Whenever the warm light tried to wrap around my body, I heard a strange sound again, and at the same time, I opened my eyes carefully to the gentle energy that disappeared from nowhere.

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And I met the priest’s eyes shaking.


“What happened?” Lia asked.


The Duchess, who had a similarly puzzled expression on her face, asked.


I don’t know for sure, but something was strange.


“Well, that… my divine power doesn’t work on the child’s body.
It’s like being thrown out…”


She looked as if she didn’t understand what the priest said, and soon she hardened.


I also stiffened in shock.


‘The divine power doesn’t work?’


I’ve never heard of a person who repels divine power.


No matter how rare a priest could use divine power, it’s rare for commoners to receive treatment, but if they are imperial citizens, they would receive a blessing at the temple at least once at birth.


I must have been blessed at an orphanage when I was young too.


‘… No, did I really receive one?’


The director’s voice buzzed in my head, cursing ‘Useless trash!‘ that I had forgotten for a while.

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An unfamiliar feeling of foreboding engulfed my whole body.



“You’re hungry, aren’t you? Diana will be waiting for you, so let’s go.” Said the Duchess kindly.


It was awkward and grateful to be so attentive to a child who was nothing.


However, what happened a while ago was so shocking that I couldn’t even think of fixing my expression.


The priest tried several more times to infuse me with divine power, and the result was the same.


Eventually, it was repeated until sweat formed on her forehead, and the Duchess eventually dried the priest’s power.


Then, she suggested calling another priest saying, “It may be because my divine power is less than that of other priests.”


But I’m sure both of them know that the situation probably won’t change.


The Duchess asked the priest to remain silent, saying that this was a secret only we know, and when the priest left, she said affectionately.


〈Our castle has wizards who specialize in healing magic.
If divine power doesn’t work, we can heal you with magic.〉


She seemed to think that my darkened expression was due to my disappointment in not erasing my scar.


Indeed, I was still young, so I deserved not to recognize the seriousness of the situation in which divine power was not working.

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The Duchess assured me that she would surely remove all the scars on my body, and I was at a loss for words.


It’s not strange for her to think of me as ominous for rejecting divine energy, but on the contrary, she seemed to be genuinely worried about me.


How could she be so kind?


Was Diana so lovely because she grew up under such a warm-hearted person?


At that moment, the sunlight shining behind her was as orange as the colour of her hair.


Watching the scene blankly, I suddenly felt like crying.


And the Duchess, seeing my face, suddenly stopped.


“Well, I don’t usually give this before meals…”


She clicked her tongue and pulled something out of her pocket.


“Well, it’s a magic pill that makes you feel better.”


Unknowingly, I opened my mouth at her gesture.


What the Duchess gave was a little chocolate wrapped in a shiny wrapper.


“I’m telling you, you’ll feel better, so hurry up and try it.”

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When I didn’t think of taking it and stood frozen, the Duchess laughed and peeled the wrapper and put the chocolate in my mouth




It was something I had never even seen in the orphanage.


And in the past, even when I was in the street with beggars, it was so precious that I could not even bite and eat it.


〈Are you feeling a little better now?〉


Suddenly, I remembered the person who also asked me, handing over the chocolate with an indifferent expression.


When I first saw him, I didn’t think he looked like the Duchess at all.


For a moment his face overlapped with the Duchess.


And then I realised.
His kindness is something that resembles her.


“I feel really fine.
Thank you.”


In a voice full of weeping, I gave an answer that I couldn’t bear to do then.




The place where we arrived for lunch with the Duchess was the glass greenhouse located in the back garden.

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It was obviously midwinter with snow piled up outside, but when we opened a thin glass door and entered, it was spring weather inside.


A glass ceiling reflects warm air and sunlight.


Water flowed vigorously from the indoor fountain adorned with flowers and vines in full bloom.


It felt like I could hear birds chirping from somewhere.


‘Oh my… Is this heaven?’


I found Diana waving her hands as I looked around with my eyes wide open.


“Sister, sit here!”


As I ran to Diana, who was popping in the seat next to her, I flinched and stopped.


Allen was sitting across from the table.


“Hello, Young Master.”


I took the courage to greet him first, but it was a cold stare that came back.


He was the same age as Jack, so even though he was just a young boy who was only 10 years old, his eyes had quite a bitter gaze.


If I were an ordinary 8-year-old child, I would be frightened and cry at once.

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