hers in this life.

Jack was hesitant to see Calliope, who was young but resolute.

“The Marquis Anastas wants to enlist the daughter of his ex-wife.”


In the end, Solita burst into a rage.

No matter how many circumstances he had after the divorce, he left his ex wife with a child like that and came back later to take her children as well?

If Etiel were alive, she would have been furious .

With her anger rising to the top of her head, but she felt alienated by Calliope’s strangely calm expression, and she stopped.


“Oh, I guess you were going to make a deal with my mother over me.”

A straightforward and outspoken answer, Jack wrinkled his brows without realizing it.
She was not at all childlike.

“What were you going to give to my mother?”

“That I can’t  tell you… … .”

“Why? My mother is dead, so you should talk to me directly.
Do marquis people really handle things like this? Adding a side branch that is cumbersome and unnecessary.”

Even though she was only looking like a fourteen year old kid, her words and actions were relentless.
Jack had to try not to forget that his opponent had never received a proper education, so she was no different from a commoner.

“It’s quite far from the capital, but you know  you will get a mansion on a decent land.”


“The land and vineyards around it will be owned by Hubert Youngae.”


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“… Some even recognized townhouses on the outskirts of the capital.”


“… Since Miss Hubert’s  daughter has been officially enrolled under the marquis, you will receive a certain amount of maintenance fee every month.”



Jack finally called out Calliope with a distorted expression on his face.
She has not been registered yet, but it will happen soon, so her title naturally became a young lady.
Calliope gave a short snort.

In the past, I  never dreamed that they had come to my mother to trade upon me.

Solita couldn’t ignore Calliope’s words that she wanted to see her biological father.
So she sent Calliope  in the carriage to the Marquis’ mansion and the little child felt like she was living in a dream.

The father, who would be like a ray of hope for her, who had lost her mother and had been living insecurely.
But sadly, that innocent and stupid little child is dead.

“Why? Isn’t there more?”

Jack bit his teeth.
Calliope tilted her head with an innocent face.
Marquis Anastas was one of the three richest men in the kingdom.
He wouldn’t have tried to trade her existence for anything like that.
Jack recalled what the marquis had said.

‘Due to the nature of Etiel, she would not want to hand over her child.
You may not even be able to get the second condition out, let alone the last condition.
In that case, convince her that the child should grow up in a better environment.’

But he was being robbed here until the end.  Jack knew nothing about the Marquis and Etiel’s daughter, Calliope, as Jack, of course, had only Etiel in mind to trade with.

Which fourteen year old child trades in the first place? Even if you are the one who will be sold.

“…He will hand over one of the gold mines in the northwest that belongs to the Anastas family.”


Calliope sighed in admiration.
There is only about 10 years left to mine gold.

 Of course, no one outside knew that the gold mine had only ten years left.
She wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t gone back in time herself.
But it wasn’t that bad.

Calliope smiled for the first time as she gently touched the tip of her white hair.

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“Give me all of it.”


Jack opened his eyes wide, and Calliope smiled brighter.

“Give it all to me, and I’ll follow you.”

Jack  bite his tongue.
Because he did not know that he would get so much involved with such a young child.

In the first place, his owner ordered him to give everything  he could, but all of this was to prevent her  from claiming parental authority over the child. 

This meant that there is no need of money now. 

“It’s not up to me to decide.”

“Yes, you do.”

Calliope said sarcastically.

 I thought it was a lot of harm by spending time with people who did not  care for me, but when I saw the familiar face that came out of the marquis’s house, the personality of my past life jumped out.. 

“Then I have no choice but to go and talk.”

“What do you mean!”

Solita, who had been silently watching their conversation, interrupted.
She reached eye level with Calliope and carefully grabbed her forearms.

“Follow them, no why? I’m sure he is sent here with a black heart.”


Calliope called Solita, who stopped her with trembling eyes.

“I have to go.”

“Why, why do you have to go?”

Solita was well aware that if Calliope returned to the Marquis, she would no longer have to be hungry, wear old clothes, or work hard.

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