A dark world

There was nothing but darkness all around.

Suddenly there was a light, that light was very bright,

Someone was coming in that light, his clothes were white and golden,

His long and loose hair covered half of his face.

Suddenly a very strong lightning fell on him from above,

Aa ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Aa ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

He was moaning in great pain,

The sky lightning was not making any difference to him moaning in pain.

The sky lightning lifted him above its power,

He was suffering because of his investigation, aaa,,,,,,,,,, aaa,,,,,,,, aaaaaa

After torturing him for a long time, the lightning released him,

He was lying down in injured condition, his pain did not work, thats why the tremor came very fast,,,,,,,,,,,,

as if something is moving towards it with great speed,

Are these the grates made of fire coming towards him,

The grate made of fire was moving towards him very fast, oh no,

The shackles of fire bound him,

” aha,,,,,,,,,,, ”

He was crying, his body was covered in blood, his hair covered his face, due to which his face was not clearly visible.

Then there was a fierce storm in the sky,

It was a snow storm, sh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In that storm, the snow started gathering at one place, the sound of the storm was very scary,

That snow made a huge face, that face screamed

”Angel Vaibhav—— How dare you do this, ”

[Vaibhav was the one who was struck by lightning]

”You knew that you could not break the laws of nature, but you still did it, because of this, you will be punished for what you did ”.

The wind emanating from his loud voice blew away the hair of angelic splendor that covered his face, because of which his smooth white face was clearly visible,

His big blue eyes were wounded with tears flowing from them, his lips were covered in blood, but still he had a smile on his face, he said with a sad smile

”I don regret what I did, I did it of my own free will, thats why I am not afraid of punishment, I accept whatever punishment you want to give ”.

The icy face got even more angry when the angel said this, he shouted angrily

”So you don regret your actions, your punishment is going to be even more painful, now be prepared ”

As soon as he said this, the fiery whip was applied to the muscular body of Angel Vaibhav, due to which his white body started peeling off and burning,

Even after getting so much pain, there was a smile on his face, as if it was not affecting him at all.

He was smiling as he gasped in pain, blood was gushing profusely from his mouth, and the chains that held him were on fire, burning his hands,

Even after getting so much pain, the smile on Vaibhavs face was not going away. What was it after all? Which was giving him the strength to bear so much pain.

After punishing him, that icy face disappeared from there,

On top of Vaibhav were whips of fire.

bit later,

Vaibhav was in pain

Someone was coming there, the young man looked almost as old as Vaibhav, he was in blue angelic clothes, in which he looked no less than a prince.

He was also almost as tall as Vaibhav, he had a 6 feet tall body with long and tousled hair, he went up to Vaibhav with tears in his big eyes, then he took a deep breath and said caring for Vaibhav, ”You , Why did you do this? You knew what the consequences would be? Still, why did you do this? ”

Vaibhav didn reply to him, he just smiled,

Seeing Vaibhav like this, the young man said angrily

”You have gone mad, there is still time, you can fix everything, I know you have more power than all the angels, you can fix everything, so that you don have to bear this pain, ” he said. asked to convince

”Now you fix everything, otherwise I try to do everything as before, even if it takes all my strength? ”

When he said this, Vaibhav looked at him with angry eyes, then Vaibhav, shouting in front of him, told him angrily

”Angel Neel, you will not do anything like this, I do not want to do everything as before and I am ready to face the punishment for this, you do not need to worry about me ”.

But Neel was worried about him thats why he said ”It is not going to do you any good, rather you will only get pain ”.

Vaibhav replied angrily

”You don need to think about it, you leave here, I don want anyone to come between my pain and me, you can go now before I get angry, {he shouted loudly},,,, go– ———— ”

After his angry shouts,

Neel had tears in his eyes. He simply disappeared with his tear.

After Neels disappearance,

After which Vaibhav was lost in his memories with pain. In front of him was the shadow of a girl who was smiling,

*****3 years ago ******


{This world was the world of angels, many angels used to live here. But without the permission of the gods, all the angels were not mean to each other.

Here all the angels lived alone. He was given orders by the gods, so he used to follow their orders.

The gods used to send most of the angels to the earth to get their work done.

The angels had to follow the rules that were made by the gods, if any angel broke the rules, then he would have to suffer the punishment of hell, that is why no angel used to break the rules,}

The color of the sky of this world was pink and there was no moon, nor was there any sun, yet there was light, this light was pink, which was enhancing the beauty of the white lotus in the water blooming there.

There were many white rabbits playing here, which were disappearing again and again and reaching from one place to another, then a female rabbit was running very fast as if she was looking for someone, then she saw someone, flowing there. Someone was sitting near the water, his white long clothes were blowing in the slow wind, seeing him from behind, the female rabbit said ”Oh there he is, my dream prince, so handsome and lovely ”, then he stood up in white clothes so the rabbit started trying to get to him

Thats why the white-clad angel standing there got very long and big wings, with which he started flying,, seeing the white angel flying in that pink sky, the female rabbit said to herself, ”he left,,,,, me from him Had to meet ”

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