It was expected that the music show week would begin in earnest after the successful debut showcase, but the year-end stage at the end of December overlapped and it became ambiguous.

A week after debut they should appear in all broadcasting stations, but several stations were closed due to year-end stage preparations from next week.

[You’re not going to the year-end shows, right?]

‘We can’t.’

Almost all week without holiday, they went to work early in the morning and waited.
Not only that, but they were also waiting for a series of fan signing events after the broadcast was over.

The first broadcast after their debut on Tuesday was N-net on Thursday.
The members who woke up at dawn went to the shop without even opening their eyes properly.

[I heard that 100 people enter for your pre-recording?]

Disappeared Jin came out giving information.
Ian kept his ears wide open even while half-asleep.

[It’s a joint pre-recording with Galaxy Boyz.]

After the bare body exposure1 accident during a live broadcast, all stages are pre-recorded.
Popular idols host it alone and secure more than 300 fans.
While thinking ‘Still a long way to go…’, Ian yawned.

‘But if it’s Galaxy Boyz, aren’t they them? The junkies?’

They’re about to rise since the response to the song was good, but they crashed at once.
Isn’t it really not cool how they got caught?]

‘How did they get caught?’

Galaxy Boyz will be charged with drugs six months later.
It also takes three core members, not just one.

It is said that they shaved their head, bleached their hair, and even shaved their whole body so as not to get caught like that.

But how did they get caught? They get caught from the leg hair found in the dorm.
When one person was caught, he then blew other members, saying that he couldn’t be the only one to die.
Of course, the fandom atmosphere was ruined.
A mass unstanning2 situation happened.

[You too, remember this.
Celebrities have this swag.
Huh? Bluffing is life.
Taking drugs, but got caught? Then confidently enter the police station, ‘I take drugs~’ without hiding anything.
Most kids who rap are like that and later they release songs like those.]

‘I won’t cause accidents.’

[The swag is still left and you just need to work hard, right? Then some people also use those junkies.
You know that there are quite a lot of junkies who are active out there, right?]

Jin ignored Ian’s words and spoke enthusiastically.
Ian sighed and shook his head.
He intends to live a celebrity life for a long time.
In particular, idols had to be careful of even trivial behavior because they have stricter standards than other celebrities.

‘Enough of that.
Who goes first on pre-recording?’

[You’ll be first?]

‘Then we’ll have to bring their fans in.’

There is one more reason to perform well today.

* * *

“Look at the uniform. Daebak.”

“We should’ve done that, too.
Why wear weird checkered shirts.”

It was the sound of Galaxy Boyz fans in the back when Awy went up to the stage.
The burgundy uniform, which was different from the blue one worn in the showcase, looked gorgeous with excessive metal decorations.
Awy’s coordi3 was a pervert who Jin also acknowledged.

This is our first pre-recording.”

Ian waved and greeted the fans.
Just because you go on stage doesn’t mean that the song starts right away.
There was a waiting time on the stage because it started when the preparations of the broadcasting station staff were over.

What should I say? Ian was pondering and headed to the place with the closest distance to the fans.

“Did everyone eat?”

[It’s the national rule to ask if they have eaten.]4

This short time is like a time to communicate with fans who came to the public broadcast.

Of course, fans also speak loudly or raise their hands playing jam jam5 to attract the attention of the singer.
Of course, the fan manager may give sanctions if it’s too much.

Ian was grateful to the fans who came early in the morning, so he turned his head to those who shouted to look here.

“I haven’t!”

“Really? Then eat something delicious after the recording.
Ju Young-a!”

Ian skillfully released the members who were only greeting because they’re not sure what to do.

Ian grabbed the shoulders of the approaching Kim Ju Young and pushed him forward.
Kim Ju Young’s body was a little stiff.

“Ju Young is our group’s must-eat place collector, the big data for must-eat place you know? Ju Young, please recommend lunch for the fans.”

“… The homemade burger around here is delicious.”

It would be helpful to share my interests.
As expected, Kim Ju Young’s tension eased and his words flowed.

When Ian glanced around, the other members were already scattered here and there to communicate with fans.

“Galaxy Boyz sunbaenim is recording after us, right? The song is good.”

“Oh, I know too!”

It was fortunate to have seen Galaxy Boys’ choreography in advance.
When Ian hummed the title song of Galaxy Boyz and danced lightly, the members gathered and laughed as they did a cover dance of Galaxy Boyz.

