when Neel blocked his way.

Still Vaibhav was watching her from behind.

The girl was standing on the top of the mountain, her long hair coming down to her knees. His clothes and hair were flying because of the strong wind.

Thats why the girl took a step forward to jump from the mountain, she probably came there to die,

Seeing her dying in front of his eyes, Vaibhav could not understand anything, Vaibhav just wanted to save that girl, so Vaibhav went after that girl, flying with his powers.

Vaibhav holds her in his arms,

Then Vaibhav saw the face of that girl, she was a girl with innocent face who was staring at Vaibhav with her black eyes, because Vaibhav had shown his true form to her in his hurry to escape, he had forgotten that whenever When Vaibhav uses his powers on earth, he has to hide himself from humans first, because humans can see him when he uses his powers.

Now that girl was staring at Vaibhav when their eyes met each other. flying high they were staring at each other


angel world_—–

Rakhi made a crown on her head with white flowers, after wearing which she looked very beautiful. Seeing her dressed like this, Pan asked her, ”little goddess, today you are looking very beautiful, is there anything that I do not know, what is the specialty today that you are getting so dressed. ”

On asking such questions, Rakhi replied with a smile, ”It was on this very day that Vaibhav saved me, today I will tell him from my heart that how much I love him. ”

Hearing Rakhis reply, Pan told her ”But little goddess, I have heard that Vaibhav has been sent on earth for his work. Now perhaps, he will be able to meet you only after a long time. ”

Rakhis eyes watered after hearing this.

She said sadly ”If what you are saying is true, then I cannot wait for it, because I have already waited so much, I cannot wait any longer. Now even if I have to do it Ill be with him. ”

———World of Monsters———–

Someone was watching Vaibhav with that girl, as if someone is keeping his eyes on Vaibhav.

———Prithvi Lok ———–

Seeing Vaibhav, the girl had tears in her eyes, Vaibhav was also surprised to see her like this,

because both of them had seen each other for the first time, but the girl was crying after seeing him as if she knew him.

But Vaibhav had broken a rule on the very first day of his first job on earth by showing his true form to a human girl even though he looked like a human. But his big wings were telling that he was not human. According to the rule, he should not allow any human to see himself with wings, but he had already violated the rule on the first day.

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