In her previous life, Lia always wanted a place to live in peace and wanted someone who needed her.

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But Bianca Marietta, and no one else, was the one who told me this, and I was so surprised that I didn’t know if my heart was beating properly.


While Lia was confused, the Duke frowned and said, “I don’t know why you’re saying that all of a sudden, but don’t worry.
Even in the Duke Castle, there are plenty of wizards who can handle mana.”




“Don’t tell me you’re going to take the people of the Empire to the Duchy without any special reason.”


Bianca bit her lip as the Duke wasn’t wrong.


All the children of Tessar Orphanage were under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Elrad, and in particular, the Duke had decided to take Lia himself, so there was no room for Bianca to intervene.


But Bianca could hardly relax…


Even she couldn’t understand it, but if she left Lia and went back to Belarus, it felt as if she would deeply regret it.


“Lia, tell me.
What do you want to do?”


When Bianca didn’t break her stubbornness and turned to Lia to decide, the Duke clicked his tongue out in disbelief.


And she asked, looking at Lua as if she couldn’t lose.

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“Yes, answer me.
You followed Diana here.
Will you go with Count Marietta?”


“Your Excellency, aren’t you being too mean?”


Bianca glanced at Diana, who was holding Lia’s arm tightly, wondering if Lia would leave, and she bit her lips.


Still, if there was one hope, it was the child’s reaction.


The child had a look of disbelief with her eyes wide open, but she was blushing and her eyes twinkling.
Anyone could tell that she was happy.


In fact, Lia was shuddering with joy.


Bianca, who made such an offer to me, and Diana, who looked up at me with sparkling eyes, holding my arms tightly as if asking me to never leave.


‘There’s someone who wants me.’


Perhaps Bianca suggested it because she was worried about Lia’s mana’s runaway, but everything seemed like a dream for Lia.


As Lia hesitated to answer with her mouth closed, the Duke waited for the child’s answer feeling nervous for some reason.



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Then Lia’s lips opened…



In a carriage alone with Diana sleeping, I looked out the window at the moon shining through.


Beyond the mountain range, it was the Duchy of Elrad.


As a result, I chose to go with Diana.


It was because I felt a sense of responsibility to put back Jack’s position, which was changed because of me, immediately.


But above all, right before my mouth opened.


〈Don’t go! Sister no!! You can’t!〉


The decisive reason was that Diana suddenly began to cry.
It seemed like I have grown very attached to her.


Seeing that she didn’t want me to leave and the child started crying and clinging to my arm.


Of course, it would be a lie if I said that there was no regrets.


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It was unknown when I would meet Bianca, who would join the knights from which time, and I wanted to feel her kindness more.


‘I also wanted to see her abilities in action by her side.’


However, as I had a little bit of information about the future, it was better for me to stay in the Empire.


I’ve realized something terrible in my previous life.


You can’t survive if you’re useless, and that sympathy only quenches your hunger for a short time, but it’s not salvation.


‘Even though I was brought to the guild by the master’s whim…’


If I didn’t have mana, and if I didn’t constantly try to prove my worth, to be an official member of the guild.


Could it have been possible?


I don’t think so…


“But I’m tired now.”


I was so sick and tired of being abandoned and anxious to be recognized.


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Besides, what was the result of trying hard enough that leads to death?


Terenzium was my home and family.


Master who picked me up from wandering down on the street aimlessly.
The executives who taught me a lot when I couldn’t get along with my colleagues.


I genuinely thought of them as a family and wanted to be proudly recognized as a member.


But what came back was betrayal.


‘Of course, I want to believe that it’s something that the masters and executives don’t know, but…’


Jade had been serving the Master long before me, and he was the most powerful person after the executives.


It was hard to accept that Jade did such a thing arbitrarily due to the nature of Terenzium, which was very loyal.


“…Ah, what’s the point of thinking about it? It’s already over.”


Laughing in vain, I shook my head.
I had no desire to repeat my past life.


‘Now I’m not going to live like a fool again because I’m tied to someone else.’


In this life, I wanted to stand tall alone through my abilities and future knowledge.

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