lief, I was struck with a splitting headache.
I screamed and fell to the ground. 

At that moment, something hit me as if I had been struck by lightning.
Along with the novel’s contents, Alyssa’s memory quickly entered my mind. 

Because of this, I realized that I had fallen into the world of a romance novel.
My headache won’t stop.
It felt like someone was poking all over my head with a needle.


“Ma’am, ma’am! What should I do?!”

While I was shouting and covering my head, the maid fussed. 

She seemed to have summoned the others, but I fainted before they arrived.
It was not until midnight that I came to my senses again. 

The duchess’s bedroom was dark and quiet, and the moonlight streamed through the closed window. 

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I felt uneasy as I contemplated many things, and my dry lips made me thirsty.
I got up from my seat and lit a candle. 

Because of it, the darkroom was slightly visible.
The bedroom that I woke up to again was no longer an unfamiliar room and I know about this place. 

Alyssa had lived in this room for a year, and now it was ingrained in my memory.

‘How could such a thing happen?’ 

I wish everything was a dream.
Maybe, when I fall asleep again, I’ll wake up in the hospital and everything was just a dream while I was unconscious. 

But as the morning came, I slowly came to terms with this reality.
I had no choice but to do so. 

No matter how many times I closed and opened my eyes, I was still in this strange world. 

A doctor came to see me in the morning.
According to the doctor, Alyssa went into the capital and fell into the Sehera River.
She was rescued and regained consciousness three days later.

“Ma’am, do you know who I am?”

“Yes, you’re the duke’s family doctor.” 

The doctor and the maid exchanged a look at my answer. 

Apparently, they were perplexed by my politeness towards them.2

Even though she comes from a poor family, she was nonetheless a noble.
Naturally, she should treat them as such.

I need to get used to this world If I can’t go back to my old one right now.
I need to act normal so that others do not see me as strange.

“I think this is the impact of the accident.
You’ll feel better if you get some rest.”

Because of the doctor’s diagnosis, I rested for a while and was taken care of by my servants.
I didn’t do anything and rested.
I only kept eating and sleeping.

‘I don’t want to do anything.
I’m already doing nothing, but I don’t want to do anything strenuous either.’ 

Eventually, I became tired of it.
Without any entertainment or distractions, life became boring and dull. 

In the meantime, I recalled the memories one by one again and tried to etch everything into my memory. 

I also think about my memories as the 22-years-old Kim Yeri who fell into the Hangang River. 

When I fell into the water, I had a copy of the novel ‘Unavoidable Destiny’ in my bag, which is the world I came into. 

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I found it to be a typical Harlequin romance book, nothing special.
I just can’t believe I became one of the characters…

I recalled looking in the mirror for the first time.
The fancy gold mirror reflected a woman. 

She had pink hair with soft curls, blue eyes tinged with gray, and a petite, slim frame.  I tilted my head slightly as the woman in front of me followed my movement. 

Even though I had watched it hundreds of times, it was difficult to believe.
However, the person in the mirror was clearly me, and I am now Alyssa Pennon.

I’m not the main character, nor am I the supporting character; I’m only an extra whose name appeared in the novel. 

There are numerous characters, but why did I become the male lead’s former wife? 

Besides, wasn’t it too much that the story only started when she died? 

Above all else, I woke up in Alyssa’s body, Rashid’s former wife, who was supposed to be dead. 

Only when Alyssa died would Rashid adore, miss her, and regret his words and actions. 

She’ll also leave a scar on his heart.
After that, Priscilla, the female lead, would heal his wounded heart. 

However, right now, things went awry.
What should I do? 

The original Alyssa that will be cherished by Rashid must be dead.
Yet she was saved, and she wasn’t exactly ‘Alyssa’.

‘What should I do?’ 

I sighed as I looked at the ring on my left ring finger.
What would happen if Rashid didn’t realize his feelings for Alyssa, although I also don’t know if what he felt was true love? 

Will fate still flow according to the original story? And what should I do when I meet Rashid? Is there a way for me to return to my original world? 

If I continue to remain in this world, how should I live? 

Why did this happen? 

I constantly thought about it, but the answer was not clear. 

With those thoughts in mind, 12 days flew by while I was trying to adapt to my life as ‘Alyssa’ and take care of my poor health.
At the end of the day, Rashid came to find me.

1.The literal translation of their family name would be Penvernon which doesn’t roll off the tongue.
That’s why I changed it to Pennon instead, a real family name.
She spoke to them formally and politely in Korean.
Which was not supposed to be like that since they are her subordinate.
I wasn’t sure how to convey this in English so I added a footnote.

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