Aarav had disappeared from there to come back to earth.

Seeing him disappear from there, Vaibhav used his strength and Vaibhav also disappeared behind him and came back to earth.

Manya was searching for Aarav inside the bungalow.

Thats why Aarav reached there and seeing Manya looking for herself from behind, Aarav started thinking in his mind, ”This human girl is so lovely, that means her soul will also be pure, if I get her soul then the king of Hades will be very happy, ”

Thinking like this, he moved his steps towards Manya, only then Manya felt that there was someone behind her.

When she looked back, there was a very terrible devil standing in front of her. Seeing him in front of her, Manya got scared.

She started retracing his steps as the devil was moving towards her.

Aarav held Manyas throat with his demonic hands and then lifted Manya up with one of his hands.

He was trying to draw the powers of Manyas soul with his powers.

Due to which Manya fainted, then Vaibhav reached there, he saw Manya in trouble.

Because of which the fire of anger came out from Vaibhavs eyes, Aarav started burning in that fire, seeing himself burning like this, Aarav started running away leaving Manya.

But the pointed wings of Vaibhav caught hold of him.

After which Aarav started begging to save himself, ”Oh angel leave me, I am just a pawn, the real player is someone else, he ”

Before Aarav finished his talk, the same black shadow came behind him who was protecting him some time ago, but this time he did not protect Aarav, but that black shadow had swallowed Aaravs life, means before Aarav tells something to Vaibhav that black shadow had killed Aarav.

As soon as Aarav died, his body had also disappeared.

Seeing Aarav dying like this in front of him, Vaibhav was about to chase that black shadow, thats why Manya regained consciousness. Seeing Manya regaining consciousness, Vaibhav immediately changed himself, he had become a shadow.

As soon as Manya regained consciousness, she looked at her throat which was absolutely fine.

After which Manya thought in her mind, ”Perhaps Aarav must have been taken away by the devil ”.

In this trouble, Manya started searching for Aarav like a madman.

Manya kept on shouting ”Aarav,,,,,,,, Aarav ” while crying. While walking in search of Aarav, she got lost in the forest.

She was crying saying ”Where are you, I have stayed in this world only for you, please come back ”

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