Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 838: Flirtatious Banter

“My Lord.” The cavalry kneeled on the ground and shouted in unison.

Wu Bingning slightly frowned and asked: “General Wu, why were you waiting here?”

“My Lord, we are here to escort you back to the system.” The leader respectfully said.

Her expression soured. After arriving here, she had sent back news of her whereabouts to Vermillion, that she was safe. She didnt expect for the troops to come here so early.

She took a deep breath and said: “General Wu, I will come back when the time is right, no need to worry.”

The kneeling general opened his mouth but hesitated.

“Binger, it is dangerous outside. Come back and recuperate for now.” An elderly voice came about. Disciples carried a palanquin forward with an old man sitting inside.

This was a True God with a pale expression and withering vitality. Nevertheless, his eyes were still as bright as ever.

“Ancestor.” Bingning was surprised to see him. This particular ancestor was the one who attacked Insane Court a while ago.

“Im here to welcome you back after hearing about your new situation.” The ancestor heaved a sigh of relief.

Despite returning with his life, he was grievously wounded. In fact, all the other ancestors suffered in the same manner.

They rushed back to recover in order to avoid lasting damages. Nevertheless, he still left his isolated session early in order to see Wu Bingning. She made a sacrifice so that they could leave. Thus, he returned the gesture by personally coming here.

Alas, she thought that the time had come. Certain things were inevitable. She composed herself and said: “I am ashamed of myself for making you go this far. Its just that Im currently busy and will return later.”

The ancestor hastily responded: “I dont think thats a good choice. The system needs you, just go back with me lest there are further complications.”

She didnt answer and truly didnt want to go back to Vermillion due to the worries and problems back there.

“Is this a kidnapping?” Li Qiye who was behind her finally came up: “You need my permission first.”

The other disciples naturally didnt recognize him, but the old ancestor remembered the person who nearly killed him very well.

“Its you!” His already pale face turned snow-white as if meeting a great enemy. He raised his hand and the disciples unsheathed their weapons, entering a state of war.

They surrounded Li Qiye with haste. One must praise them for being well-trained with impeccable reaction time, worthy of being from a top sect.

“Want to fight? Im always ready.” Li Qiye smirked while looking at the troops.

The jolted ancestor had seen Li Qiyes domineering style and ruthless means before, killing without batting an eye.

He eventually gestured again to tell the disciples to back off. He knew that ordinary experts were no match for this man.

“Sir, I am only here to welcome a disciple back. Im sure you are a man of your words as well.” He took a deep breath and said.

He was aware that fighting Li Qiye now wouldnt solve anything. Plus, he wasnt that confident in winning.

“I do not forbid this as long as she wants to come back herself. But if she doesnt, then whoever forces her hand would need my permission first.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The ancestor was in a tough spot and looked over at Wu Bingning. A fight was inevitable if they were to force her back.

“Ill return to the system with the ancestor.” She finally made up her mind.

The ancestor felt much better after hearing this; no longer anxious.

“Little girl, if you dont want to come back, then dont. No one can force you to do anything when Im around.” Li Qiye stroke her hair.

“I know.” She met his gaze and nodded: “Running is not the answer, I will deal with it.”

She wanted to return to Vermillion and deal with this inevitable problem instead of running away.

“Very well, go then.” He said: “Well meet again soon. I am everywhere when you need me.”

With that, he touched her forehead and it glowed with a buzzing sound. He had left behind a mark. As long as she wanted or was in danger, he would know instantly.

She stared deeply at him while tightly holding his rugged hand. Who knows when they would meet again?

“Im going.” She bit her teeth and turned to join the cavalry.

“Go!” She jumped on a horse and gave the command without looking back. The disciples quickly followed her.

The ancestor cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and said: “We had misunderstandings in the past, today, all the enmity is gone. We welcome you to visit Vermillion if you have time in the future.”

Of course, this was only a polite exchange, quite empty in sincerity.

“I also want to visit Vermillion one day, but you all should start to pray now that I will be there for a drink, not for a massacre, because no one in your system will be able to stop me then.” Li Qiye threatened, still with a smile.

The ancestors expression darkened after hearing this. He had no strong rebuttal against this fierce man because his retort would be even fiercer.

“I dont condone violence that often.” Li Qiye continued nonchalantly: “I only want you to know that she is under my protection. I dont give a damn about your systems business, but since she chooses to go back, I want to see her perfectly fine the next time around. If she is hurt or was wronged, then dont blame me for not giving you a warning. My wrath can make the world sob and the ghosts howl. Watch yourselves now.”

The disciples next to the ancestor were furious. Their system had never been threatened like this. Of course, they didnt know how frightening Li Qiye was.

The ancestor took a deep breath and said: “Ill remember your words, Sir.”

“Then scram before I change my mind and not let anyone leave this place.” Li Qiye posed with both hands behind his back, exuding an intimidating aura.

The ancestor cupped his fist again and hastily left with his disciples.

After they left, he stood there and gazed at the horizon before sighing. In his mind, her problem was not a big deal since he could easily deal with it. Alas, this depended on whether she wanted to take care of it via force, to go all out against her seniors.

In the end, he set off for Longevity Valley to accomplish another goal, not for the beauties like Bingning had said.

When Alchemy Immortal dared to use the word “longevity” to name his sect, it wasnt only because of his expertise at crafting these pills. The word longevity here had a deeper meaning with more mysteries behind it.Li Qiye was coming for these mysteries. The pills alone werent enough to win his interest.

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