“Or-” Pausing, Qin Mu cocked an eyebrow, ambiguously winking,” Together?”

Gu Qin finally understood, this man not only recognized the wrong person, but he also treated him as a pimp.
The mist on the lenses clearing, he shut his eyes.
Qin Mu perceived clear contempt and disgust from that pair of elegant phoenix eyes.

Qin Mu finally realised he had recognised the wrong person.
“Is this not 201?”

Gu Qin: “.
This is 207.”

In order to add to the atmosphere, the hotel corridor's lights were deliberately dimmed, Qin Mu also has slight night blindness, he didn't think he would actually make such a mistake.
However, since his skin is thick, his face didn't show any sign of awkwardness.
He only smilingly exited out of the door, “Sorry to disturb you.”

Turning away, his phone coincidentally rang, Qin Mu bent his head to look at the screen, it was Qi Zicong calling.
Answering the call, he has yet  to say anything when Qi Zicong's slightly fearful voice penetrated his eardrums: “Hey, Qin Mu, I've already arrived at the hotel, but I've realised Hanyu is following me, what do I do?”

Qin Mu's eyebrows furrowed, “Didn't I call you to tell you to arrive at 8?” Qi Zicong panicked, his voice containing some grievances, “I wanted to give you a surprise.” 

Inhaling deeply, Qin Mu melted back into a tender lover, warmly asking: “Where are you now?” Qi Zicong: “I'm at your door.”

Qin Mu thought: Qi Zicong should be at the door of 201.
Making a prompt decision, he told Qi Zicong who was still on the phone, “Then just come find me at 207.
See if you can throw off Su Hanyu, if it's really not possible we'll directly confront him.” Just delay the time.

“Eh, isn't it 201?” Qi Zicong's voice was doubtful.
“You've heard wrong, I told you 207.” Qin Mu became patient, comforting him, “Be good, listen to me, I'm at Room 207 waiting for you.” 

Finished, he unhesitatingly cut the line.
Turning around, the adolescent behind him was indifferently looking at him, “What do you want to do?” 

The young man's calm actions were very unexpected.
If the other had interrogated him during his call, Qi Zicong would definitely have had doubts. 

However, because the adolescent missed that opportunity to speak,  he was given a chance.
Qin Mu loosened his tie, the corner of his mouth hooking, careless laughing: “Making the best of it.” “What?” Qin Mu didn't say anything, directly using his actions to tell him what he meant.

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