Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 85: King Physique Paste 1

It took some time before she finally answered him with a voice void of sympathy: “You think it is better if I live? Living like this is worse than dying on the battlefield!”

Li Qiye forced a smile and eventually answered: “I understand, thats why I owe you. Im standing here in order to make it up to you. Back in the Ancient Ming Era when you were still a little girl, I personally sealed you from the secular world, hoping that you could live a happy life during a better time…”

“At that time, I promised your father that as long as I am still in the nine worlds, no one can take your life! Alas, you came into being early in that generation and it ended up like this. I have hurt you.” He helplessly sighed at this point.

Having said that, he stared straight into her eyes and solemnly stated: “In the past, I didnt like going to Heaven Spirit, but now, I am here as Li Qiye to see and tell you that as long as you wish for it, I can make it up to you!”

She coldly glared at him: “Will you concede the Heavens Will?”

He looked deep into her eyes and nodded: “Yes, I will even concede the Heavens Will. If you want to become an Immortal Emperor, this generation shall be yours!”

After some time, she emotionlessly replied: “I dont need anyone to give the position to me. If I desire the position, I shall sweep through all things and ascend myself! My throne does not need your support!”

“I know, you have always been arrogant like this, never willing to bow down.” He couldnt help but faintly smile.

After a long time, she continued the conversation: “I dont want the Heavens Will or the throne. If you want to make it up to me, it is quite simple. Stop and stay here — this would be more than enough.”

Li Qiye began to quietly ponder her words. In the end, he looked up and said: “You should know that I cant do so. No matter the era, I will never stop. I will continue to move forward until the end of the world and fight to my last breath! No one can hold me back.”

She wasnt affected by his words; it was as if she was expecting this response. Nevertheless, she still asked: “Is there no exception?”

“I can make exceptions for other things, such as the Heavens Will. Despite knowing that I have to fight to the end, I can still give it to you and continue on regardless.” He calmly let her gaze into his heart: “However, stopping in something I will never do. I will never stay back, not in the past, the present, or the future! My dao heart will never waver unless I am no more in this world!”

She spoke with a bleak tone: “I have never been an exception in your life.”

Li Qiye stated in a serious manner: “Its not just you, I dont make any exceptions in this matter. It isnt because my love is not deep enough, its because this is my ultimate pursuit in life. Without it, it wont matter if I am Li Qiye or the Dark Crow, all will seem meaningless!”

“I knew that you would say something like this.” The conversation thus far didnt improve her mood.

He gently sighed: “Its all my fault. You, Suer, and Wenxin are the same. I wont stop because of you or them or anyone else for that matter. I am me, a moth flying towards the flame. I will never stop until the finality or death!”

“I am grateful to have met you all who have made my life even more brilliant. I can only say that… I am too selfish.” He concluded with a bitter smile.

“Go.” Eventually, she slowly spoke: “I am not a resentful woman, I dont need you to make it up regardless of whether you owe me or not.”

His heart fluttered as he looked at the woman standing so close to him and couldnt help but reach out to gently touch her beautiful face. At this time, images of the past resurfaced in his mind.

In those times, he was a rash and violent youth named Li Qiye who relied on his own talents and looked down on people while she was a woman trapped in love. Someone as proud as her could still be so gentle and lovely…

Recalling the intimate scenes stirred his heart. Even an existence like him that had long forgotten what pain was now felt a slight prick.

He murmured: “Goodbye, my little Yueer. If I return victorious, we can meet again. If I die, you may have to find and bury my body one day.”

She slowly closed her eyes. Pearl-like tears appeared at the corners of her eyes and began to drip down her cheeks.

He made up his mind and turned to leave without stopping. He didnt wish to see her tears. Even when blood flowed like rivers and bodies piled into mountains, the overlord of the nine worlds always remained as cold and emotionless as steel! He would never grieve and never cry.

She couldnt help but open her eyes to watch his back gradually disappear into the distance.

Li Qiye continued to travel farther and farther. Voices echoed in his head and scenes of the past kept on resurfacing in his mind.

Jian Wenxin once told him: “The heavens is too unreachable, there is nothing bad about being a trapped ant in this world.”

Recalling her words forced a bitter smile on his face.

He quietly repeated his justification to himself: “Even if I am an ant, I will not yield to the heaven and earth. I will kill my way to the nine heavens and never submit for I am Li Qiye!”


The citadel was still as lively as before with many cultivators anticipating the upcoming event. Only more and more came to visit as time went on due to the convention of myriad races.

This convention would be the highlight of this generation, so no cultivator or lineage wanted to miss it.

Despite everyone being able to participate, the real hosts were the charming spirits, sea demons, and the treants. These were the three strongest races and could even be said to be in charge of Heaven Spirit.

The other races, such as the humans, stone golems, and the blood race were only minor additions as spectators. They werent qualified to make any decisions.

“Who called for this meeting and who will be running it?” People were quite curious.

“Dont worry, the hosts are definitely qualified. The vice ancestor from the treants, Meng Zhentian, the Conch Overlord, and the Prince of Darkness signed their names on the divine order earlier. With the power and status of these supreme existences, they are indeed eligible to call for this convention. Theres no doubt about that.” A friend explained: “Moreover, I heard that even the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess will participate. No matter how you look at it, this will be a good event.”

In fact, the invited experts had many speculations about the goals behind the convention. After all, it was very urgent without any prior signs. Many were caught off guard.

“It seems that theyre in a hurry, and its even taking place at the Divine Ridge Citadel… Why this location instead of any of the great powers? So strange.” Someone felt uneasy about this sudden convention.

“Maybe it is to deal with Fierce.” A sea demon suggested: “The convention was called upon by Zhentian, the prince, the vice ancestor of the treants, and the Conch Overlord who all signed their names. Even the True Martial Goddess and the Lunargrasp Fairy might participate, so it must be to deal with Li Qiye.”

“Maybe it is even more than that. Dealing with someone like Fiercest doesnt necessitate a convention of myriad races.” Someone else who had a better understanding of the convention said: “Maybe outside of the three races joining forces against Li Qiye, it is also to determine the candidates for the next emperor and sea god.”

People who hadnt participated before curiously asked: “This can also be decided through the convention?”

“Its possible.” This knowledgeable expert responded: “If the geniuses from Heaven Spirit are stuck in a deadlock, they will use this method to divide the benefits with agreements. Right now, I think Zhentian will be the emperor candidate. As for the sea god candidates, it could be the Seven Martial Goddess, the Seashield Prince, or the True Martial Goddess. It is easier to decide the imperial candidate since the charming spirits want Zhentian. On the other hand, it is a lot more intense for the sea god position. The sea demons dont want heavy losses during this competition.”

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