Then Vaibhav replied ”I never fight someone to prove how strong I am. I don need to prove how strong I am, so leave my way now, I have got the job , I have to get it done, I don like anyone trying to interrupt my work ”

Vaibhav was telling Neel to leave, thats way , than Vaibhav and Neel disappeared from there and reached the other world.

There was no earth, there was only clouds and gas.

Both of them were trapped in the gas there, when Neel was attacked by lightning-like powers, due to which Neel started falling far away, seeing him in such trouble, Vaibhav started moving forward to save him.

There came the voice of a goddess, ”Angel Neel,,,,,,,, How dare you, to love a human girl? ”

Saying this she started raining fireballs on Neel, from which Neel started using his powers to escape.

But that attack was very powerful, her strength was so much that the angel Neel was unable to stop her.

Seeing Neel so injured, Vaibhav rushed forward to help him, but the goddesss power threw Vaibhav away.

The goddess only targeted Neel, she shouted at Neel saying ”Neel you have broken your rules, you will surely be punished for this, how can you do this? You love the one whom you were sent to help. You are sitting doing this while you know that no angel can love humans, what you did is against the rules, you have broken the rules even after knowing the rules, because of doing this, now you have to face my anger. Will have to face, ” saying this, the goddess attacked Neel with power, due to which Neel was about to die when Vaibhav appeared in front of Neel and started trying to save Neel with his power.

Vaibhav created a circle of his powers by which he stopped the power of the goddess.

When Vaibhav did this, the goddess got angry at Vaibhav. Due to anger, the goddess was about to attack Vaibhav, thats why the king of the gods came in front of her. He was a mighty king with white beard and white hair, who looked very strong in appearance.

He stopped the goddess from doing so and he said to the goddess ”You gods cannot attack innocent angels, this is the order of Mahadev, that no god can attack any innocent angel, we can only attack the guilty angels. ” but Vaibhav is an innocent and powerful angel , if we hurt any innocent angel then we may have to face the anger of mahadev ,it may end the existence of our heaven also you know mahadev any mistake do not like it. ”

So much so that later the goddess asked the king of the gods, ”But my lord, he has tried to save a guilty angel ”.

After hearing this, the king of gods Devraj replied ”He has done this because seeing others in trouble it is his nature to help others. His great specialty is that he always helps others, thats why Mahadev liked him. ” So much like it, if we hurt Vaibhav then it will be very wrong, so we have to ask Vaibhav what he wants to do? ”

Devraj, the king of devas took the goddess with him to Vaibhav to talk to Vaibhav, he asked Vaibhav ”Why did you save Neel? While Neel deserves punishment because Neel dared to love a human girl, who Totally against the rules, you will also be considered entitled to his crime for supporting him. Do you still want to support him? ”

When he asked this, Vaibhav replied with a smile, ”I have no such intention, nor do I ever break my rules. I believe, loving someone is not a crime, but we should love within our limits, thats why Neel shouldn have done that ”

Vaibhav looks at Neel and asks ”Are you really in love with a human girl when you are an angel, do you know how dirty humans are, they grow old and die early. They are greedy, they only see their own profit, how can you love a person with such a bad attitude? ”

When Vaibhav said this, Neel smiled in a wounded condition and said, ”Who told you that humans are bad? I agree that some humans are bad, but it does not mean that all humans are not bad, you don know, because you have never met someone. You haven tried human work, nor have you ever met a good person, you have only heard about humans, don you know how beautiful the girl I love is? I thought she was from fairies She doesn look like, but her habit is better than a goddess, she is very kind of heart and her smile can win anyones heart, when I was sent to protect her, I could not understand such a slight Why did god send me for comman girl? But when I started living with her, living with her became a habit, I didn know when I fell in love with her, thats why I want to be with her now ,No matter what the reason is, I want to be with her, even if I have to erase my existence for her, but I will be with her as long as I live, today I was about to meet him in human form, but today you came and showed me your face. not visible ”

Vaibhav was lost in thought after listening to his words, before that he would say something.

Thats why the king of gods said ”how much you want her, that you want to erase your existence for her, then I will fulfill this wish of yours.

Saying this, the king of deities locked Neel in a cage, seeing which Vaibhav was about to dissuade the deity from doing so, when Neel was banished by Devraj.

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