Now that I have decided to become a maid working in this house, I had to change calling them with their titles as well.

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When I got back, I should call Diana a Lady too.


While thinking, Allen asked frowning, “Why are you coming from there?”




“This is where my father’s office is, so why are you coming out of here?”


He looked dumbfounded as I gaped.


“Is Diana and my mother not enough…!”


Allen, who had shouted and grabbed my shoulder roughly, was startled for some reason and hurriedly pulled his hand.


Surprised by the reaction, I looked as to why he did that, and he was looking at his hands with a contorted face as if it was unpleasant to have touched me.


“What, all bones…”




Allen, who was scanning me up and down, suddenly screamed.


“Anyway, I won’t let you go if you keep bothering me without knowing your place and taking advantage of Diana’s kindness.
Do you understand?”


It was the moment when I nodded my head.
A huge rumble resounded in the hallway.


Confusion spread across Allen’s face, and I also lost my composure.

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Inwardly, I thought of Allen as a younger brother who looked like Diana, but a disgrace is such a disgrace!



It’s already been a few days since I disgraced myself in front of Allen.


But when I think of that day, I still feel ashamed.
‘I wish he had just pretended not to know.’


Still, young Allen was never a gentleman to give such consideration.


On the contrary, he yelled at me in embarrassment, saying, “Even if you ignore me, you’re all bones,” and tried to drag me to the restaurant.


Had it not been for Diana and the Duchess, who had been woke up to find me, I would have been tortured with food.


‘Then I would have vomited and been sick again.’


No matter how much he hates me, I can’t believe Allen is so mean!


I shuddered with fear, blaming myself for seeing Allen as a child.


“What’s wong Siste?” (What’s wrong Sister?)


“What? Oh, nothing…”


I thoughtlessly answered Diana’s words and shook my head quickly.


“Miss, I told you not to call me sister.”


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“Now, just call me Lia, Miss.”


“Siste, eat this!” (Sister, eat this)


But Diana ignored my words naturally.
She waved chocolate cookies in front of me.


My brows furrowed at the sight. ‘Are you deliberately pretending not to understand me now? No way, I hope not.’


I felt something uncomfortable, but I fell for the chocolate cookie that enticed my eyes and eventually opened my mouth.


When I took a bite of a large chocolate cookie, a sweet scent spread and filled my mouth.


‘Heaven, the taste of heaven!’


Even without looking, I could feel my expression softening.


In just a few days, I was completely accustomed to life in the castle.


My clothes are clean, the room is warm, and the bed is soft.
The three meals a day were all delicious, and there were plenty of them.


‘Even these desserts!’


In particular, it was the biggest luxury of my life to be able to soak in a large bathtub with gushing hot water.


I had drawn a line saying that I would leave the Duke of Elrad and Diana one day, but I completely forgot about it and adjusted to the convenient life in the castle.


I quickly swallowed the cookie and said, “It’s time for a nap, Miss.”

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“Hmm! Siste too!” (Yes, Sister too)


Diana, whose eyes looked sleepy, was led by my hand, I brushed her teeth, and gently lay her on the bed.


On the pink canopy bed, Diana was just like a princess.


With a cute teddy bear in her arms and a light pat on the back, Diana fell asleep quickly.


After a while, after confirming that the child was completely asleep, I quietly went out.


I don’t usually leave Diana’s side, but today…


‘Cause, it’s the day Jack comes!’


The Duchess has given permission and promised to allow us to meet.


‘I’m so glad.’


Although I did something different from my previous life to undo my mistake, I had no desire to wield other people’s lives as well.


I was really happy that Jack could live his normal life in his original place.


More than anything else, the last time I saw Jack he was unconscious, so I wanted to meet Jack who had gotten better.


Perhaps because I was in a hurry, my steps became faster.


However, as I came down the stairs, I immediately flinched and stopped in place.

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“Hello, Young Master!”


I almost bumped into Allen again.


With a sigh of relief, I lifted my head and saw Allen staring confused at me.


“Why are you walking around alone? What about Diana?” Allen asked.


“The lady is sleeping, it’s nap time,” Lia answered.


“Then what about you?”


I tilted my head at Allen’s hoarse voice asking another.


Usually, Diana won’t leave my side, I thought Allen was mad that I was having tea and eating together with Diana, but it seems he’s also dissatisfied if Diana’s not with me?


“My friend arrived in the castle today and I was on my way to meet him.




Oh, but I got permission…”


I was wiggling my fingers for no reason, and Allen, who was staring at me, raised his hand without warning.


Startled at that moment, I crouched down and raised my arms above my head.
It was a move that was almost instinctive as if it were carved into my bones.


Then Allen lowered his arm carefully, saying, “Oh!” and belatedly continued, “What are you doing now?”


I met Allen’s gaze, his face darkened frighteningly.

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