Yunfeng did not use his internal force to support me just now, I would probably have gone to heaven (die) the moment he entered.’

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A month or two month later, Mo Fei Chen was no longer the kind of person who could not stand up and by only taking two steps would gasp for breath, so he no longer always stayed in the hut and would occasionally come out for a walk.


When summer came, Mo Fei Chen liked to stay or soak in the water at the bottom of the valley or to catch fish, but since he could not use his sword Qi, his chances of success in catching fish were very slim.


The fog over his head was not too thick and Mo Fei Chen could see the figure of He Yunfeng leaning on the cliff path’s fence as he looked up.


“Shi Fu, can you see me?”


He Yunfeng smiled, “Yes, I can.”


“Unfortunately, I can’t see you clearly ah Shi Fu!”


He lifted his finger and made graceful curves in the air, a sword Qi dispersing the mist just as Mo Fei Chen was sticking out his buttocks to reach his clothes on the rock.This time, he was really in an awkward situation.


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He Yunfeng landed silently on that rock, picked up Mo Fei Chen whose outer garments draped over his shoulders and held him in his embrace.


“From now on, don’t call me Shi Fu anymore, call me Yunfeng.” He Yunfeng’s fingers swept over the water stains on Mo Fei Chen’s cheeks.


“Yunfeng…Yunfeng.” Mo Fei Chen gently saying He Yunfeng’s name.


“You see, without the wind (feng), where would the flying dust (Fei Chen) be?”


When Mo Fei Chen heard him say that, his face instantly became happy, “Shi (Fu)… Yunfeng can also say ‘sweet words and honeyed phrases’?”


“This is also sweet talk? You really haven’t seen the world.” He Yunfeng said as he grabbed his waist, landed on the fence and with another step, he reached the door of the hut.


Once entered the hut, Mo Fei Chen was placed on the bed.
He would take a nap after lunch everyday now, a habit he had formed in order to recover from his injuries.


He Yunfeng sat beside him with his clothes on, but at that moment there was a knock on the door, and it was a junior martial brother.

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“I’m really sorry to disturb Shi Zhu’s rest, but Great Master Wu Liang from the Ding Chan Temple has come to pay a visit and wants to see Mo Shi Di.”


He Yunfeng took advantage of Mo Fei Chen, said in his ear, “Is this the Buddhist monk that hurt you?”


The breath lingered in Mo Fei Chen’s ears, making him couldn’t help but shrug his shoulders, “It’s not Wu Liang Chanshi who hurt me.
Yunfeng, actually you know it in your heart.”


He Yunfeng raised his eyebrows and said loudly, “Go and tell ‘that whatever Chanshi’ that my disciple has not died yet and tell him not to worry.
However, he will not recover for probably eight or ten years.
If he leaves this hut, he will die, so tell him not to come and bother us again.”


Mo Fei Chen was surprised and stretched out to tug at He Yunfeng, “This is…” Not good, after all Wu Liang Chanshi actually did not mean to hurt him. 


But He Yunfeng covered his mouth with his palm before he could open his mouth.


“I know…I understand.” Hearing He Yunfeng’s unpleasant tone, that Shi Di bowed, hurriedly turned his head and left.


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