Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 83: Daylight Sky Immortal Secret 1

While Yonghuang was recovering, the group stayed at the citadel to wait for her so that she could kill the Seashield Prince when the time comes.

On this day, someone arrived at the citadel and caused a huge commotion even before entering.

It was a middle-aged man with the bearing of a king. He didnt move very quickly. However, the world thumped with each of his steps. He was walking with a very particular cadence — neither fast nor slow. His steps werent loud either, but people felt as if the world was shaking and that the ridge itself was a beating heart.

Visual phenomena appeared at the citadel with his coming. The sky turned peerlessly green and the city was engulfed in a verdant light. This majestic life force spread to every corner of the city.

In the sky, leaves began to fall. Each leaf was very delicate and seemed to be heralding new life to the city. Moreover, a path was formed below his steps with leaves and grasses. They were all precious alchemy ingredients. Wherever he went, plants would start to grow, providing an abundance of vegetation.

Many people were afraid of these phenomena. This middle-aged man looked like the lord of the forest in control of all plants.

After arriving at the outskirts of the citadel, his eyes swept by and the city suddenly lit up. His gaze was what illuminated the entire area. People felt a chill after sensing his gaze. It seemed that they were completely enveloped by his vision. Such a casual glance spanned the entire city. There was no place to hide.

He didnt try to hide his own divinity and let it run rampant. It was omnipresent, to the dismay of the crowd.

“Who is this?” People were in awe of his aura. Even the ignorant crowd would know that this newcomer was frightening. Alas, few at the ridge actually recognized him and his background.

Someone finally recognized him: “The Terra King, he, he didnt actually die! I clearly saw Fierce burn him to death at the Bonesea. Why is he still alive and stronger and more terrifying than before?”

“Terra King? Who?” Many still didnt know him. They hadnt heard of this name before.

“A disciple from the Ancestral Terra. I only know that hes a member of royalty there, no one knows the exact details.” The expert who recognized him found this whole thing quite strange as well.

Back at the Bonesea, everyone saw the Terra King get burned to ashes by Li Qiyes refined sunfire. But now, he was alive and countless times stronger than before.

“Dont you think you have the wrong person?” An older paragon was skeptical and slowly said: “This person is indeed a treant, but even if I cant see through him, in my opinion, he isnt weaker than Zhentian at all. Thus, this Terra King cant be unknown.”

The expert took another careful look and spoke in a serious manner: “It is definitely that Terra King back at the Bonesea. Im definitely not mistaken in this. This is very strange, I clearly saw him die, why is he still alive and stronger than before?”

He was baffled by this bizarre occurrence.

While many people were wondering about the Terra Kings identity, he climbed up the divine tree at the citadel and stood on a branch near Terminus decrepit face.

He slowly said: “Senior Terminus, I wish to hear your wise thoughts.”

Despite knowing Terminus history, he still showed no fear. This was indicative of his might.

However, Terminus kept his eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

The king spoke again: “Senior, my disciple has died at the ridge, I hope you can tell me what went wrong.”

Terminus finally opened his eyes and glanced at the king to say: “Return from whence you came. The trouble in this world, let it disperse like the wind and clouds.”

“My Ancestral Terras disciple will not die in vain.” The kings eyes flashed with brilliance as if they were stealing the fortune of the world itself in a soul-devouring manner.

“Thats your business.” Terminus replied: “I have said my part. Now go down, dont wait until Im angry or I will forget about past sentiments and kill you right here!” With that, he ignored the king and slowly closed his eyes again.

“Senior, we want blood for blood! Li Qiye has killed our disciple and retribution must be had! I hope you will not protect a human.” The Terra King wore a solemn expression.

Alas, Terminus was now ignoring him.

Many were astounded to see the Terra King dare to talk to Terminus like this. Everyone knew just how powerful this guardian was. However, this unknown person shockingly talked to him in this manner.

The king couldnt do anything about it, but he still said with confidence: “The Ancestral Terra shall eradicate the human junior. Please excuse us if we are to offend you in any way at the ridge, Senior.”

Terminus didnt bother to pay any attention to him. If some people wanted to die and court their own death, that was their business. He didnt wish to be dragged into this battle. In his eyes, the Terra King was already a dead man, and it was only a matter of time before the Ancestral Terra gets destroyed.

At that time, Heaven Spirit will tremble. All the ancestors who believe that theyre invincible will come to understand the type of existence they were provoking. Mournful screams will spread across the entire world, but it will be too late for those ancestors to start regretting their actions.

The Terra King could read the mood, so he had to get off and entered the city.

He told his disciples who were staying here: “I will go see the Prince of Darkness and Meng Zhentian.”

This news immediately spread and shocked many experts.

“Just who the hell is this Terra King? How is he qualified to meet with Zhentian and the prince?” People began to speculate his background right away.

“Ego King, youre dead now. A big shot who is very powerful and mysterious has arrived. He declared his intention of getting revenge for the dead Ancestral Terra disciples.” Xiaoxiao came back from playing outside very early on and grinned.

She had a gloating look on her face and was happy to see a mighty enemy cause trouble for Li Qiye.

“So its that Terra King?” Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all. After seeing the phenomena at the city, he already knew who it was.

“Yeah, I heard he is going to see Zhentian and the Prince of Darkness right now. Hah, it looks like all of your enemies are working together to kill you.” She laughed.

Li Qiye chuckled and rubbed his chin: “This is actually really good news for me. I was afraid that the people from that sect wouldnt come for revenge. Killing a minor character is meaningless. Only killing a big shot will truly provoke the hornets nest.”

“Ego King, what are you trying to do?” Xiaoxiao immediately had a bad feeling after seeing his expression.

He gently smiled in response: “I have a dream where I plant a towering tree, and the Ancestral Terra is a very good place. However, it does seem a bit cruel to use millions of corpses to nourish a tree. Isnt this situation just perfect? Since the Ancestral Terra wants to kill me, it will be natural for me to annihilate them completely.”

“The Ancestral Terra? Dont you know that this is a place praised to be impregnable even by Immortal Emperors?” She was a little startled.

Li Qiye smiled and insipidly replied: “It depends on the method. Nothing is impregnable in this world. Hard work will pay off, so as long as you are willing, you can destroy anything you want.”

If someone else were to say that they wanted to destroy the Ancestral Terra, she would find it very funny. However, she wasnt amused at all when it came from Li Qiye and even felt a little creeped out. Sima Yujian, on the other hand, felt a bit sympathetic towards the Ancestral Terra. She realized that he had been staring at that sect as if it was prey. He was a hungry wolf exposing his frightening fangs while the Ancestral Terra was a fat sheep unaware of the danger.

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