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For a moment, Taze and Jack, who blinked surprised by my cry, tilted their heads at the same time.


I coughed for a while as if I had never said the word ‘fool’ before continuing.


“Don’t say strange things as uncle knows better what he did.
Why didn’t you tell the Duke this important thing?” Lia said.


“…I didn’t want to stir up trouble.
I’ve already caused a lot of trouble just by joining the team.
There must have been quite a few people in the Knights who protested.
Besides, the Vice-Captain is also a member of the Duke family’s long vassal family…” Taze explained.


I looked at Taze, who was sullen with cold eyes.


‘The knight whom many admired is such a coward.’


I insisted on telling the Duke of Elrad everything.


If we really think about the Duke, it’s dangerous to have a man in his entourage who is plotting such a dangerous scheme for Diana’s safety.


Taze looked deeply moved by my words, but soon spoke bitterly.


“Who would believe me? It’s not like there’s any evidence left.
I’m just scratching my luck for nothing.”

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“I’m disappointed! You are a coward!”


Ultimately, I had no choice but to push Taze out of his seat.


I shouted in anger, but I meant that I was disappointed in him.


Actually, I’m not even a knight, and even though I didn’t have that much admiration for Taze, I’ve always thought of him as a wonderful person.


Because he was the one who adopted Jack and raised him to be a great knight.


‘I guess I was mistaken.’


I was really angry and wanted to pretend I didn’t know about this.


However, given the grace of staying in the Duke’s Castle for a while, I could not leave the man who put Diana in danger.




“This is what servants do!”


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The Duke of Elrad was so generous that he gave me a lot of luxurious snacks for Diana.


The next day I visited the Knight’s dormitory to give Jack a taste of this sumptuous snack, and I witnessed an unexpected scene.


Jack was doing all sorts of chores for the knights, such as laundry, cleaning, and weapon maintenance, all by himself.


I don’t know if it was because of the vice captain’s order, or if he really didn’t welcome an orphan boy who suddenly came to the Knights, but either way, I couldn’t stand it.


“He said it’s a job for any servant of the Knights,” Jack said.


“Then why are you doing it alone? You’re not the only servant!” Lia complained.


The prestige the Rexion Knights had in the Empire was great.


Many aristocrats, including those who dreamed of becoming knights, all wanted to join the Rexion Knights, and it was also confirmed that many servants of Jack’s age had not yet become apprentice knights in the dormitory where Jack was staying.


But Jack was just doing these chores, rather than taking care of the knights or watching the training like them.


As soon as Taze returned with Jack, he left again to inspect the estate under the order of the vice-captain, so it was clear that he was not even aware of this situation.


‘Maybe Jack’s been through this in his previous life.’

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And he would have overcome these difficulties and finally been recognized.


But, if I didn’t know, I couldn’t stand watching this unfair treatment even though I knew it.


I immediately began to gather information about the vice-captain.


‘Since they are the servants of the Duke of Elrad, I thought the iron wall would be huge, so I made various plans.’


Contrary to my expectations, the process of gathering information was very easy.


Perhaps it was because I approached them as an innocent and harmless child, and the servants were very friendly even without building a relationship with them.


And as a result…


“Oh, I see.
The Vice-Captain is Sid Valerie of Count Valerie…”


“Yes! He’s a great knight from a vassal family.”


The maid didn’t notice my strange expression and just looked at me admirably as I showed interest in the Duke of Elrad.

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I also smiled with joy because I got all the information I wanted.


Sid Valerie.


Vice-Captain of the Knights of Rexion, he was the second son of Count Valerie, a vassal of Duke Elrad’s family.


He was also the teacher who now taught Allen swordsmanship.


‘As expected, all those nasty words were his influence.’


I immediately felt that Allen, who was later called the Guardian of Justice, had a problem with his character and thought it was strange, but there was a reason for everything.


And knowing all of his backgrounds, I could see a little bit why Taze was just trying to cover up the irrationalities he had gone through.


Count Valerie was a family that had played a pivotal role in the Knights of Rexion for generations.


In particular, the current Count Valerie was the most influential among the many Duke’s vassals, and he was also the chairman of the Elder Council of the Duke of Elrad.


In addition, Sid Valerie, who took the elite course as a knight and became the Vice-Captain of Rexion.
He was famous for his aristocratic personality and loyalty, bowing only to the Duke of Elrad.


‘Actually, all of his subordinates are just selfish and arrogant people who treat commoners like bugs.’

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