Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 80: Zi Shan Hou 2

Li Qiyes notoriety from his past exploits was well-known around these parts. No one among the younger generation could match him.

Today, he instantly stomped the most elite genius of the sea demons down to the ground and seriously injured him. This domineering presence left everyone astounded with dread.

At this time, Xiaoxiao and Yujian helped carry Su Yonghuang over. Li Qiye gave her a pill that she immediately swallowed it.

Many people felt a chill; some even broke out in cold sweat after seeing this.

A spectator stated with horror: “She is in Li Qiyes camp. It looks like the Seashield Prince has messed with the hornets nest this time.”

Everyone knew that those who dared to touch Li Qiyes people would suffer total annihilation. Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village were past examples stained with blood!

The prince crawled up, both shocked and scared while shouting: “Li Qiye, you…!”

Li Qiye nonchalantly looked at the prince before speaking: “What about me? You think someone like you can touch my master?”

This made the crowd glance at each other in astonishment. This woman was actually Li Qiyes master? No matter how they looked at it, these two didnt look like master and disciple at all. She wasnt as strong and arrogant as him. Some would rather believe that he was her master, the opposite was simply unbelievable. However, this actually came from Li Qiyes mouth.

“Accept your death and apologize to my master right now, then I can let go of this matter. Otherwise, I will kill any disciple from the Roaring Conch on sight and trample your sect completely before this is over!” Li Qiye glared at the prince.

The crowd was dumbfounded by these words. They knew that Fierce wasnt messing around and would kill all who stands in his way.

The prince had a twisted expression and was trembling with rage. His face turned extremely red like a pigs liver, showing his indescribable anger.

He had always been peerlessly famous even before Li Qiye. Only characters like the Seven Martial Goddess were qualified to be compared to him. Thus, he had been quite arrogant until now. The truth was that his pride was justified. His cultivation was great and he even has a half completion Void Physique. These were enough to let him stand at the top of the younger generation. He was loved and respected wherever he went, but now, Li Qiye spoke as if he was only an ant. This was utterly humiliating to him.

“Li Qiye, do you think you can act presumptuously forever?” The prince shouted: “The Roaring Conch isnt made out of mud that can easily be toyed with by everyone! We have plenty of experts, you are simply suicidal for opposing us…”

“In my eyes, the conch is indeed malleable mud. Your so-called experts are just weaklings. Oh right, you have that cowardly turtle, the Conch Overlord, as your backing. Good, if you can survive today, go back and tell him to crawl back into his shell and hide. If he dares to oppose me, Ill cut his head off and make soup out of him!” Li Qiye glared at the prince.

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this. It was easy to envision him looking down on the prince. After all, his strength had been shown to everyone. Being able to contend against Zhentian showed that he could only be stronger than the prince.

But now, he even looked down on the Conch Overlord — this truly fascinated everyone. Keep in mind that the overlord was a divine prince, the son of a sea god and the strongest ancestor of the Roaring Conch. Who wouldnt show him respect in all of Heaven Spirit? Even Zhentian would have to tread carefully in front of him while addressing him with honorifics.

However, Li Qiye was arrogant to the point where he didnt place the overlord in his sight. This domineering nature was beyond words.

“You!” The prince angrily pointed his trembling finger at Li Qiye. His chest was heaving up and down so fast that blood almost gushed out.

In the end, he took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Fine. Li Qiye, I know you are strong, but Ill have to see it with my own eyes!” Having said that, he instantly disappeared.

The Void Physique — one of the twelve immortal physiques. The moment this physique is completed, one would be completely untraceable. It was everywhere yet nowhere, a physique capable of refining space and controlling the world.

Many opened their heavenly gazes in order to find his location. However, these experts and their gazes failed to find him; it was as if he had completely vanished.

At this moment, a silent punch headed for Li Qiye. Despite not making any sound, it was mighty enough to drill a hole through the ground or sink an ocean.

“Bang!” It couldnt connect with Li Qiyes head. Li Qiye casually repelled it with a fist. The prince was exposed under Li Qiyes attack and went flying.

Such a carefree retaliation resulted in Li Qiyes victory. It wasnt because the prince was weak, it was because Li Qiye was simply too mighty.

He had entered the path of the heavens, a completely unprecedented one. This allowed each of his techniques to have a world-destroying power. With the Grand Primordial Dao, all the mysteries of the world were in his grasp. At this moment, cultivation realms didnt matter to him outside of trying to shoulder the Heavens Will.

The crowd shuddered in the face of this easy victory once more with cold sweat running.

The sea demons were even more dejected. This prince and the Seven Martial Goddess have been their pride. But now, the prince couldnt even withstand a single blow from Li Qiye. They felt as if their self-esteem was being trampled by him.

“Bang!” After a loud blast, the prince disappeared again. The space where Li Qiye stood suddenly turned into a terrifying furnace. Space itself melted like liquid and submerged Li Qiye inside.

This terrifying power was refining him into liquid just like the space around him.

“Void refinement.” Those who understood the Void Physique were startled: “This is one of the scariest parts about this physique. When the surrounding space is being refined like this, the opponent inside suffers as well. It doesnt matter where they run, the result will be the same. They will be unable to escape the fate of being refined.”

Many held their breaths after seeing this. They wanted to see how Li Qiye would escape this confinement. There was no doubt that he would be able to escape, it was a question of how.

“Playing with space?” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “If you are at grand completion and capable of fortifying space, this might be more fun. However, this little trick alone isnt worth mentioning.” Having said that, he gently pressed down with his palm.

“Buzz—” A faint tremble resounded. The melting space was suddenly reshaped. In the blink of an eye, everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

“Bang!” Before anyone could react, the prince, who was hiding perfectly in the void, was swatted away like a fly by Li Qiye once more. It didnt matter where he hid, he would be easily found again and forced down to the ground.

There was nothing else for the spectators to say. Seashield was far from being Li Qiyes match and could only take the beating. The gap between the two sides was too great.

“Only Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, and the True Martial Goddess will be able to shake Li Qiye. Others simply cant withstand a single move.” The desperate sea demons had to accept this reality. Li Qiye was too strong, the prince was not on the same level as him.

Yujian, who was quietly standing next to Li Qiye, was speechless as well. She understood that Li Qiye showed mercy in the past. If he wanted to kill her, two or three moves would have been more than enough.

With his current power, her Godslaying Dao would be as insignificant as an insect. She gently sighed after seeing this. There is always a higher mountain and a greater man. With someone like Li Qiye around, everyone else would be overshadowed. It didnt matter how great of a genius they might be. In the end, all would become bones that paves the path for him to become emperor.

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