Even if you dance lightly, it shouldn’t be danced like mocking.
When they briefly performed the point choreography, a sound of admiration from the Galaxy Boyz fandom in the standing area was heard.

“We will start recording now.”

Ian turned around with a sad look at the staff’s voice and went to stand on the formation of the choreography.

The song began and Ian stared at the camera filming him.
It was necessary to properly look at the camera filming the personal fancam and the camera recording for the main broadcast, but it could be solved with the help of Jin.

It doesn’t end with one stage.
The members went down the stage.
The standing area with fans is barricaded with fences.
And on the left side of the stage where they could monitor, the staff approached as if they had been waiting.

“Oh, the expression over there…”

“Ian is good at looking at the camera.”

“It seems we can make the movement path a little bigger?”

While retouching the makeup and hair, they looked at the monitor and watched the stage they just filmed again.

“Let’s do it once more.”

When the PD said that, the fans screamed quietly.
For fans, it is beneficial that the recording is not done properly.
Because they can watch ‘my singer’ for a long time while performing three times in a row at most.

On this day, Awy’s stage was also held three times.
In the end, there was a member who sat on the floor because it was hard.

Ian raised Park Seo Dam and greeted the fans.

“Everyone, thank you so much for coming.”

“Make sure to eat and be careful not to catch a cold~”

“Guys, don’t go!”

“You also don’t forget to eat!”

The sound of fans faded away from behind.

About 20 teams are performing at music shows.
Most of them are idol groups with a large number of people, but there was no waiting room at the broadcasting station for them to rest one by one.
Only a few popular teams are assigned private waiting rooms.

So, most stations have partitions in a large space to set up a common waiting room.

I’m hungry since we talked about must-eat places earlier.”

“Do you know there’s a nice sushi place nearby? It’s so delicious there.”

“Oh, there? I know, I know.”

It was a little unsightly to see men with an average height of 180 sit together in a few pyeong of space and talk about restaurants.

[If you have time, ask to go to the cafe downstairs.]

‘Hmm… Should I? But why a cafe?’

[You can meet fans when coming there.
This building is full of glass.
You can see everything from outside.]

‘It’s good?’

As Ian got up, six people looked up at Ian.

“Dong Soo hyung! Can I go out for a moment?”

“It’s okay for a moment, but you shouldn’t go outside at all.
Let’s go with hyung.”

“I’m going to the cafe below for a moment.”

“Me too!”

At Ian’s last words, the members got up busily.
A cafe is better than the narrow waiting room.
Ian rummaged through his belongings and took out his wallet.
Since his parents allowed him to use the card at will, he was thinking of giving the staff coffee transfusions.

“How many staff do we have?”

“O’ the shining Ian!”

“Ian God! Ian God!”

“Everyone follows General Choi!”

“Guys, this isn’t a waiting room only we use…”

Lastly, the leader Lee Joo Hyuk sighed deeply.
Fortunately, there were only a few people in the waiting room besides their team.

* * *

-I’m in front of Nnet now, who are they?


Like meerkats ㅋㅋㅋㅋcute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴSecond from left and the far right are handsome

ㄴWhere I’ve seen them a lot?

ㄴIt’s Awy who debuted on Tuesday! Please look at them nicely!

ㄴ(Author) But it seems they remember all of their fans

ㄴHeol crazy crazy can you write a detailed review?

While waiting for the drinks at the cafe, the members did not stay still.
Looking outside with their bodies close to the window, seven men in uniform waved their hands and greeted each passing person.

Several fans of Awy, who were waiting for the kids to come out after being eliminated from attending the main broadcast, and other fandoms who were looking with anticipation if it was their singer also flocked to the front of the station.

[It’s the fan who came to the pre-recording earlier.]

‘Oh yeah?’

Jin’s ability was also used here.
Jin remembered all the fans it saw once.
When Jin marked the fans’ positions, a blue dot appeared on the fans’ heads.
Ian pretended not to know and asked to check.

“Oh? It’s the fan who came to our pre-recording earlier.”

“Really? How do you know? Wasn’t the stage and the fan seat far away?”

“If not it’ll be very embarrassing, you know right?”

Ian waved his hand to find out, then a fan through the window jumped and laughed.
The fan showed a photo card in her hand.
It was a limited photo card of Awy given when participating in the public broadcast.
The members who recognized it looked at Ian with gasps.


