Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 88: Void Imperfection Immortal Physique 2

Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after seeing her arrival. He stared at her with quiet jubilation.

“Your Highness.” The ministers immediately prostrated after seeing her. It didnt matter which sea god they used to be under, the True Martial Goddess was a real princess. She was above them in terms of bloodline and status.

“Go, prepare an imperial throne.” She ordered the minister with a calm yet resounding tone.

The ministers expressions changed after hearing this. They didnt expect this at all.

Everyone at the venue was astounded as well, especially the sea demons who found this to be unbelievable. Soon after the words came out, they exchanged glances to the people next to them. Some even believed that they had misheard.

For the sea demons, her arrival was a boost to their races prestige. With the Conch Overlord and her here, the sea demon race had a greater presence.

Thus, they were initially very excited. But now, she was actually speaking up for Li Qiye; she was clearly on his side!

This sudden turn of events left everyone astonished. The sea demons turned silly and couldnt react for a long time.

The prostrating minister couldnt help but say: “Your Highness, please reconsider.”

“If you all dont want to, I wont force you.” She leisurely told the old man next to her: “All-Martial, go place an imperial throne above those three royal seats.”

“All-Martial!” A sea demon paragon was amazed and screamed: “He, he is the All-Martial General, the strongest general of the True Martial Sea God! He is still alive!”

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this. Even Zhentians group grew serious as they stared at the old man next to the goddess.

“All-Martial General, he used to be an arrogant genius from our race. After losing to the True Martial Sea God, he decided to join the sea gods banner and had many illustrious exploits. There are rumors stating that he is only inferior to the sea god by a slim margin.” A charming spirit expert was startled.

Anyone who knew about his battle record would be full of admiration. This was an invincible being almost comparable to a sea god.

And now, he was accompanying the True Martial Goddess. What was the significance behind this?

The general hesitated for a moment and asked: “Your Highness, this might not be proper.”

All-Martial was still the strongest general under a sea god, asking him to place a throne above the other three was too much. It was the same as placing Li Qiye above a sea god.

“Its fine.” The goddess calmly replied: “Young Noble Li should sit there since he should rule from above the nine heavens.”

Such words stunned the crowd again. Not only was she his backing, she also gave him her unconditional support.

“Your Highness, we also respect you as a divine princess, but the matters here arent decided by you alone.” The Prince of Darkness finally spoke.

“Dont forget your identity. This action is blasphemous towards the prestige of a sea god. Dont stain your fathers brilliance with this.” The Conch Overlord also chimed in with a cold tone.

“Conch, I am not here as a sea gods daughter. My position today is only an unworthy follower under Young Noble Li. Plus, if he wants to sit up there, he has no need for your approval.” She took her time answering: “He shall preside over the nine heavens as the ruler of the universe!” She spoke very quietly, yet each word was quite impactful.

“Your Highness, please reconsider, dont be so impulsive.” It was Zhentians turn to speak: “Today is the convention of myriad races to discuss the matters of the world. You are also someone who can become a sea god.”

“Become a sea god?” She chuckled in response: “I have never thought about it. A mere sea god is nothing worth yearning!”

Such words were too much to take in. The crowd glanced at each other. A sea god was the pinnacle in terms of achievements for sea demons, the supreme existence in their minds.

However, a daughter of one actually viewed this position with disdain. No matter how one looked at it, this was too hard to believe.

“All-Martial, put the imperial throne up there already.” She ordered again with a commanding tone this time.

All-Martial finally walked forward without hesitation. He didnt know why his princess wanted to do this, but he was certain she had her own reasons.

In his life, the two people he admired the most were the True Martial Sea God and the goddess.

There was nothing to say about True Martial, this was an existence that could compare to the ultimate Prime Sea God.

As for the goddess, after returning from her disappearance, she became even more unfathomable. Each of her actions had an unquestionable feel to them as if she had grasped the entire universe. Until she came out from her self-imposed isolation, the general had always protected the True Martial Island.

“So presumptuous!” The overlord stood up while the shadow behind him emitted the terrorizing aura of a god, causing many experts to quiver.

