Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 1: Old Devil 1

After stepping into the tower, one could feel just how vast the inside was. From the outside, it looked like an ordinary building, but it was completely different once inside. People would find that they have entered a new world. Looking up would result in a vast sky full of stars. It seemed like it was night time for Li Qiye.

He found himself to be in the middle of a large square instead of the spatial confinement of a tower. Just how large was this square? If the nine worlds had an old city that spanned millions of miles, then this square would be just as large.

Standing beneath this starry sky would make one feel quite insignificant, lower than even an insect. They would also be astonished not because of the vastness of this place, but due to the two rows of giants standing to the left and right. They towered to the sky with both hands placed on hilts of giant swords in front of their chests.

They wore ancient armor that had lost their divinity long ago, but the metallic luster remained. If Ruyans group was here, they would be quite shaken to see the two giants because they looked just like the corpse from the Colossal Immortal Race.

If the corpse out in the Bonesea belonged to a middle-aged man, then this row of giants consisted of youths. They werent as large as the one outside, but one would still feel like an ant while standing next to their feet.

The rows only amplified this illusion. Those from other races wouldnt even be considered an ant, they could only be categorized as specks of dust.

“The Colossal Immortal Race.” Li Qiye sighed while looking at these giants ahead: “Not plentiful in numbers, but they were indeed a glorious legendary race. Alas, their destruction was inevitable.”

This was an extremely ancient race that belonged to an old era. They once reigned over the world, but death was their fate.

The bodies of those from this race were directly proportional to their cultivation. This was the reason why the corpse back in the legacy treasure region was so much bigger compared to the giants here.

Li Qiye slowly strolled through this area. There were too many things worth observing and studying in this place. This square also had many stone monoliths of monstrous sizes next to these giants.

Each of them was carved with different images. Some included ancient writings of hidden secrets while others had ancient runes that contained the truth of the grand dao. A few more contained images that belonged to this ancient race, telling tales of old legends…

Li Qiye carefully looked and felt each of the monoliths. He had been here more than just once in the past. However, each visit gave him a different harvest.

There was no moon, sun, or time in here. It looked as if one could stay here for as long as they wanted without being affected. These monoliths werent alone either. There were skeletons lying in front of them. Some were more popular than others.

Judging from their appearances, these skeletons used to be cultivators. They naturally werent from the colossal race. There were characteristics of humans, demons, treants, and sea demons…

It was apparent that they were fortunate enough to enter this place. They sat before the monoliths in order to study the occults. Unfortunately, they all died in this place long ago. Nevertheless, a few skeletons still had a great divinity; this was indicative of their immense strength when they were alive.

A few corpses still had medals hanging by their waists. From these particular medals, one would come to learn of their great identities. Some came from Gu Chuns four branches, the Seven Martial Pavilion, and the Void Imperfection Schools…

Without a doubt, they werent only strong but also had incredible backgrounds, but they all met their demise in this place.

“Sons of sea gods, descendants of Immortal Emperors, natural-born immortal bone possessors…” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head as he looked at each skeleton that grew more familiar each time he came.

He lamented: “The mysteries in this place require more than just great wisdom. One needs an unshakable dao heart, otherwise there is no coming back after being lost in here.”

Immortal Emperors have been here throughout history, and some were personally brought here by Li Qiye. For example, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou and Immortal Emperor Min Ren came here to ponder the dao.

Under normal circumstances, these emperors wouldnt record what they saw here nor would they leave any traces about this place behind.

The reason for this was quite simple. Entering this tower was not necessarily a good thing. On the contrary, it was often a source of disaster because these monoliths were extremely tempting. Once the viewers lose themselves within, there was no way back.

In order to regain ones wits from these monoliths, great perseverance and a firm dao heart were crucial factors outside of boundless wisdom. Otherwise, only death awaits regardless of how mighty or smart one might be.

The emperors who chose to write about this place would do so with great secrecy. Only those who could pass their tests would be able to eventually make it here. Of course, some of their descendants also wrote about this world after hearing the stories directly from their great ancestors.

With great risk comes great rewards. If one could understand the mysteries from even a single monolith and leave here alive, they could benefit from it for a lifetime. Even if they couldnt become an Immortal Emperor, they would still become unparalleled for that generation.

Li Qiye took his time observing the mysticisms of each tablet. Time did not exist in this space, so he could stay as long as he wanted. This became his hobby whenever he visited the tower. It could be said that since the ages, no one has understood or performed more research on these monoliths than him.

Eventually, he found himself standing before a particular monolith. There was a skeleton in front of it with bones as pure as jade. They still emitted a dazzling and holy shimmer.

His eyes fell on a white bone held in the skeletons hand. A few runes were running through it.

“To be able to cultivate the Void Imperfection to this level… no wonder you were in such a hurry to come here. So it was to learn the Windchase Break…” Li Qiye put away this bone and quietly sighed.

This skeleton was an amazing ancestor from the Void Imperfection Schools. Rumor has it that he was only one step away from grand completion on top of being a mighty Godking.

Later on for some unknown reason, he suddenly disappeared. His sect didnt know where he went and why he went there.

So it turned out that this ancestor found an extremely secret scroll left behind by a descendant of Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. It contained the origin of the Windchase Break. Because of this, he traced it all the way back here and finally found this place. He tried to use it in order to learn the Windchase Break again. Alas, he didnt expect to lose his place while pondering the bone; he couldnt leave to see daylight again.

After recovering the bone with the Windchase Break, Li Qiye looked at the monolith ahead. It had a carving of a giant Peng. It spread its wings and blotted out the nine worlds. Of course, this was the flying form of the Kun Peng.

In the beginning, it was just a simple depiction of this beast. However, upon closer examination, one would find that its wings were actually flapping through the wind and waves in order to soar to the nine heavens.

The diagram recorded a matchless profundity. If one could ponder the mysteries within and leave this place alive, they would definitely be able to create a supreme merit law. This was how Immortal Emperor Wu Gou learned the Windchase Break back then and why this ancestor chose to come back here in order to perfect his Windchase Break.

Li Qiye stared at it for a long time. He emotionally commented before leaving: “Here is more than just the legacies of the colossal race. This monolith is a record of all the things they have learned from generations of watching the Kun Peng.”

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