falling from the top when the demon left, she was about to hit the stone below when someone stopped her, she was in someones arms, the one who was holding her was wearing white and gold colored clothes.

He took her down to the ground, then Rakhi saw his face, seeing which the smile on her face was reaching her ears.

He was Vaibhav, an angel in white golden clothes with big wings, then he was attacked by the care of fire, in whose defense Vaibhav made a huge circle with his power, due to that circle, Rakhi and Vaibhav were not affected by fire. Due to which both of them were saved.

Seeing them left like this, the evil demon was very angry, he shouted angrily

”aaaaa,,,,,,, aaaaa,,,,,,,,,, Why do you angels always come to help the gods, when the gods only consider you as their servants, I just want to take the power of this rabbit goddess. Two, Ill let you go, if you try to stop me, Ill destroy both of you. ”

Rakhi got scared after hearing his words, there was fear in her eyes.

And Vaibhav smiled after listening to that monster, then he said softly with a smile, lets see, Vaibhav locked Rakhi in the circle of his power and said in a low voice, ”O Goddess, I am doing this to save your life power.

Don worry, I will take you safely to your world. ,

By saying this, Vaibhav made Rakhi disappear from his power, Rakhi could see him but Rakhi was not visible to anyone.

Vaibhav did it so fast that the demon blinked and Vaibhav made Rakhi disappear.

The demon was enraged, attacking Vaibhav with his black energy ball, shouting angrily ”You little angel can compete with me ”.

Then a transparent electric sword came out from inside Vaibhav,

The size of that sword was very big in appearance, Vaibhav tried to stop that black evil power with the powers of that sworn, then the companion of that demon reached there, that was wearing black clothes, her black lips And she was looking very beautiful even with black hair.

Vaibhav destroyed that black energy, seeing Vaibhav demon smiled with demonic smile, she started thinking in her mind ”What is such a handsome angel doing in our world?, I have to find out,,,,,,, ,,,,, ”

she used her powers to see Rakhi under Vaibhavs protection ”Well he is protecting her. ”

demon with her powers, took him out of Vaibhavs protection, and without Vaibhavs detection, she picked him up and carried her away.

Rakhi tried to tell Vaibhav by shouting but due to demonic powers, no sound came out of her mouth.

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