“Don’t you think Ian should lay a mat?”6

“We called him King God Light, but did he really become a god?”

“I think they’re our fans, too?”

“Woaah! Hello! Hi!”

When Ian pointed with his hand, the members changed their posture.
They liked it more than their fans and made a fuss.

And this small deviation became a hot topic in the idol-related community.

-Talk about how I saw Awy earlier

(pic) (pic)

Firstly, I’m not a fan of them but a fan of other ok

At first, there was something red attached, so I was wondering what it was.
The people next to me who seem to be Awy’s fans ‘Our kids!’ like this and run? So, I followed along just to take a look ㅇㅇ

It seems the members waited for the fans to see them, so they’re happy when people gather so cuteㅋㅋㅋ

But suddenly, the handsome kid on the far-right was surprised to see the person next to me and waved his hand as if he knew she was his fan and the person next to me was really happyㅋㅋㅋ

But it’s really creepy that all the people the handsome kid recognized were fans who went to their pre-recordingㅋㅋㅋ

They’re good to the fansㅇㅇWhoever looked at them will think that the fans were the singers and they’re the fansㅋㅋㅋ They are more happyㅋㅋㅋ

+Not only nice to their fans.
They said hello to everyone there.
It’s just I posted because it was amazing that they recognized fans.
From today I’m going to stan them

ㄴWoah shitㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSo jealousㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴIsn’t this a sales post pretending not to be a fan?

ㄴ(Author) I won’t say much.
Did they really recognize? If curious, please start to stan.
Some people took and uploaded videos in bluebird

* * *

Without knowing that their names were known, the members stored themselves well in the cramped waiting room while sipping on frappuccinos.

Almost half a day was left until the main broadcast after the pre-recording in the morning.

Kim Hyun and Kim Ju Young were discussing something in the corner.
The members were choosing selfie photos to be posted on the music show’s SNS.

“Over there, members.
Can you come out to the hallway for a second?”

Everyone got up without complaining about Kim Hyun’s words.
They were talkative but obedient members.
Awy took place at the end of the hallway outside the waiting room.

“We’re going to film a relay dance later, right.”

Relay dance is when the members stand in a line, dance to their parts, step back, and the next member dances and goes to the back.
It was a video to be uploaded on N-net MyTube.

“Why don’t we make a movement path instead of just dancing?”

“Oh? It’s good?”

That’s why the two dance members were talking seriously, so it seems they were talking about dance as expected.
Ian also thought it was a good idea.

“Here, Ian and Seo Dam on both sides…”

“How about like this?”

They didn’t stay still but tried to dance lightly and made the movement path.

[Times like this are nice for rookies of course~ This is also one time, too.]

When Ian was having fun, Jin muttered with a grumpy voice.
But Ian didn’t hear anything.
Dancing was as fun as acting because he gained confidence in dancing.

“It’s fun.”

“It seems like it’ll be okay, right?”

They made a rough movement path and the moment when they went back to the waiting room.
Two women who were watching from afar caught the sleeve of Ian, who was about to enter last.

“Excuse me…”

“Yeah? Ah, hello sunbaenim.”

[Hiya, it’s already starting.
Is their manager not managing them?]

It’s been three days since he debuted, so everyone here must be seniors.
The woman held out a note.
Ian, who receives numbers almost like a daily routine, smiled as if he was in trouble.

There must be a lot of people watching because it’s a broadcasting station.
Still, he received the note without making them feel bad.
When he glanced, a Mystagram account and cell phone number were written on it.

‘So this is how kids approach these days…’

[Since the ID is not common, so it’s a private account.
After all, false work7 is a must for celebrities.]

The two women smiled shyly as Ian received the note.
Somehow he can feel manager hyung‘s energy through the door.
Is it an illusion?

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a way to contact.”

“It’s okay to keep it and throw it away.”

The women put on thick skin even after rejection and left right away without receiving the note returned by Ian.

‘But who are they?’

[Min Ji and Jung Ah of Milky Way]

Sigh, such a popular life.
Ian opened the waiting room door with a bitter laugh.
As expected, manager Park Dong Soo was looking at Ian with his eyes lit.
Ian handed the note to the manager.

“That’s why it felt weird.”

“Hyung, please take care of this.”

“You didn’t memorize it all, right? You have a good head.
Hey, you can’t date.”

“Of course I know.”

Dating at this moment? It is a nuisance to the team and a nuisance to future celebrity life.

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