“Eating a little is eating too much.”

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Diana, who had never been scolded for food, was very upset.


Lia was taken aback as Diana, who had closed her lips tightly, pouted her lips and burst into tears.


‘Jack! It’s the lady to whom you’ll give the knight’s oath! You should be kinder!’


Jack, who threw the branch he’s been practicing without knowing Lia’s anxiety, approached the cloth she had placed on the side, took the half loaf bread, and handed it to Lia.


“Huh? Why is this…?”


I didn’t make any complaints today.


When Lia muttered in a hoarse voice, Jack somehow became more nervous.


“Just eat it!”


“But Jack, you’ve also been saving this.
You gave me half yesterday, but if you give it to me again today…”


“If you don’t want to keep eating it, you have to take your share!”


Lia’s body shrieked at his sudden scream.


“Then you’ll share yours with me…”


Lia murmured softly and stared silently without eating the bread in her hand.


When Diana stared at him, Jack said harshly.


“Don’t even think about it!”


“I didn’t do it!”

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Diana puffed up her cheeks seemingly angry.
Jack glared at Diana without losing.


Seeing Jack bickering with a much younger child, Lia burst into laughter in the absurdity of the situation.


In Lia’s memories, Jack was always a silent and blunt boy, but when she came back and saw this, he also had a childish side.


“Why are you laughing?”


Jack asked, looking at Lia who suddenly started laughing, with his brows furrowed.


At this, Lia’s lips moved instantly.


“Seeing you again, I thought you were really handsome.”


While living in the guild, I spent time with older executives and had this habit of speaking.
It’s a compliment that came out involuntarily, but it was not a lie.


Although Jack was young, he was a handsome boy with distinctive features.


‘So later you’ll have many female followers…’


There’s no way that he would become so popular simply because he’s a swordmaster or being one of the top three knights.


Lia shook her head alone, and Jack, who was speechless, turned his head.


It seemed that the nape of his neck was a little red.


‘Is that because of training?’


As she tilted her head, Diana, sensing a strange atmosphere, suddenly squealed at her.

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“You’re not handsome! My brother is better!”


Lia burst into laughter again at Diana’s confident speech with her hands on her waist.


Jack asked, squinting at the little child.


“Do you have a brother?”


“Yes! There are two!”


“There must be two of them, you idiot.”


“Dana is not an idiot! Sister, my brother is more handsome!”


Diana shouted, waving Lia’s sleeve.


At that moment Lia remembered the face of Lucio, Diana’s eldest brother, whom she had seen just before her death.


‘Yeah, he’s really handsome.’


He had a beautiful face that looked just like Duke Elrad, and his indifferent face was like a statue, as he was nicknamed frozen Duke.


But Lia didn’t think he was as cold as people say.


‘…What, they don’t know much about him.’


Thinking she’s gone crazy for a moment and Lia hurriedly shakes her head.

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Diana, who misunderstood her appearance, cried.


“It’s true, my brother is handsome…”


“Oh, that’s right.
If he looks like Dana he will be very handsome!”


“That’s right!”


Diana smiled broadly at her urgently comforting words.


Seeing this, Jack twisted his mouth and tried to say something again, but Lia quickly changed the subject for the sake of the relationship between the two, who would be master and knight in the future.


“More than that, Jack! Are you training here alone?”


“What do you mean training? I’m just doing it because I’m bored.”


“I see, but you’ve been working hard… It was wonderful.”


Jack’s neck turned red again when she gave another compliment without thinking.


Diana also pouted her lips.


‘Why is the atmosphere like this?’


The relationship between the two of them shouldn’t be this bad.


Of course, I thought it wasn’t meant to be easily twisted, but Lia continued.


“Jack wants to be a knight, doesn’t he?”


“What? Knight?”

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As soon as he finished speaking, Jack frowned.


“Do you think commoners like us can become knights so easily? I’m going to be a mercenary.
I may not have the honor, but I’ll make a lot of money.”




Lia, with her mouth agape blankly looking at Jack, revealing his ambition without hesitation, laughed for some reason.


The knight’s childhood dream was to become a mercenary, who would make a name for himself in the Empire in the future.


“I think you’ll become a knight, Jack.”


“Yeah, what do you know!? How difficult is that!”


‘No matter how ignorant you are of the world, you can’t make fun of people!’


Jack, who had inadvertently lost his temper, was speechless at Lia’s face, which showed no sign of teasing him.


Looking at her glistening eyes without a single lie, I didn’t want to give an answer that would disappoint her for some reason.


“I know it’s difficult, but I’m sure you can do it.
If you want to be one!”


So, to the calmly handed-out words, Jack answered involuntarily.


“…If I can, I want to be.”


So just work hard like you are now.”


Because you’re kinder and more sincere than anyone else.
You would be blessed in the end.


Lia swallowed back those words and smiled brightly.

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