Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 840: Ye Qingchengs Plan

She looked straight at his profound radiance and placed her palms together: “Blessed be the supreme, immortality only exists in the desire of men.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye replied: “Then whats the point of Longevity Valley? Alchemy Immortal didnt only plan to make Longevity Pills.”

“It is limited to speculations.” She smiled: “For example, why are you so sure that there is a path towards immortality?”

Li Qiye said: “Its quite hard for such a thing to exist under my stringent requirements. But your Longevity Valley, no, our Longevity Valley has a particular item. No need to hide it from me since well be dao companions later on, will you show more trust?”

“So you are here for immortality.” She said.

“Im here because of fate and you found me because of fate.” He smiled mysteriously.

“Excellent, excellent.” Her smile brought the spring back: “If this originated from fate, then let it end with fate. We need to treat it with sincerity and cherish it.” [1]

“Fate comes and go, so we need to do more than that. The word,fate, requires effort.” Li Qiye said: “Only through hard work by the two of us would thisfate be able to withstand the test of time. Otherwise, this so-calledfate will only be calculated schemes under a flowery guise, dont you think?”

She gave him a long stare before answering: “Everything happens for a reason. If you are here for longevity until immortality, you will search for it. This is already made up in your mind.”

“Not necessarily.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I might be here for longevity, but which one? You are alsoLongevity, so perhaps I am here for you.”

She replied after thinking: “Well, no rush if you want to live forever. How about staying at Longevity Valley for a while?”

Li Qiye smiled: “Thats fine, I can wait that bit more. Well, come for longevity, maybe Ill leave withLongevitytoo?”

She didnt answer, not minding his joke.

“Alright, Ill go ahead then.” He went on towards Longevity Valley.

She watched as he left before withdrawing her gaze and gesturing again: “Excellent, excellent.” [2]

Afterward, she focused on a different direction and started walking.


The valley was the main branch of the system and had full authority. It was the lineage of the progenitor so it possessed numerous scrolls from him. No other sects could match it in this regard.

This was a system with many powerful players, too many to count. The strongest were Everlasting and Hundred-Pills, influential across Myriad Lineage.

Some even believed that in terms of military, Everlasting had surpassed Longevity Valley. A few disciples from there claimed their sect to be the greatest in the system.

From this, one could speculate about its strength and ambition.

On the other hand, the main branch seemed to be keeping a low profile. It was flourishing under the rule of Longevity Sage, it maintained its focus on alchemy. A few believed that later on in this generation, the valley could monopolize the alchemy scene completely in Myriad Lineage.T

All in all, they worked on alchemy and rarely got involved in territorial and political disputes. This wasnt the case for Everlasting. Their military might was renowned and continued to expand both their troops and territories.

Ultimately, both Everlasting and Hundred-Pills couldnt take the top spot from Longevity Valley. For many eras now, there have been numerous sects like Everlasting. They eventually turned to ashes while the valley stood tall. Everlastings ambition to replace Longevity Valley was as clear as day, but this was easier said than done.


The sect wasnt actually a valley but rather a massive mountain range. It was full of life like a green dragon laying on the ground.

One could smell the faint medicinal fragrance even before reaching the valley. This was perhaps slightly exaggerated, but one must admit that the valley had the most materials and ingredients in Myriad Lineage. Their gardens were simply superior.

The wild materials were one thing, their cultivated seeds were the finest. An estimation stated that more than half of all the ingredients on the market came from the valley.

A massive city was right outside with people coming and going in their carriages – cultivators and experts from all over the place.

Some came on vacation and to widen their horizon. Others focused on business; a few got here to ask the valley for medicines.

The famous Longevity Pills here rarely made it to the open market. Only big shots could buy it since it wasnt an issue of money. On the contrary, their medicinal prowess was open to everyone.

This art of theirs was on the same level as their alchemy and pill refinement. Famous tyrants, unknown juniors, and even mortals journeyed here for health reasons.

The valley possessed the hand of an omnipotent god and the heart of a kind human. To a large extent, they would not refuse anyone who came searching for a cure, and the success rate was high.

This only boosted their reputation; so many people owed the valley their lives. Thus, a few experts believed that the thing maintaining the valleys position was not their alchemy, but rather their medical prowess.

When Li Qiye got to this mountain range, he saw buildings and people all over the place. He climbed the stone steps for the entrance.

This wasnt open to the public since beyond the gate was the actual territory of Longevity Valley – the place for cultivation and gardens.

He was naturally stopped by the guard disciples. He smiled and gave the letter from Longevity Sage. The disciples recognized the seal and became respectful: “Young Noble, please follow me. Youll be staying at Hundred-flowers.”

They quickly prepared a place for him to stay after receiving the command from the sect master.

One could feel the richness of life wafting in the air, quite pleasant and comfortable. It swept away fatigue and refill vigor.

This was the most amazing thing about this area. Due to the high concentration of plants and ingredients here, the valley possessed a massive life force.

Hundred-flowers was spring year-round. Flowers bloomed in full swing. One would never want to leave this place.

It was a very famous palace in Longevity Valley. In Myriad Lineage, just bringing up this name alone could stir the crowd, especially the young male cultivators.

It had three things in abundance. First, flowers; second, talents; third, beauties. This was the gathering place of the most exceptional and beautiful disciples in the valley. The most gifted ones were all here.

It never had a male disciple until now with Li Qiye. Longevity Sage certainly kept her promise.

1. Shes using miao zai again here, and there is no good translation for it under this scenario. In fact, the best is probably straight omission or keeping it as miao zai. You guys just need to watch a Chinese drama with a monk to visualize this, they also do this, using shan zai whenever possible while placing their palms together. When someone commits suicide, shan zai; during a redemption moment, shan zai. You guys get my drift

2. I shouldn ’t even use excellent for this because it wouldnt make sense. In this particular scenario, she is being pensive/reflective about the event just now, or even thinking about the future consequence – not being literal.

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