Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 84: Daylight Sky Immortal Secret 2

On the second day after the Terra King arrived at the citadel, many experts suddenly received a divine order.

“A convention of myriad races is taking place at the citadel!” This shocking news spread across the city like a storm.

“A convention of myriad races?” Many big shots were frightened after receiving this order: “It hasnt been convened in a long time. The last time was before Immortal Emperor Yin Tians ascension to the throne.”

Even ancestors were shocked: “Not just anyone can call for this convention, whats the reason this time? Who is qualified to preside over this meeting?”

Another piece of news answered this particular question: “The son of a sea god and the vice ancestor of the treants, they are capable of presiding over a convention of myriad races.”

Some grand characters were alarmed and murmured: “Is the storm coming now?”

“Thats right, the storm is coming. All enemies of us charming spirits, treants, and sea demons should be eradicated! Heaven Spirit must have the next emperor!” This declaration stirred the people.

The younger generation had never heard of this matter, so they asked out of confusion: “What kind of convention is this?”

A senior explained: “There are two major points to this convention. First, all races can participate. Second, it is to deal with the problems of Heaven Spirit. This convention is very majestic and important. Generally speaking, the less influential people can only sit on the sidelines and watch without being able to make decisions…

“… They will discuss all the grand matters in Heaven Spirit. Of course, the final say is up to the behemoths behind closed doors; they will announce the result to everyone at the convention.”

A junior replied: “So a lineage like ours will merely be listeners…”

The senior nodded: “Yes, not too many people can actually make decisions at this convention. The rest of the participants are only there to hear the resolutions in order to avoid problems while implementing these decisions and to reduce further conflicts between the races. Normally, the decisions made there could affect all of Heaven Spirit…

“… For example, the Lithodidae Sea God. After the battle at the War Cliff, his position was fortified. Afterward, a convention of myriad races was held and the sea demons, treants, and charming spirits recognized his status. From then on, no more lineages directly tried to compete with him by stealing the Trident. Because of this, he was able to wipe out all obstacles and become the next sea god.”

“Whats the purpose of this one then?” The junior was unavoidably curious.

The senior didnt answer this time and fell into silence.

“Ego King, the convention of myriad races is about to begin, do you want to go listen?” After hearing this news, Xiaoxiao immediately told Li Qiye and cheerfully smiled: “I heard a sea gods son and the vice ancestor of the treants are in charge. It looks like they are going to deal with you.”

“Convention of myriad races? More like a convention of a massacre.” Li Qiye smiled: “It is best if they want to scheme against me so that I can kill all of them at once. There will be fewer problems that way.”

Su Yonghuang reminded him: “Im afraid the enemies want you to do just that. They are digging a pit and waiting for you to jump in so that they can make you the enemy of all the races in Heaven Spirit.”

After several days of recuperation, her injuries were much better.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “So what if this is a trap? Nothing can be better, there can only be more enemies. Slaughter a hundred thousand and they will think they can still fight. Kill a million and they would still think that there is a chance for retaliation. However, if you kill billions, all of Heaven Spirit will shut up. Silence will finally come.”

“Its only a couple races. Just wait until I begin the massacre, people will soon figure out which side is the right one. Obey me and live, disobey me and die. Those who stand in my way shall be killed without mercy! It doesnt matter if blood drowns this entire world.” He softly smiled at this point.

It was a stark and jarring contrast between his gentle smile and the cruel contents of his speech.

Xiaoxiao, who just wanted to tease him, felt a chill after hearing his response. She believed that he wasnt just speaking for fun, this was his intention from the start.

Su Yonghuang couldnt do anything but wryly smile. She had grown accustomed to Li Qiyes slaughtering wrath.

In this split second, he raised his brows and told Yonghuang: “You want to kill Seashield, right? He will definitely go to this convention, so that will be your time to shine.”

Xiaoxiao added: “That scared Conch Overlord might be there to protect him.”

Li Qiye casually handed an item to Yonghuang and said: “Go find the True Martial Goddess. If that cowardly turtle dares to cause trouble, she will protect you. Kill the Seashield Prince at the convention to show everyone the fate of those who dare to attack my people!”

Having said that, he turned and left. This surprised both of the girls.

After calming down, Yonghuang raised her voice: “Where are you going?”

“Im going to see someone. Like I said before, dont wait for me. If I dont come back, just go back to your homes…” He disappeared into the sky before finishing his sentence.

A shadow crossed the citys sky. It was so fast that no one was able to detect it.

However, Li Qiye immediately gave chase to this shadow. He could cross realms by utilizing the immeasurable speed of his Soaring Immortal Physique.

Eventually, he was able to catch up. It was the same woman who was drifting through the void. It looked as if she was walking slowly, but her speed was amazing. She looked like a strolling fairy with a wonderful posture — completely kingdom-toppling.

This fairy-like woman landed on a peak and turned around to coldly stare at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye also stopped and met her gaze.

He said: “Ive been waiting for you.”

He was met with the same indifferent gaze and silence just like last time.

He bitterly smiled after seeing this: “I know it was all my fault, but no matter what, I hope we can end this so that you can have closure before I leave.”

“Clank!” A sword left its sheath with its tip touching Li Qiyes throat. If he moved even a tiny bit, it would immediately pierce through him.

Li Qiye didnt panic at all. He slowly closed his eyes and sighed: “If killing me can take away the hatred in your heart, then go ahead. I wont be mad at you even if you chop me into pieces.”

“You cultivate the Death Physique.” In the end, she finally spoke with a voice as heavenly as an immortal. Despite the cold intent, it was still very pleasant to the ears.

“Yes, you understand me too well.” Li Qiye chuckled without hiding anything.

She coldly uttered: “Understand you? If I did, I wouldnt have been tricked by you!”

He pondered for a moment before opening his mouth to speak. However, she interrupted him: “You shouldnt say it was all for my sake. I know you will say so since you always come up with an excuse! As the teacher of Immortal Emperors, you always come up with such perfect excuses!”

He earnestly said: “First of all, I admit that I have deceived you. Second, whether you believe it or not, I only hope for you to live on. I have promised your father that as long as I am alive, no one can kill you. Its fine if you dont believe me.”

She coldly asked: “You thought I was going to die? Was my defeat so certain in your eyes?”

He wryly smiled: “I know you, but I know her even better. Do you think both of you could have survived?”

She retorted: “So you chose her.”

“I didnt choose her.” He sincerely said: “When her invincible dao reached completion, I knew that she could suppress eternity itself. Nothing could have stopped her, not even you. Even against impossible odds, would you have stopped?”

She didnt answer this time and only glared at him.

“You know that you wouldnt have backed down and I know this as well!” He met her gaze and directly stated: “In the final battle, there was only one result — your death!”

“So I should be thanking you for saving me. I was the one who was wrong.” She stared at him with icy eyes.

“No, it was my fault.” He bitterly smiled in response: “Everyone says that I can control everything and reverse the universe itself, but I am also powerless at times. Ultimately, I am fully responsible for what happened.”

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