Can’t Prince Kyar hear what Ignis had said?

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Now, this information was new.

It was the first time she had allowed another human to enter the cabin, so she had no idea that humans couldn’t hear Ignis’ voice.

“You’re a scary man!” His eyes returned to her.
“Isabella, I’m scared!”

Surprised by Prince Kyar’s gaze, Ignis cried and hid behind her back.

Even in Ignis’ eyes, he found the man offensive.

“Shhh, Ignis.
Be quiet.
It’s okay.” She whispered to Ignis.

“Did you raise that bird?”

“That’s right.
It’s my pet.
Ignis is scared of a lot of things.
Can you soften your gaze when you look at him?”

Despite her cautious request, Duke Kyar failed to get rid of his piercing gaze.

“I don’t like the word companion.
Leave that bird here.”

Prince Kyar’s obsession was suffocating, and she already grew tired of it.

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However, it was her fault, so she just couldn’t unleash her fiery personality on the poor man.

“I’m sorry, You’re Highness, but if I leave Ignis here, I am afraid that I can’t go with you.”

She already built affection with Ignis.

There were times when she was too lazy to talk, but thanks to Ignis, she could quickly adapt to her new life.

Without her, Ignis might disappear like the other spirits of fire.

The more she thought about it, she couldn’t leave Ignis alone.

“This is annoying.
I can’t believe I felt my heartbreak when you said you couldn’t come with me.”

He clenched his fists, and they trembled from the effort of holding back his anger.

“That’s all I can give you.” He called Ignis ‘that’ while he stared at her coldly.

Yet, his dark eyes held a dangerous sparkle in them.

“I warn you.
Don’t pay attention to anything other than me.
I couldn’t stand it.”

The effect of the love potion was unexpected that she thought.

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Also trembling with anger, she swallowed hard as she quietly watched Prince Kyar, who fulfilled her wish.

“Come on, pack your things first.
I can’t wait to leave this stuffy place.”

She hurried so as not to offend him but later, she found out that she had more things to take care of.

“I think I should return here a few more times.”

“I’ll send people to move this entire house.”

She grimaced at Archduke Kyar’s words.

“You don’t have to move my entire house.
Only move the things inside this house.”


It would be great if Archduke Kyar continued to listen to her like this, but her thoughts didn’t last long.


The size of Rubella Castle, where Archduke Kyar lived, was enormous.

Surrounded by massive walls, she followed Archduke Kyar with a tense countenance while the knights who guarded the gates escorted her.

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The doors, which were as big as the walls, opened, and at once, the people of Lumila Castle bowed their heads to welcome them.

“Isabella, why did you come to the castle of the northern archipelago? This is a terrifying place.” Ignis talked to her as he flapped his tiny wings.

He might just be a noisy bird in other people’s ears, but their eyes had already turned to him.

“I’ll tell you later.”

If she grabbed Ignis and responded to him in front of everyone, then they would think she had gone mad.

Ignis’ beak pouted at her whisper.

“You’re back, Your Highness.”

At that moment, a man dressed in a white suit approached Duke Kyar and greeted him.

He wasn’t as handsome as Duke Kyar, but still, the man had an outstanding appearance.


The impression she had of him was much better than Duke Kyar.

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He was neat and good-looking.

The white clothes he wore suited him very much.

“By the way, who is this?” The man asked cautiously as she looked at her, who stood next to Duke Kyar.

“My name is Isabella.” She liked the man immediately at first glance, so she smiled at him and gave him her name.

Archduke Kyar’s dark eyes glittered when he saw her smile.

Hearing the name she had given, the man in the white suit smiled before he opened his mouth.

“Oh, Isabel—”

Before the man could even utter her complete name, Archduke Kyar pulled his sword out.

“I’m the only one who can call her that.
Don’t make eye contact with her and never call her by her name.” Archduke said coolly, and the atmosphere seemed to freeze.

The Archduke had spoken.

The people around them lowered their heads and avoided her gaze.

She wasn’t Voldermort, though.

Because of Duke Kyar, she had turned into someone ‘who-must-not-be-named’ at Rubella Castle.

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