Rakhi tried to tell Vaibhav by shouting, but due to demonic powers, no sound came out of her mouth.

That demonic turned into a witch, after which she looked very terrible, that witch tried to kill Rakhi, she started pulling her powers towards her.

Rakhis life was about to die.

Thats why Vaibhav had reached there. He threw that witch away from Rakhi with his powers.

Seeing Vaibhav there the witch smiled ”You crazy beautiful angel, today you can save her, but you will regret in future. Because I will not leave you ”

Having said this, the witch disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

Rakhi was about to fall due to weakness, when Vaibhav caught her.

Rakhi looking into Vaibhavs eyes said ”How did you know that I am here? ”

Vaibhav replied to her ”When I found you after killing the demon, So you were not there, I could smell that witch. ” Hearing this, Rakhi fainted.

———- God angels world ———

Rakhi was telling Pan the little rabbit ”I want to say thank you to Vaibhav when he saved me again, because I fainted when Vaibhav saved me, I wanted to meet him since then but always I can . ”

I feel like I am falling in love with him while waiting for him like this, Hearing such words from Rakhis mouth, Pan said, ”if thats the case

Vaibhav is very good. ”


Flying the angel splendor reached a golden world.

There came a very big pink colored leaf on which something was written.

Vaibhav caught that leaf, then read it, on that leaf was written work for Vaibhav.

It was written on that leaf ”angel Vaibhav, since you have existed, you have not done any work on earth, this will be your first work for humans, which you will have to do well, you will have to help such a girl, who Can do work well, you have to make her successful in her life, Because that girl had done many good things in her previous life, she is still very good, because of her good nature, everyone takes advantage of her and is preventing her from being successful, while she is yet to get a big success in her life. But she is still single as well as unsuccessful because of her, You are taking advantage of her and preventing her from being successful, there is no one of her own in her life, you have to support her, make her successful, and yes, she always vandalises, once she leaves the place, something or the other Because of this he was fired from many jobs.

Vaibhav was reading that then a voice came, ”Vaibhav, that girls name is Manya, while helping her, you have to keep in mind that you should not forget the rules of the angels, do not try to break them, if you break the rules, then you will be punished. ” There can be a huge punishment. ”

After listening to that voice, Vaibhav said ”I understand god, now you tell me when I have to go. ”

the voice said ”its now ”

As soon as he said this, there was a very bright light, only then the splendor disappeared.

—-Earth —

Now Vaibhav was on earth, Vaibhav was there in human form, his clothes were of humans, he was in golden silver color coat paint, he was wearing white shirt under them, now his hair was also short. Now he was not looking like an angel but a handsome boy.

He was in a garden.

There colorful flowers were blooming, butterflies were flying, the view was very beautiful, along with the sound of water falling from the waterfall, the sound of sweet flute was coming.

That sight was mind-blowing.

Vaibhav followed the melodious sound of that flute. So he reached near the waterfall, he saw a girl sitting behind her, she was the same girl who was playing the flute, her long hair was floating in the water flowing there, she was wearing a ghagra choli in which her fair slim waist was shining.

Vaibhav went ahead to see the girls face, thats when the angel Neel came in front of him. Neel looked like a human, he was wearing a blue coat, in which he looked like a human.

Seeing Neel there, Vaibhav asked him ”Why are you blocking my way? ”

Neel was surprised to see Vaibhav asking himself such a question ”Can you see me? ”

When he asked this, Vaibhav said in response, ”Yes, of course, when you are visible, then only I am asking you to move away from the front ”.

After making sure that Vaibhav could see Neel, then Neel realized that it was not a human as no human could see him, he asked Vaibhav ”Who are you? You can be human because no human can see me so you tell me who are you? And what are you doing here ?

On asking such a question, Vaibhav asked him the opposite question, ”If you have not recognized me, then it is not my fault, it is your fault because I have recognized you. If I am right, then you are an angel. ”

Hearing such words from Vaibhavs mouth, it did not take long for Neel to understand that Vaibhav is also an angel ”I have also recognized you, you are also an angel like me ”.

”No Im not like you because Im not stupid like you who take so long to recognize someone ” Vaibhav replied.

Neel gets angry on hearing Vaibhav talk about himself like this. He angrily challenges Vaibhav saying ”Lets see who is better than whom? So lets have a fight to see who is better? ”

Neels words were challenging,

Then Vaibhav replied ”I never fight anyone to prove how strong I am. I don need to prove it. Now leave my way, I have to complete the work I have got. ” ”

Vaibhav was telling Neel to move away, that only then,,,,,,,,,,,

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