“Conch, you want to fight?” Her pretty eyes contained a mighty force as she took a step towards the sky and coldly uttered: “Come out then, I want to see just how much you have learned from your father!”

Her answer had reached the epitome of aggressiveness and made people look at Li Qiye since her demeanor was very similar to his!

In terms of seniority, the Conch Overlord was much older than the True Martial Goddess, but today, she didnt place him in her sight.

“Your Highness, do you think you can sweep through the world?” The Terra King stood up as well. His surging life force was like a tree that blotted out the sky.

“I shall sweep through everything.” A natural voice sounded as another person descended from above. This was a woman no different from a celestial being. Her supreme style instantly won everyone over.

She wore a black dress while her features were beautiful beyond words. After seeing her, everyone realized that calling someone a celestial wasnt just a description any longer since a real one stood before them.

After seeing this girl, many people would start to think of a particular phrase — Immortals Legacy! Outside of her cold gaze, she left no room for criticism.

Li Qiye revealed a bright smile that could melt snow. This was a smile that came from his heart.

“Lunargrasp Fairy!” Even the Prince of Darkness was alarmed after seeing this fairy-like woman.

The title left people astounded. It was a magical title that would cause people to be dazed for a long time.

In Heaven Spirit, there was another popular adage — who is invincible in the current generation? Lunargrasp alone!

She might be the only one in the world that would dare to declare her intent to sweep through everything and suffocate the crowd.

“Lunargrasp Fairy, your arrival is the conventions honor.” Zhentian stood up and slowly said: “If you are here to help preside over the current situation of Heaven Spirit, nothing could be better…”

“Today, he will sit above the nine heavens.” The fairy coldly interrupted Zhentian.

The listeners were shocked once more. Some even thought that they were dreaming. The group sitting inside the pavilion was astonished by this declaration and had ugly expressions.

“Young Noble, the imperial throne is ready.” At this time, All-Martial had prepared a seat above the other three and bowed towards Li Qiye. In fact, he didnt know Li Qiyes identity or why his own princess was so supportive of him.

“A mere seat took this long, what a trite development.” Li Qiye gently shook his head. With that, he stepped towards the sky.

After seeing Li Qiyes advance, the Terra King raised his voice: “Li Qiye, unless you are an Immortal Emperor, you are not qualified to sit there…”

Li Qiye didnt even bother looking at the king, he only smiled.

The fairy pointed at the Terra King and emotionlessly declared: “Get in the way and Ill wipe you out!”

With a grimace, the king replied: “Fairy, dont think you are unstoppable. You still arent an emperor…”

The fairy interrupted right away: “I can kill this puppet body within three moves so bring your real body here! If the real one comes, you might last one hundred!”

The crowd started to break out in cold sweat after hearing this. Just how domineering and invincible was this? Everyone understood that she wasnt all talk.

Li Qiye stood in the sky and softly said: “Dont scare him too much or he might not actually come. Sigh, the two of you coming here is ruining everything for me. I wanted to wash myriad races with blood, but it looks like it wont be possible anymore. Oh well, Im in a good mood anyway, I shouldnt be so down about it.”

[1] This is something that can be very frustrating about ED that isnt found in other novels. I actually missed this the first time and had to go back and re-edit. There are two different types of seats found here, “king” and “emperor” thrones. In a normal novel, you can simply translate it as throne and it would be fine and dandy. In ED, if you dont translate the normally unnecessary adjective, it will mess you up. Li Qiyes chair has the word “emperor” while the other three chairs only had the word “king”. King = royal and Emperor = imperial. This is a very minor detail in Chinese. However, in order to keep this detail in English, it makes the translation sound worse, but the distinction is there. I wouldnt do this in Spirit Vessel, but in ED, more often than not, I need to add the adjective beforehand even when it is just a normal word like “throne” or itll be messy; the cultivation realm is different. It does make ED a lot more wordy in comparison. All in all, the translation has been moving towards not translating superfluous words, but this does cause trouble at times versus translating each word true to the raw.

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