After Jack’s training, on their way back to the orphanage.

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I was thrilled to see Jack, who was ahead, occasionally glancing behind us to make sure we were following after him.


‘Though he grumbles at the words I said while pretending not to, he still cares about Diana.’


Indeed, otherwise, no one would have offered to defend Diana at that moment in the past when no one came forward.


‘Is there any other chivalry? It’s chivalry to protect the weak.’




At that time, a painful cry leaked out of my lips.


Because I walked faster than when we came to follow Jack, who was leading the way.


My calves were so sore.


“Sister, I’m tired.
Give me a piggyback!”


It happened that Diana, waving my sleeve, called me up.


“Yeah, piggyback.”


It was the moment when I tried to squat down, thinking it would be better to go back as soon as possible.


“Are you going to kill her? Where do you think getting on someone’s back?”


Jack, who was walking in the lead, came back and grabbed my arm.
And bowed down in front of Diana as if giving her a piggyback instead.


“I don’t want to! Sister…”


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After a deep sigh, Jack squinted at Diana for a moment and leaned himself towards me.


I was ashamed to say this, but my eyes grew bigger, trying to ask him to at least carry the laundry and a bucket of water.


His posture of showing his back with his arms open back meant that anyone could see what he was asking for.


But why was Jack doing that in front of me?


“What are you doing, not getting on my back?”




“Why don’t you carry her on your back and I’ll carry you in a piggyback?” 




‘What nonsense is that?’


I laughed, thinking it was a joke, even though I knew Jack was serious about everything.


But there was no playfulness in Jack’s black eyes.


“Come on!”


I scratched my cheek awkwardly as I watched Jack helping out again.


“Sister, piggyback!”


Plus with Diana waving my sleeve.

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Was there any resemblance because they’d become masters and servants in the future?


They were both so stubborn that I was forced to nod my head as I watched the tense children without yielding an inch.


It’s a little weird and embarrassing, but it’s not me who would suffer, it’s Jack.


I carried Diana on my back, thinking that I had no idea why Jack had to go through such an effort.


“Now you too, ride on my back.”


Then I hesitated seeing Jack bending over in front of me, and then leaning his back.


As I hugged his neck tightly from behind as Jack lifted me up carefully, my field of view slowly rose.


“Oh, it’s high!”


Diana, on my back, laughed excitedly.




The price of enduring shame was as sweet as honey.


Fortunately, no one noticed our strange appearance during the arrival, and we arrived at the front of the orphanage without any strain.


“Thank you, Jack.”


I was grateful for him and felt sorry at the same time for arriving comfortably at the orphanage.
As I wiggled my fingers, Jack quickly turned his head away without a word.


‘He makes people embarrassed.’


But Jack was a really good kid, even though he was so cold-hearted when he gave me the bread.

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‘Well, I’ll let you off as I’m an adult.’


Although I am two years younger now, I have lived until 18yrs old.


As I smiled brightly, regardless of Jack’s reaction, in a moment his pupils grew bigger and he seemed to stop breathing for a second.


‘Is my smiling face weird?’


As I’m about to pat Diana’s head in shame.


“You! Where are you going?”


Perhaps about to leave, but the director wearing his coat was standing at the door.


“Oh! Scary old man! Black guy! No!”


Diana shuddered into my arms.


In the past, I was really scared just seeing the director, so I hurriedly hid Diana and answered the director, wiggling his eyebrows.


“We’ve been doing the laundry.”


As soon as I lifted Diana’s dress, the director, who had been staring at me with a cold glance for a moment, suddenly asked Jack without a moment’s notice.


“How old are you now?”


“…10 years old.”


“Well, that’s good.
That’s good.”


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When Jack answered his question with unknown intentions, the director nodded with a very satisfied expression and walked past us to leave the orphanage.


Like yesterday, it seemed like he’s going out for another drink today.




I doubted where the director got the money.


“Go inside, you too.”


Then Jack spoke as I was staring at the back of the director.


I didn’t want to bother him anymore, so I took Diana’s hand immediately and headed for the room.


When we returned to the bedroom, the other children were already ready to sleep.
As soon as she lay down on the bed, Diana soon began to doze off, perhaps exhausted from our brief outing.


I thought it was cute, then I turned to gaze out through the window.


The sky was getting dark as the sun had set.


And after a while, seeing that everyone in the shared bedroom had fallen asleep perfectly, I got up quietly.


In the past, Duke Elrad found Diana and Jack who lost consciousness and were trapped in the attic and then killed the director with a single stab.


And now I’m going to protect Diana and make the director’s ending the same.


‘Also, saving the children of the orphanage who will be driven out into the streets for lying and ignoring Diana.’


It was something I had to do, as I vividly remembered living as a beggar that was more miserable than ever.


‘So I must first accuse the director and obtain the mercy of the Duke of Elrad.’


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