itely more catches than yesterday.”

Village hunter Dalton picked up the dead rabbits one by one.
Today is the day Calliope goes hunting with Dalton.
On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, she hunted with Dalton, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, she learned self-defense from Dora, the only blacksmith in town.

Dalton, who had picked up all four rabbits, took two and put the other two in Calliope’s hands.

“Thank you.
I’ll give one to aunt Solita.”

“Solita wouldn’t blame you if you ate both.”

“That’s true, but how can I do that? She treated me with porridge the other day.”

“The porridge made with dried grass? It wouldn’t have tasted good.”

“I’ll give it to Solita, and that’s for sure.”

“What? No, no!”

Calliope came down from the mountain with a chuckle.
It didn’t snow as much as last year, but it was enough to sink her ankles.
Fortunately, it rained a lot this summer and the weather was good, so few crops grew well, and the number of rabbits living in the mountains increased, so she was able to live without being hungry.

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With Dalton, she practiced archery in the morning and went hunting in the afternoon, and the sun was already setting slowly.

“It looks like it will snow tonight.
Just go in today.”

Goodbye, Dalton.”

When Calliope, who usually greets ‘see you next time’ greeted him differently, Dalton felt a little puzzled, but thought nothing of it and waved to Calliope.
Calliope grabbed two rabbits and ran to the house of Solita, who was next door.


With a bang instead of a knock, Solita, who was cleaning, opened the door.

“You are getting stronger day by day.”

So, here’s the rabbit I caught today.
Take one.”

“Oh, again? It’s okay if you don’t do this every time.”

“You gave me porridge last time.
It was delicious.”

Solita snorted when Calliope lied without .

“The porridge didn’t taste good to me either.”

Calliope burst into laughter.
She turned her back to return home after delivering the rabbit, and Solita looked at Calliope with pride.

“When did you grow up like that?”

Calliope, who is now 13 years old, is almost an inch taller than last year and was over 150cm.
Her mother, Etiel, wasn’t short either, so she could be taller.

When Calliope went to her house, Solita also closed the door.

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Calliope shut the door and boiled hot water.
With the knife that Dora had given her, she began to skin the hunted rabbit and cut the meat.
It’s winter, so it won’t go bad easily, but if you don’t take care of it and dry it in advance, you can’t eat it for a long time.
Calliope, who was making fun of her hand with that thought in mind, suddenly stopped acting.

“Oh, I won’t be able to eat this for a long time.”

She is leaving town this Sunday.
It was the reason she said her last goodbye to Dalton earlier.
Calliope, who had been hesitating, moved her hand again as if she was  lost in her thoughts.

After she prepared the meat, she can deliver it to Solita when I leave.
In fact, she wanted to leave quietly without notifying anyone, but there was no way she couldn’t have noticed the commotion in Solita’s house next door.
Let’s meet her again for the last time and then leave.
She should also do the same thing to other people in the village.

Calliope finished cleaning the organs and meat, and washed her hands with the cold water .

“It was a year that wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

So much so that I think it’s okay to stay with the villagers here.
After her mother died, the villagers took turns taking care of Calliope.
Dalton the hunter, Dora, the only blacksmith in town, and Solitta next door took great care of her.

‘I still can’t stay here.
Let’s leave without any regrets.’

After entering as a marquise, he never visited the village again.
Rumors that a noble girl lived in poverty, worked, and socialized with the common people were a huge flaw, so the family did not allow her to interact with the villagers at all.
And she must have a reason to return to the Marquis family.


The man she thought was the only one who understood her and who she thought was stronger than anyone else.
Until the saint came, she was the only one who he looked at  and regarded her as his whole world.
Neither the past nor the present self knew why he changed his mind in an instant, but it doesn’t really matter now.

Now that she has returned, no one can take him away from her.

“I’m going to make it like that.”

Calliope was going to do anything to make him completely her own.

Calliope murmured, holding the blood-soaked quilt, her mother’s only relic.

“I’ll not miss him this time.
Never, never…….”

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