ne through, then she was about to take a step forward to jump from there, when a small child grabbed her clothes from behind,

Seeing herself stuck like this, Manya looked back and saw a handsome boy standing in front of her who looked to be 7 years old.

The boy said to his innocent in words ”Listen can you feed me because I have no one in this world, ”

When Manya saw an orphan like herself in front of her, her eyes were filled with tears.

She thought in her mind ”He is so small and he has no one in this world but still he is not giving up like me, the one who is giving up even after being so big, no I will not give up now, Now I have someone to live for ”

After thinking this in her mind, Manya smiled looking at the boy and then she looked at the child and said, ”You are hungry, I will arrange for your food, but before that you tell me what are you doing here? Your names what is ? ”

That child said with his lovely smile ”My name is Aarav and my mother died by jumping from this mountain, thats why I am here ”

Manyas eyes were filled with tears after hearing his words, she held the hand of that child and then went with him from there to find food.

While walking, Manya was thinking, ”I have told this lovely child that I will feed him, but I have no place to eat here, what will I do now? ”

Admittedly, this was thinking in her mind,

Thats why that child said in his sweet voice, listen, ”I am an orphan, but I have a home which my parents have left for me, will you go there with me? ”

Manyas mind was happy after listening to his words, Manya stopped her steps there and then asked that child ”Where is your house? We first go to your house, after which I will arrange food for you. ”

When Manya asked like this, Aarav did not say anything, he just held Manyas hand and started walking her back to the same forest from where both of them had just come.

Manya also did not say anything, she also started walking silently with him.

Aarav took her to a cremation place in the middle of the forest, after which he raised her hand again and performed Isra.

When Manya looked in the direction of his hand, it was beyond her thinking, Manya was thinking that she would have a hut in the forest, but there was a huge white bungalow, seeing which it seemed that the child was very rich. Must have been, thats why he had such a big bungalow. ,

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