hout hindrance.

Today at the “Star Games”, stars from all walks of life would present this stunt to everyone.

#Artists who can participate in Duzhu Drift are all warriors and fierce girls.
These people don’t have any real skills, how dare you show it off.

Duzhu drifting has high requirements on performers, balance and coordination ability, strength and endurance skills are also indispensable.

#Ahhh so excited.
I am from Miao ethnicity.
Every year on the Dragon Boat Festival in our Miao Village, we will hold a Duzhu Drift performance on the river in front of the village.
I heard that Jiang Zheng asked the director to add this to the show.
After becoming a fan, I announce that I now have a wife.

Jiang Zheng stepped into the water with bare feet, and a tender green bamboo that was eight meters long and 20 centimeters wide floated in front of her.
She tightly held the three-meter-long bamboo pole in her hand, stepped on it with the help of the staff… and stabilized.

Mamma Mia! Really! Her muscle memory was still all there.
If she could stand firmly on the bamboo pole, she could perform turns, splits, bends, and even the golden rooster independence[3]… Steady!

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With the bamboo pole in her hand as a paddle, she slid left and right alternately, in this way, Jiang Zheng came to the middle of the water.
The others also went down the river, standing side by side with her.
At the same time, Ji Muye also entered the water.

The crowd floated on the water as if they were walking on the ground.
The audience burst into applause.

As a result, just after the applause fell, a female artist slipped and fell into the water with a splash.
She was probably a little nervous in the face of the live broadcast, and accidentally shifted her focus, which might have made her easily lose control.
In an instant, everyone became nervous, as it was really embarrassing to fall into the water in the public eye.

Before taking the stage, Han Yi showed Jiang Zheng the video of her previous rehearsal.
She took a deep breath, stood on her right foot, raised her left foot slightly, which raised her white long skirt beautifully, lowered her head slightly and looked at the water, which made her neck look slender and elegant.
From a distance, she looked as beautiful as a white crane drinking water.

#Very beautiful!

#This action is difficult to do beautifully on land, and it is twice as difficult on water.

#Goddess is a goddess, such a difficult action can also be done.

On the other side, Ji Muye also paddled to the middle of the water, the water like jade, and his outfit as red as fire.
The audience then saw him swing the bamboo pole with a smile, and he easily cast a white crane and bright wings[4] while standing on the bamboo.
His center of gravity was firmly sunk to the heels, steady and without shaking, he instantly won the applause of the whole house.

#Oh, oh, it’s working!

#Both of them look good and I want to love both of them, what should I do?

#One move for the white crane to drink from the water, another move showing the crane brightening its wings, no way, I actually want to ship the two of them.

#Ship ship ship ass.
My brother has a bright future and cannot be linked to the big devil.

#Bah ah ah! Who wants to ship with the crazy master of you fans? My sister didn’t make an appointment.

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Jiang Zheng stood on the bamboo, a little dazed.
At the beginning, in order to follow in Ji Muye’s footsteps, she did not hesitate to resist against her brother and step into the entertainment industry, just wanting to stand closer to Ji Muye one day.

Although she had lost her memories of the past five years, she still loved Ji Muye as she has since she was 16 years old.
She still blushed and felt nervous with her legs shaking when she saw him… Of course, now was not the time to let her legs shake.

It’s just, how could she say that Ji Muye is blind?

Misunderstanding! It must be a misunderstanding!

Since there was a misunderstanding, let’s start by giving the other person a smile.
After all, people can’t hit a smiling face, even if there are all kinds of misunderstandings.
Besides, he just helped her out of the siege.

So, in front of everyone’s eyes, Jiang Zheng raised the corners of her lips, raised her eyebrows, showing her sincerity through her eight teeth, and cast a “friendly” smile at Ji Muye, who had just finished stabilizing his posture.

Ji Muye blinked.
For five years, they were both insiders and had many opportunities to meet each other, but her eyes always passed through him and never fell on him.
She was still acting haughty in front of him just now, how could she smile so brightly at him now?

It’s a little bit wrong, but bang bang bang bang…why was his heart beating so fast, fast… it’s almost uncontrollable.

When the mind thought so, the body was also honest.

In the next second, with a splash, Young Master Ji fell off the bamboo pole and became a “Ji” in a splendid manner.

The author has something to say: Smile for the first time, hahahahahaha

T/N: I agree with Jing Meini, doesn’t it seem like JM has a thing for JZ but he tries to avoid it because she has always ignored him whenever they met… What do you think?

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