e car, and sat alongside the young man in the back seat.
The atmosphere in the car was a bit too quiet.
This young man beside him was an intriguing puzzle.
Qin Mu patted the seat approaching the topic.
“This car is good ah.”

    Gu Qin: “Do you like it?”

    “Ah.”  Qin Mu said non-committal, the next moment heard Gu Qin’s voice say flatly: “Then I’ll gift it to you.”

    “Huh? ” Qin Mu turned his head in surprise.
He had heard him right, right? The young man’s eyes were clear and quiet as he looked at the man without blinking, “Don’t you like it?” “

    Gu Quin looked completely serious and not as if he was joking.
Qin Mu’s eyes flashed, and from the bottom of his heart tried to guess whether the young man was testing him.
Then he raised his eyebrows amusedly, “Why do you want to gift me a car?” He won’t be polite to him.

    Gu Qin: “We are in a relationship now, this is a good meeting gift.” After that, he seemed to have thought of something.
He lowered his head and pondered for a few seconds, then set his eyes on Qin Mu’s body again, “This car is a bit inappropriate as a meeting gift.
I’d better re-order a new one for you.” So generous? Qin Mu blinked his eyes and listened to the young man asking seriously: “What color car do you like?” “

    ” Red.” The more attention-grabbing, and dazzling the better.

    “I see.” The young man nodded and hesitated, stretching out his hand to Qin Mu.
Qin Mu originally thought that the young man was going to touch his face, but the white hand changed direction halfway, and finally fell to his ear.
The earlobe was squeezed lightly, and Qin Mu raised his eyes in a daze.
The young man had already retracted his hand, only the white ear tips were left with a light pink color.

    “What you like in the future, remember to tell me.

    After saying this, Gu Qin no longer looked at him but turned his gaze out of the window.
For the rest of the drive, the young man kept turned to the window.
Qin Mu wanted to laugh, but he was afraid of hurting the sensitive and arrogant heart of the young man.
So he smiled all the way and occasionally leaned his body on Gu Qin’s like he was not paying attention.
It made the young man’s body stiffer and stiffer before he finally stopped.

  What to do, he seems to like to bully Gu Qin more and more.

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