Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 86: King Physique Paste 2

There were all kinds of speculations about the convention. Some believed that it was to deal with Li Qiye while others said that it was to determine the next sea god in order to avoid excessive wars.

In fact, such things had happened before. Immortal Emperors had been decided through this particular convention. These meetings made the three races of Heaven Spirit work together in order to defeat the chosen ones from the other eight worlds so that their own could have this title.

As for the sea gods role, the Lithodidae Sea God was chosen after stabilizing his own position through the convention.

Right now, the Seashield Prince, the Seven Martial Goddess, and the True Martial Goddess had the best chance to become the next sea god. The sea demons might be using this opportunity to pick one of them.

The True Martial Goddess was clearly the most optimistic among the three. Nevertheless, the other two werent bad either, especially the prince since he had the Conch Overlord as his backing.

This overlord was the son of a sea god and with regards to seniority, he far exceeded the other children of sea gods.

However, some also thought that this convention was about the medicine of immortality because the summon to the Divine Ridge Citadel was too hasty. Thus, many believed that this was a ploy to form an alliance between powerful lineages and individuals to obtain the medicine.

The convention borrowed a large space from the treants. The old ministers of many sea gods came as well in order to stop troublemakers and to prevent unwanted complications.

“The old ministers are keeping the peace for this convention?” Many were surprised to hear this. It meant that this convention was held to a very high standard. Any disruptor would be severely punished.

These ministers used to work under sea gods, so they were quite influential in Heaven Spirit. Thus, any troublemakers must think twice before being rash here.

The convention finally began as many cultivators rushed into the temporary venue. Even though the decision makers were from the powerful lineages, even the weaker ones were allowed to enter.

Because of this, the venue was quickly filled with a sea of people, including members of all races.

Despite the high volume, the venue was still orderly without any confusion. The participators sat in accordance with their status and sect. No one dared to do anything out of line.

After all, the presence of the ministers prevented any mishaps, otherwise death might be the outcome.

“Rumble!” Right when people were seated, a series of explosions occurred. Two carriages shattered the void while causing the world to quake.

They lined up together and sailed into the venue. Everyone was rendered breathless by the auras that came from them.

Someone shouted after seeing the carriages: “Meng Zhentian and the Prince of Darkness are here!”

Zhentian still emitted an aura capable of suppressing the heavens with divine rings coming out of his body. Each of these rings emitted an unbearable pressure.

His carriage was being pulled by a half-phoenix with the Crimsonflame Ancestor holding the reins.

As for the Prince of Darkness, his carriage was completely black and seemingly made from some ancient metals. The carriage itself emitted a chill that went straight to the bone.

The prince became famous long ago. Despite been an ancient character, he still looked very young with his black crown. Atop of his head was a divine reflection as dark as ink. This mirror looked like an abyss. Anyone who stared at it would fall deep into the bottomless abyss and disappear forever.

Because of this, many didnt dare to look at him. His divine reflection was too scary. Anyone who took a glance at it would feel their knees giving in and barely be able to stand straight.

After arriving, the two went to their respective pavilions.

The whole venue was made in the shape of a fan. The very top had three separate royal thrones reserved for sea gods, treefathers, and Immortal Emperors. Of course, these three beings were absent today, the seats were merely there as a formality.

Below these three royal thrones was another row with floating pavilions in the air. They were linked together to form a huge hall. Only characters on the same level as Meng Zhentian and the prince were eligible to be in there. These were the main decision-makers of this convention, the supreme experts.

Further down were rows of seats meant for cultivators from all over the world.

A bit after the duo arrived, a middle-aged man landed from the sky. His arrival signaled strange images of trees growing in the air with countless leaves falling down. It gave the venue a newfound vigor.

This was naturally the Terra King. He didnt converge his aura at all, so visual phenomena always accompanied him. Many were surprised to see him walking into the venue with such an assertive posture.

After all, there were many important characters here while he was unknown. This was quite an incredible showing.

However, the unbelievable happened. The old ministers led the way and allowed him to enter one of the pavilions as well.

“To be eligible to sit in a pavilion like Zhentian and the prince, just who the heck is he?” Many were startled to see this scene. After all, only the influential powerhouses were able to stay in those buildings.

However, this middle-aged man called the Terra King was able to do so. No one could guess his real identity. Even God-Monarchs from the previous generation were unfamiliar with him.

Someone who was very knowledgeable patted his chest to guarantee that the Terra King wasnt a famous character at all. He definitely never showed his face to the world before.

Another team came right afterward. They all had magnificent auras with soaring blood energies. Anyone would retreat before such a mighty army coming from the distance.

It was led by an old man with ashen hair. He was trembling while walking down the road, so the Seashield Prince was helping him. Despite being a famous contemporary genius, he still acted very respectfully before this old man.

There was a sacred light behind him. Despite not exerting his invincible divinity, there was a shadow standing there. It was distant and untouchable as if it was located deep in space. Nevertheless, it was definitely present behind the old man.

Because of this shadow, anyone would feel frightened while standing in front of him. Some sea demons even kneeled at its sight.

“The Divine Conch Prince is here.” Even the older generation respectfully spoke after seeing the old man.

This was the Conch Overlord, and the shadow behind him was the Conch Sea God! The sea demons were worshipping the old sea god.

The overlord was also led into a pavilion since he was qualified to be there in terms of status and position.

Even Meng Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, and the Terra King stood up to greet him.

“So exciting, it looks like Im here on time.” A leisurely voice came about not long after the overlord took his seat.

These words immediately attracted countless eyes.

“Fiercest is here!” Someone screamed while looking at the youth with a carefree smile on his face.

Li Qiye cheerfully walked into the venue. No sea demons dared to stop him from participating. The ones in charge even guided him into the area where the humans were sitting.

“Fiercest is so domineering, he actually dared to come even under such circumstances.” Both friends and foes spoke with admiration.

There were rumors that this convention was meant to deal with Li Qiye. Plus, because of the top experts presiding over it, anyone who came would be at a disadvantage.

People thought that since there were so many enemies here, Li Qiye might not show up. There was the risk of them working together to kill him here.

Who would have thought that he would come and all by himself too!

“Knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain yet he still goes up! This courage and determination is indeed worthy of reaching for the throne.” A sea demon God-Monarch became a fan of Li Qiye.

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