he company? Deliver every kind of shoe females love to wear down here and get Xu Ling to make the pieces of jewelry. You only have an hour ” Lu Jingze instructed and walked away as soon as he did.

Hu Dong and the butler stood rooted to the ground, the assistant had his jaw dropped while the butlers wrinkled old face was frozen. Butler Xu tilted his body slightly and fixed his gaze on Hu Dong.

”Dong, pinch me, is this old man in a dream? ” the butler uttered.

”Butler Xu, you are fully awake! ” Hu Dong voiced helplessly. What could he do, if he had not witnessed things change drastically with his master since a few hours ago, he would have also guessed he was in a dream where the inhuman gets a chance to become human!

”Then, did young master just instruct me to prepare a room beside his? And to redecorate it to fit a woman? ” The Butler questioned hurriedly.

”Butler Xu, it is just like that! ” The assistant answered and rubbed his forehead. He thought about his assignment and he pinched the space between his brows angrily. He was supposed to be having a good rest but for the sake of a stray woman… He did not even want to think about it!

”Dong, you tell me what is happening! Did you and Master not go out for business deals? How come he came back to prepare for the arrival of a woman?! Could it be that your business partner this time is a lady from the fashion world? ” the butler questioned in exasperation.

”Old man Xu… ” Hu Dong sighed, ”Let me tell you, it is like this… Actually, boss is married. He got his marriage certificate today, I saw it with my own eyes ” the assistant explained.

”What?! Young Master is married? How am I just finding out about this now?! ” Butler Xu felt his head buzz with the information he received, his face reddened and he was in disbelief.

Hu Dong understood how the butler felt, he gave him a comforting pat on his back and sighed for the umpteenth time that day. ”I understand how you feel, Butler Xu… it was indeed so sudden that boss had to marry that stray woman ”

Hu Dong was actually not pleased with the idea of his boss marriage. It happened so quickly that he could not do anything about it. Even if he could do anything, his boss would always do whatever he wanted. He even suspected that the woman had bewitched his boss. His boss had practiced abstinence for so many years and now this woman who popped out of nowhere…

Hu Dong sighed again, he did not want to think about the matter anymore. He had plenty of chance to deal with the woman later, he thought.

”Butler Xu, I will get going now, ” Hu Dong said.

The butler was too stupefied to send him off, he merely nodded and waved. He thought about what the assistant said about the woman his master married, he said she was a stray woman however, the butler believed his masters choice more.

No one could tell, the woman might really be his young madam, no matter the circumstances around her marriage with his master, he must be very careful. Of course, he could tell from his masters actions that he cared about this lady.

As far as he could recall, no one had ever been allowed to use the closest room to his masters room. Everyone believed that the room was preserved for someone special. It looks like that person had arrived now…

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