Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 90: Cleansing Incense Ancient Land 2

Li Qiye didnt hold back at all while criticizing the Conch Overlord. He has revealed another old story to the astonishment of the crowd. The young ones had never heard about it. In their eyes, especially the younger sea demons, their divine prince was a supreme existence with a noble bloodline. Who would have thought that he was suppressed for a lifetime because of a single sentence from Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng?

A few ancient paragons from the previous generation had heard of it before. However, out of fear for the Conch Overlords power, no one was willing to talk about it. If the overlord were to know, it might bring about a fatal disaster.

Being suppressed by the emperor was a great humiliation for the overlord. He didnt know where to place his old face right now after Li Qiye told everyone.

“Little animal, come out, Im going to make mincemeat out of you!” A fiery rage spewed out from the overlords eyes. Li Qiye had uncovered his shame so he definitely wouldnt forgive Li Qiye. Without killing the brat, this rage would never subside!

“Is it that fun to tease them?” Lunargrasp coldly stared at Li Qiye and said: “Quickly deal with them already then go get the Heavens Will.”

“You cant put it like that.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his hand: “Since they want to team up to kill me, I should take my time destroying their morale first before killing them. No rush.”

Lunargrasp ignored him and walked forward while glaring at the overlords group: “Too much nonsense, were only wasting each others time. If the four of you are not convinced, come together. Ill deal with you and dissolve this convention.”

The crowd became slack-jawed after hearing this. The word “domineering” wasnt enough to describe her. One against four was unbelievable.

These four were top experts; it could be said that few could match them in the contemporary. However, the fairy didnt care for them and spoke as if she could make short work out of them. Just how confident and overbearing was this?

The group had no response either. Her words pressed down on them like a mountain and made them feel breathless. It was because she wasnt all talk, this was something within her abilities.

In this brief moment, the cultivators here glanced at each other. This was the Lunargrasp Fairy, someone who had defeated Empress Hong Tian in the past, a genius who had swept through the nine worlds with marvelous achievements.

“Lunargrasp Fairy, there are still Emperor Assailant ancestors in this world.” The prince answered her challenge.

This was to remind and warn her that she wasnt the most powerful in Heaven Spirit.

Li Qiye laughed and freely asked: “Are you talking about the old man lying deep in the Spirit Abyss?”

“Tell him to come out.” The fairy emotionlessly spoke: “Only an Emperor Assailant, hes not an Immortal Emperor!”

Only an Emperor Assailant! Such a powerful statement. Emperor Assailants were completely dreadful. In the eyes of many, these existences consisted of people like the Seven Hallowed Ancestor.

However, the fairy made it sound as if they werent much at all, that they werent worth mentioning. Her confident and invincible style suffocated the atmosphere.

Zhentians group were quite uncomfortable, but they had to endure. Regardless of what happens against the fairy, the only person who would benefit from this was Li Qiye.

“Good, if no one is going to fight, allow me to say a few words.” Li Qiye smiled and spoke after noticing that Zhentians group didnt want to be the first to take the stage.

He sat on his imperial throne and casually swept through the crowd. At this moment, he turned into a supreme ruler of the nine heavens and ten earths.

“It is good that you all have started this meeting. Very well, if this is to decide who will become the next emperor and sea god, Ill make the decision for everyone.”He paused for a bit before smiling: “Naturally, no one else will become emperor but me in this generation! As for the sea god position, Ill also pick someone. It shall be the Seven Martial Goddess.”

The crowd didnt know how to react to this. It was understandable that he would claim to be emperor considering his arrogant attitude. However, his appointment of the goddess took everyone by surprise.

Many thought that his candidate would be the True Martial Goddess. After all, she had advantages far beyond her competitors, not to mention that she was on his side at the moment. Thus, this strange decision made everyone think that the Seven Martial Pavilion was also on his side.

Zhentian coldly said: “Li Qiye, you cant become emperor just because you want to.” He no longer referred to Li Qiye as “Daoist Li” as he was unable to restrain his anger.

Li Qiye flatly denied: “If I say Ill become emperor, then Ill become emperor.”

“Hmph!” The Seashield Prince snorted at this time. He was quite unhappy as well since he was one of the candidates to become the sea god this generation. Several behemoths in Heaven Spirit had made a deal. In particular, the sea demons had reached a consensus that if the True Martial Goddess had no objections, the Seashield Prince would have priority over the Seven Martial Goddess.

But now, Li Qiye has chosen his rival before everyone could say anything, how could the prince not become angry?

The prince didnt dare to yell at Li Qiye, but the overlord couldnt let this develop any further. If the convention actually decided for the Seven Martial Goddess to be the next sea god, it would be very unfavorable for the prince.

The overlord coldly exclaimed: “Junior, a human like you is an outsider. Since when do outsiders get to dictate our sea demons business? The position of the sea god has to be decided by us!”

“I agree for the Seven Martial Goddess to become the next sea god!” The True Martial Goddess added with a smile.

Many were shaken after hearing this. This came from a very influential person, and she didnt seem to be kidding.

With her support, it meant that the Seven Martial Goddess would have an advantage over the Seashield Prince.

The Roaring Conch was quite inferior to the Seven Martial Pavilion in terms of strength and influence; its status was not as prestigious among the sea demons. Even though the Seashield Prince had the overlord as his backing, the pavilion also had people on the same level as the overlord.

This was the reason why the conch decided to work together with the other great powers in Heaven Spirit to shake the pavilions influence. But now, the True Martial Goddess open support immediately weakened the princes position. The Seven Martial Goddess status had been elevated. The island and the pavilion working together with a sea gods daughter could definitely change the overall situation of the sea demon race.

At that time, as long as the pavilion said the word, many sea demon lineages would stand with them and this new alliance would completely suppress the conchs prestige! The overlord was alarmed to hear this open support from the True Martial Goddess.

“Your descendant, Seashield, has no chance of becoming a sea god.” Li Qiye flatly said before the overlord could retort: “Tell him to come out since he has attacked one of my people. The wisest thing for him to do now is to take the initiative and accept his responsibilities.”

“Junior, what do you want!” The overlord glared at Li Qiye.

“Nothing.” He smiled in response: “Dont worry, I wont do anything or people will call me a bully. The person he attacked will be the one to kill him! Of course, I will give him a fair chance since thats just who I am!”

With that, Su Yonghuang slowly came out. People held their breaths since everyone here knew about the feud between her and Seashield.

The overlord coldly uttered: “The convention of myriad races isnt suitable for a duel!”

He didnt want Seashield to fight under these circumstances. Winning was one thing, but if he were to lose, it would be a great blow to his status.

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