Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 78: One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies 2

The Seven Martial Goddess didnt know whether to be angry or just smile helplessly after getting a good taste of his overbearing nature. In all of Heaven Spirit, how many people would dare to talk about making blood flow like a sea at their pavilion?

However, in front of this man, she could only wryly smile. With all of his past exploits, he was domineering to an unimaginable level. They were bloody and had shown the world his power. Because of this, everyone found it natural when he acted this aggressive and fierce.

Li Qiye continued: “The seven styles are indeed amazing, but having them or not doesnt matter to me. I actually dont want them right now.”

She slowly asked: “Then what do you want, Brother Li?”

He smiled and answered: “You.”

“Me?” She stared at him in a strange manner and didnt know how to respond.

“Dont think too much of it.” Li Qiye elaborated: “I dont want a woman, just a sea god. I will give you a chance to break through. Of course, the height that you reach in the future will depend on you. If you cant reach that level, it will be very disappointing and due to my poor judgment. In the future, when you have the chance to see me again, it will be the time for you to pledge your allegiance, one that lasts a lifetime.”

The goddess breathed in deeply before giving her answer: “I am grateful to earn your favor, but Im afraid I am not lucky enough to enjoy your blessing.”

She spoke very politely. Anyone else would have called Li Qiye insane. After all, why would a sea god willingly work for anyone else? This was simply impossible. They wouldnt even want to do so for an Immortal Emperor.

“You feel that after becoming a sea god, working under me will be a disgrace.” He smiled since he understood her thoughts.

Li Qiye added: “The truth is that if someone doesnt move me, even if they become a sea god, I wouldnt necessarily give them the time of day even if they wanted to join my banner.”

The princess was completely speechless at this moment. If it wasnt for his historical feats, she would take this as mere blustering.

Li Qiye finally sat upright and said in a serious manner: “You might not know this, but I am not only giving you a chance, Im also giving the pavilion as well as all the sea demons a chance.”

“To be perfectly candid, I really dont care for your races well-being, Im far too lazy for that. Only a few among your race have been chosen by me. Therefore, a frank way of putting it is that even if your race faces extinction, it wouldnt bother me at all.” He chuckled at this juncture.

This made her shudder since she suddenly realized something at this moment.

“Why do I want to meet your Prime Sea God?” He continued: “Do you think it is for my own gains? If I didnt care for your Heaven Spirit World, I wouldnt have any need to see Prime and would just take away the seven styles, who cares about you sea demons! Alas, I am still giving you, the pavilion, and the sea demons a chance. I can only say that I am too merciful in this matter.”

She felt a bit dazed. This really piqued her curiosity. Li Qiye had given up a lot just to see Prime who shouldnt even be in this world. There were too many questions about this matter.

The first five styles coupled with the marriage was an offer that no one could refuse. However, Li Qiye gave up on them completely in such a nonchalant manner that she couldnt understand his motives at all.

In the end, she slowly bowed towards him and sincerely said: “I was out of line with my shallow knowledge, please forgive me.”

“Theres nothing to be forgiven.” He replied: “Since you can understand and think it through, it shows that youre not stupid and can still be trained.”

She humbly spoke: “Regarding the unknowns of the sea demons, please point out my misconceptions so that I can see the clear sky beyond the clouds.”

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “I cant teach you this. We have different paths and goals. So what if you learn everything? It will only waste my breath and time.”

The princess slowly asked: “Then what is it that you wish for?”

“Make a vow.” He smiled while looking at her: “If you swear allegiance to me after becoming a sea god, you shall give your race a chance.”

She turned silent after hearing the proposal. Nobody would accept this kind of condition.

“Ill give you another chance.” Li Qiye saw her silence and added: “After becoming a sea god, if you still dont want to obey me, then just challenge me, simple as that. If you defeat me, you can regain your freedom. If you lose, the same conditions apply.”

This took her by surprise, she didnt think that he would bring forth this additional clause. After musing her options, she made up her mind and solemnly declared: “Very well, I agree to your conditions. After becoming a sea god, I will pledge my allegiance to you!”

She had thought it over carefully. If he was actually plotting against her, he could have done so in a much easier manner. The marriage was already a foregone conclusion since she had already agreed to it. If he wanted to borrow her power, what was closer in this world than husband and wife? They just needed to perform the ceremony to become one. At that point, the pavilion would even use all of their strength to support him.

However, he refused this marriage directly, proving that she wasnt his goal. Furthermore, he was giving her a chance to win her freedom. As a confident person, if she were to be defeated by him after becoming a sea god, there would be nothing else to say. Such a brilliant man would be worthy of becoming her leader!

“Good, few people can make this decision.” He saw her use her true fate to make the oath and smiled: “You might not have the great insight of your progenitor, but you certainly have his courage.”

She didnt become complacent from the praise and naturally replied: “You flatter me, Brother Li.”

“Very well, I shall stay true to my word. It is time for me to teach you.” With that, he took out the pentadao gates and used its eternal seal to lock this space.

At the same time, he performed a supreme art from the Space Scripture to add another layer of containment by opening up an entirely new space. After these precautions were set, he utilized Cryptic Space to hide inside the multilayer spatial compartments.

Such seriousness shocked the goddess. She was a discerning person and understood that all of these spatial methods were most likely on the same level as methods Immortal Emperors used.

“Brother Li, is there a need to be so careful?” She spoke with a changed expression: “Who can actually come and eavesdrop on us?”

“If its just a normal conversation, it would be hard for us not to notice intruders.” He smiled and said: “However, I will not only tell you secrets that your Hallowed Ancestor has been keeping quiet about, I will also be performing something to your blood.”

This was when the goddess realized that the scope of this situation was far beyond what she imagined.

“Do you see why he doesnt want to tell you now? He is afraid of exposing your pavilions plan, or rather, the Prime Sea Gods secret plan.” Having said that, he pointed at the sky.

She inquired: “The high heavens?”

“No, not the high heavens. Your sea god hasnt reached that level just yet.” Li Qiye elaborated: “It is about your race, your origin!”

The princess felt as if she was being suffocated after hearing this due to her own astuteness. This was not a good thing, this was an omen that stemmed from her bloodline.

“This is also why your sea gods have a shadow council.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“A shadow council?” She was startled.

Li Qiye noticed her expression and realized something: “I see… The old man didnt tell you anything while the pavilion erased all traces of it in addition to forbidding people to talk about it.”

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